Gym time with mom

(I was trying to post this last night, but had some issues with Flickr and I figured it wasn’t meant to be. So here is my post from yesterday).

Day 1 of my 4 days off was a nice one. I love the ability to take off of work in the summer vs. the winter. A lot of my co-workers take off in winter and I think they’re nuts! I’d much rather be home with the windows open and have the ability to be outside when I want to.

I cleaned around the house and then around 9:45, my mom came over. We headed to the YMCA together and she signed up for a free membership. She’s in a really nice program called Silver Sneakers through Humana insurance that allows senior citizens to get free memberships at certain gyms. The program also offers a class at their main gym and the Y. Once she was all signed up, we hit the gym.

We started with stretching, which my mom didn’t want to do. I told her how important it was and I showed her how to do downward dog and the other various yoga and non-yoga stretching moves I do before and after a workout.

We lifted some weights, walked on the treadmill, used the Freemotion weights, and concluded with the Cybex Arc Trainer, which made both of us sweaty! It was fun to spend time with my mom at the gym and I wish she lived closer so we could do it more often.

Next, we went to Sam’s Club so I could load up on the things I like to get from there. I picked up more chobani, tortilla chips, pita chips, string cheese, french baguettes, Food Should Taste Good cheddar chips, raspberries, strawberries, deli meat, & Bolthouse Farms Strawberry Banana smoothies. I never look at clothes at Sam’s, but my mom encouraged me to look down those aisles with her. I picked up some socks and a really nice pair of yoga/workout pants from Green Tea brand. They fit great and are “supersoft” as the tag claims they are! Felt like pajama pants instead of workout pants.

I suggested that we have lunch at my house instead of at a restaurant and we could use the baguette and deli meat to make turkey sandwiches, so that’s what we did. Much healthier than eating out!


Mom’s “I don’t want my picture taken” look.


Smiley mom.


And to conclude our day together, we checked out what was still left at the World Market that is closing soon in Greendale. Not much was left and the percentages off items hadn’t increased since I was last there. Boo.

When mom left and I was feeling a bit hungry again, I had one of these delicious bars.


After I took a shower, I headed to my favorite mall, Mayfair. I had a coupon for a free item at Aveda I wanted to use up before it expired. Banana Republic was supposed to have a good sale. But, I quickly found out that the Gap was where it was at for the sale. Their sale priced items, which was most of the store, were all an extra 50% off. I found a pretty red t-shirt that is dressier because it has a silk trim around the collar and I got a black short sleeve sweater. Both items only came to around $20. Awesome!

I wasn’t too hungry for dinner and Craig wanted more homemade salsa. So, this is what I ate. The bread’s purpose was to dull the jalapeno spicy flavor and it worked.


My first in four days off flew by pretty quickly. I hate when that happens!


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