Cooking Class at the Milwaukee Public Market

After work tonight, I headed over to the Milwaukee Public Market for the first in a series of three Summer Harvest Cooking classes. I only signed up for the first two, but I may sign up for the third if I like what the teacher is making.

Before class, I got a small dinner at the market because I knew eating samples in class probably wouldn’t satisfy my hungry tummy. I picked up an egg salad sandwich was that just right and a fantastic juice from The Green Kitchen that contained beets, apples, limes, and strawberries. I started to read Carrots ‘N’ Cake the book and then I noticed my blog friend Karis (or “blend” as some bloggers say) had arrived and sat down nearby.

Carrots N' Cake book, juice from the Green Kitchen, egg salad sandwich

Here are Karis and I after class was over.

Karis and Lisa

Me and Karis edited photo

Milwaukee Public Market

I liked the teacher’s style and the stories or advice she would give to us while she was cooking. She realized her recipes are somewhat based in traditional French cooking, but that is only natural since she has been to France 12 times and trained in French culinary schools.

We enjoyed Pizza with Onion Confit, WI Chevre (goat cheese) and Walnuts. This was delicious! The teacher used plain naan from Trader Joe’s as the “dough” and it was so easy and tasted great!

Pizza with Onion Confit, WI goat Chevre, Walnuts

Next was the Creamy Spinach/Kale Soup with Coconut Milk and Garaam Masala. I thought this looked and sort of tasted like a green monster smoothie. The flavor was just ok at first and I heard a couple of other classmates say that it needed something else. I actually thought the soup tasted better with every bite. All of the different flavors kept coming out the more I ate it.

Creamy Spinach/Kale Soup with Coconut Milk and garam masala

And finally, for dessert, we enjoyed Creme Anglaise (English Custard) and Strawberries. It was light and the perfect summer dessert!

Creme Anglaise (English Custard) and Strawberries

Can’t wait for the class in July! I always seem to leave cooking, food related, or fitness classes & lectures with tons of energy. I get this high from learning about the topics I love.

I forgot to ask the teacher if I can publish her recipes on my blog, so maybe I can ask her in the July class and share them with you then. Or, you can google those recipe names I listed above and see what you come up with on your own!


3 responses to “Cooking Class at the Milwaukee Public Market

  1. Yum that pizza thing looks way good!

  2. What a wonderful cooking class, such beautiful, and healthful dishes! I hope I can find a cooking series like this when we get settled! 🙂

  3. Your scarf is so cute:)

    That dessert sounds wonderful. I love strawberries in creamy desserts.

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