Health and Fitness Fair fun

On Thursday, I walked to a local park for a Health and Fitness fair that was held in honor of National Employee Health and Fitness Day (NEHF).

Sadly, I was too chicken to whip out my point and shoot camera while I was there, so I didn’t take any pictures.

I’ll tell you about my experience though. When I first got to the fair, I spoke to three YMCA staff members and they asked if I wanted to jump on the trampolines they had out. I love jumping on trampolines, so I took them up on their offer. I stayed low, which was the advice of the one teacher because I asked her how to be careful with my ankle situation still not being great. It was a fun experience and I asked if trampoline classes would be coming to my YMCA and they said they might be soon. They’re already incorporated into a Downtown Milwaukee YMCA class.

Next, I went to the Wheel and Sprocket table and got a coupon for a free bike class. I definitely am going to sign up for it soon! Sweet!

Here is what else I learned:
-I spoke to a really nice guy from the Bike Federation of Milwaukee and he tried to help me find a route to bike to work with. He agreed that I had a tough area of town to bike from, but if I was willing to go out of my way, I could bike to work safely.
-I drank a yummy berry smoothie sample and got some smoothie recipes. The lady at that table was super nice and chatty.
-I picked up worksheets on the MyPlate and reading Nutrtional labels. When I spoke to the people at the Nutrtion table, the lady there said, “you seem very well informed about nutrition already.” What a nice compliment! They hooked me up with an apple and a Dasani water bottle.
-I tried out the Step 360!. I had never tried one before and it was pretty cool! I like how the resistance bands are built in. I used it like a step and that was great. I also used the resistance bands and while doing that, I felt like I was engaging my core and challenging myself to balance, two things I really need in my workout!


-The fair was small, but also offered group walks around Milwaukee and they gave pedometers to those who walked.

Did your work participate in observing this health observance? I wish mine had participated on-site, but I am glad our new wellness promoting HR director had flyers up about it around my work. I let her know that her efforts were worth it because I attended and loved it.

In fact, on my walk back from the fair, I had a total fitness and health high. I was still feeling it when I got back to work and told my co-workers about the fair. That is when I said out loud again, “I’m in the wrong field!” I need to find a way to incorporate my passion into a career and it’s my ongoing struggle.


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