Happy 31st Birthday to my husband Craig!

Today, my sweet husband turns 31 (I’m right behind him turning 31 on August 31st)! Happy Birthday my love! Every day, I appreciate you and how lucky I am to have you in my life. 🙂

Craig in shawano



Ok, I’ll stop being all sappy and lovey dovey for the sake of you readers.

Last year, I surprised Craig with the day off of work. I wrote an e-mail to his boss and HR lady, asking for him to have off and for them to keep it a surprise. He was sure shocked and didn’t believe me at first. I think he was more shocked that I kept a surprise from him for that long.

I brought him breakfast in bed and everything.


We went for a long bike ride along Lake Michigan and walked around downtown Milwaukee later on that night.


No big surprises this year! He actually has a training class and can’t be off of work. We’ll celebrate with his family this weekend.


Hope you have a great birthday Craig! 🙂 Love you!


One response to “Happy 31st Birthday to my husband Craig!

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope he has fun at work…? And even more fun this weekend celebrating! 😀

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