Americans are Overeating

A common theme has popped up in the news, in my e-mail, and on my kindle this week: Americans are overeating. You’re saying to yourself, “DUH.” But, in all seriousness, I am glad this keeps coming up in the news to remind Americans of our bad habits.

Check out this article I found today in a SmartBrief for Nutritionists newsletter. An interesting quote is this, “People aren’t sitting down to three meals anymore. We sort of think about eating all through the day.” I know I tend to do this because I always figure snacking is better than eating three huge meals.

And this image says it all, which reminded me of the sample book I was reading before bed last night, The End of Overeating: Taking Control of Our Insatiable Appetite by David A. Kessler.


In Kessler’s book, he mentioned similar statistics to those that are pictured above in terms of average weight having gone up in the last fifty years.

On that note, it’s lunch time and I am going to try not to overeat a footlong Subway sandwich!

4 responses to “Americans are Overeating

  1. Jamie Oliver is right, we have to get off our fast food binge. Those average weights are scary, because that means about as many people are above the average as below and who knows in how large they come.

  2. I love Jamie Oliver’s message and show. I so wish Americans would be more willing to accept his help! Parita at myinnershakti also wrote about a similar topic today and said that she hoped that healthy living bloggers would take over the world. I think that is a fabulous way to help fight back against obesity!

  3. That’s so sad and scarry. I’m trying to enjoy smaller amounts of really good food instead of large amounts of mediocre junk. I’m better at it in Europe – just a small sandwich for lunch is good because the delicious bread and amazing cold cuts are so satisfying. No large fry needed!

  4. 400% increase in HFCS?! That’s disgusting!!!!

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