A busy Monday

Rewind to yesterday afternoon/last night. I accomplished what I consider the two worst chores (besides mopping the kitchen and bathroom)–I scrubbed the shower and I vacuumed my car out. I love my cats but I hate the amount of cat hair that sticks to my car seats and clothes. It felt good to get both chores done though.

After the chores, I treated myself to some relaxing time in the kitchen. I was reading blogs on Google Reader and Julie’s almond butter granola caught my eye. I had some Trader Joe’s almond butter to use up in the fridge, so I figured I should whip up a batch of granola.

almond butter granola

It turned out ok. I think where I went wrong is using up the bottom of the almond butter jar. It didn’t blend together as well as I had hoped, even after melting the honey and almond butter together. I kind of like the clumps that I got as a result though.

I had granola with milk for breakfast this morning.

granola, milk, coffee

Once I got to work this morning, I sort of regretted taking off for two days last week. My e-mail box was full & I felt overwhelmed and stressed all day. Then, I had a new intern beginning today and had to prepare for her 8:30 start time. I got things sorted out for her first day and she did very well. I love when interns impress me right away because I can usually tell that they’ll work out within the first day. I have one more intern starting on Wednesday and I think she’ll be great too. Coming up with tasks for someone else is always so stressful for me. Glad I am not a manager! Enough about work. Let’s move on to more fun things like lunch, even though mine was pretty normal.

I had TJ’s pizza, salad, and strawberries for lunch.

TJ's pizza, salad, strawberries

The good thing about being busy today meant that I didn’t have time to snack mindlessly. The bad thing? I didn’t drink much water.

I drank this whole tea when I got home from work because I felt super dehydrated. Loved this flavor! I am bringing a huge container of it to work tomorrow for an intern luncheon. Glad I didn’t offer to cook anything because I am too tired tonight.

Arizona green tea with honey, Pom honey

Dinner was the pomegranate Chobani pictured above, a veggie masala burger without a bun, and a Soy chocolate mini ice cream sandwich from Trader Joe’s.

After lounging a bit and meditating, I got my tired butt to the gym. I lifted some weights, rowed for 11 minutes and walked on the treadmill. My bad ankle was really bugging me during the end of my rowing session, so I took it easy the rest of the time. Going to the gym lifted my Monday blues, as always. Love that I can count on the gym, my wonderful husband and seeing my cute cuties to always do that.

It’s late, so I am going to sign off!


3 responses to “A busy Monday

  1. I had a random dinner yesterday too haha gotta love those days 😉

  2. Oof! I desperately need to vacuum my car– it’s one of my least favorite things to do, too! 🙂 Those strawberries look delicious– isn’t summer produce the best?

  3. I wish I had a Trader Joes! They have so many goodies 🙂

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