Preview of Larry Crowne

Last night, I didn’t have time to blog because I literally went home from work, meditated, and then cooked up some tofu on the stove, ate dinner and ran to the mall to meet my mom to see this movie during a free preview.


The movie was just ok. My mom enjoyed it and I think most of the older crowd in the audience did. I thought it was predictable and the story wasn’t one that I could relate to (unemployment, foreclosure, divorce), nor do I want to face those subjects when I go to the movies. I like to escape the bad news of the state of our economy, not face it head on. Definitely a rental–I wouldn’t recommend going to it in the theater.

Yesterday’s meals and fitness:

Breakfast–cinnamon raisin bagel thins with cream cheese. I used the last of my coupons to review these courtesy of Thomas and I loved this flavor. I prefer the thins over huge bagels now. They are great for sandwiches and perfect for breakfast.

breakfast 6-28-11

Snacks at work:

Coffee and poppy seed cake

coffee, poppyseed cake

A banana and my jeans on our “casual” day

banana and jeans

Lunch was a Morningstar black bean burger, red pepper slices, a vanilla activia yogurt and a string cheese.

lunch 6-28-11

I got my workout in during my lunch break doing our 45 minute yoga session. I spoke to the teacher before class and it turns out that she teaches at my YMCA like I thought she did and then when I mentioned the yoga teachers I like there, she said that one of them is her mom! It all clicked because they look and speak alike! The thing I like best in their similarities is that they both like to put scented towels over our eyes during the rest session at the end. Our scent yesterday was lavender-which was fabulous!

I did miss doing some cardio and strength training after work though. 😦

Dinner was tofu with Penzey’s Mural of Flavor again, a blueberry chobani and Pomegranate Green Iced Tea from Trader Joe’s.


Are you looking forward to seeing any particular movies this summer? I am most interested in seeing The Help. I guess I am behind on what else is coming out, so The Help is all I can think of. I really want to read The Hunger Games and then see that movie, but I don’t know its’ release date. The hubby is reading it now on his kindle and then I will get to it next!


2 responses to “Preview of Larry Crowne

  1. Harry Potter, top of list! It may be the only movie I get to. NO wait, I’m seeing Cars 2 this weekend.

    You should try TJ’s Pomegranate Limeade. HUGE hit at our house. I had to go out and buy three more bottles and we are empty again.

  2. Oo I love scented towels after yoga! SO relaxing. 🙂

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