Sunshine, at last

It’s been such a beautiful day here in Milwaukee! Sunny at last and the perfect temp of the low 70’s!

I slept in a bit because my feet were achy and tired from all the walking I did at work last night.


6.30 miles pedometer

I walked that many steps and miles just after 1 p.m. yesterday until 11:30 at night! Crazy how busy my work evenings are during these particular events. The event went very well and that was a huge relief, as always. My husband came in and surprised me with a visit! I had no clue he was coming, so that was cool. I showed him the type of work I do and now I think he can picture that aspect of my job better.

This morning, I lounged around, read blogs, and then went outside to lay in the sun for a bit and read Carrots N’ Cake while eating sun chips.

sun chips, Carrots 'N' cake book, sunning

It’s a good read so far. Like many other bloggers have said in their reviews, Tina’s book reads so much like her blog. It’s relatable and the recipes sound delicious!

Oh and I thought I would update you on the progress of our garden! The plants are getting so big. I think this has been our best in the three years we have had a garden. I am surprised since Wisconsin has seen unusually cool and rainy weather in June.

container garden late june 2011

garden in late June 2011

Our cilantro is huge! Time to make some more salsa this weekend. The basil is doing just ok.

Cilantro and Basil plants

We have a hot pepper that will grow a bit bigger and eventually turn yellow before being picked.

hot pepper

And my flowers are doing well.

flowers late June 2011

Lunch was tofu spiced with Mural of Flavor from Penzey’s, red peppers, string cheese and an iced coffee.

red peppers, tofu, string cheese, iced coffee

Dessert was a Trader Joe’s Soy Creamy mini chocolate sandwich.

Trader joe's soy creamy

After lunch, I went to the West Allis Farmers’ Market.

West Allis Farmers' Markaet

Turnips, Kohlarabi


There were lots of strawberries out at nearly every stand.

fresh strawberries

I like the murals that border the market walls.

I picked up a big bag of spinach for only $2. Great for salads and green monsters!

me and spinach from farmers' market

I got it from this stand and it was grown in East Troy (not far from where my parents live).


Then I did some regular grocery shopping. I tried some of this ice cream when I got home. It was really good. I like coffee ice cream in the summer.

Kemps' Caribou Coffee Light Java Chunk Ice cream

And tonight, we are going to watch 127 Hours. I’ll also check out The September Issue this weekend.

The September Issue, 127 Hours

How is your weekend going? Did you check out a farmers’ market in your area?


One response to “Sunshine, at last

  1. Actually I did. On my birthday I finally got to our local farmer’s market and had the savory breakfast muffin I’d been craving from one of the vendors. I don’t get to check it out as much as I’d like, so busy on weekends.

    And FYI, 40 is great so far!

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