Happy 75th Birthday to my dad!

Today is my dad’s 75th Birthday. After going to the gym for an hour, quickly showering and getting ready, Craig and I headed out to my parents’ house to celebrate.

Here’s me and the birthday boy.

me and dad

My dad and mom love Panera bread and my dad hates waiting at a restaurant for his food, so we treated him to a meal at his favorite restaurant.

mom and dad at Panera

I had my favorite meal there–french onion soup and a Mediterranean veggie sandwich with an apple.

panera lunch

I enjoyed taking pictures of the peonies that were blooming in my parents’ backyard.




We sang happy birthday and had cake after letting our stomachs settle a bit from Panera.


Mmm…homemade chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream!

chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream

My mom gave me some magazines, two of which are fabulous! Whole Living and the Consumer Reports Food and Fitness edition.


Have you seen that Consumer Reports magazine before? It is very difficult to find in the store (believe me, when I saw it advertised somewhere last year, I went to about five different bookstores to look for it and could not find it).The library my parents go to orders it and then my mom is so sweet to request to buy it for me when they take it off the shelf. It’s the perfect magazine for a food and fitness blogger!

Consumer Reports Food and Fitness

And now I want to watch one of two movies I picked up at the library. I’ll probably go with “How Do you Know?” tonight. It’s not supposed to be that great, but I like Reese Witherspoon as an actress. I’m not a big Owen Wilson fan, so I hope he doesn’t annoy me too much.



Hope you’re having a great Saturday!


3 responses to “Happy 75th Birthday to my dad!

  1. Looks like your pops had a nice birthday!
    I love the Mediterranean sandwich at Panera–I may have to go soon and get that and a bowl of the broccoli cheddar.

    I didn’t know their was a Consumer Reports for Food + Fitness. I need to keep an eye out for that!

  2. Happy birthday to your day!

    And it looks like a great day…Panera, peonies and cake! Perfect day…

  3. Happy Birthday to your wonderful dad! 🙂 I love that his favorite restaurant is Panera I am the same way in hating to wait for my meal!

    That chocolate cake looks simply amazing. mmmm 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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