Must get more sleep

I was so tired today. Note to self: GET MORE SLEEP! It doesn’t help that our cats start to wake us up at about 5 a.m. mid-week and the last half hour of sleep I am supposed to get, I am left tossing and turning from their meows. Bad kitties.

During my lunch break today, I finished reading Carrots ‘N’ Cake and went on a walk because it was simply perfect outside. All I could think about was finding a bench outside to lie down and fall asleep on.

I am on a cereal kick lately, so I had the Raisin Bran crunch again for breakfast.

Snack at work was iced coffee, almonds, and a couple of doughnut holes. I was definitely seeking comfort food due to stress and lack of sleep. Not good, but at least I am aware of my bad habits.

Lunch was sort of similar to yesterday–tofu, a dannon activia yogurt, blueberries, and string cheese.

lunch 6-29-11

When I got home from work, I took various naps off and on. The cats were quite vocal again and I couldn’t stay asleep. I called this my official rest day from the gym, so I was glad I could stay home and rest.

Craig made us cheesy noodles for dinner. More comfort food for this sleepy gal.


I got my wellness score from the test I took a couple of months ago through Craig’s work. Turns out I am doing very well!

wellness score

wellness profile

Maybe I just need more sleep!

Time to read some of the many starred blogs I have in my reader and then get to bed.



One response to “Must get more sleep

  1. Sorry to hear that your cats are waking you up early. We just recently started closing our bedroom door at night, and so far, so good. Not sure if they’ve matured or what, but they used to be terrible when we’d shut them out. It might help that I started feeding them just before bed, so they’re not expecting food first thing in the morning. Or it could just be luck, that I’ve now just jinxed 🙂

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