New Glarus is ausgezeichnet!

This is a continuation of my recap of a little road trip I took with my mom on Saturday, August 6th.

After leaving the Madison farmers market, my mom and I headed to New Glarus, WI, which is about 30 minutes southwest of Madison.

We drove through a cute little town, rolling hillsides, and beautiful farms.

Since I lived in Switzerland for six months and loved the architecture and quaintness of Swiss German towns especially (I lived in the Swiss Italian region of Ticino), I figured I would adore New Glarus because it was founded by Swiss Germans from the Canton of Glarus. I was right, I loved it there!



Of course, there were many Swiss cows around town.










The church in town was so pretty!



Lots of German on the buildings and street signs!



We walked down the adorable main street in town and found little restaurants, bakeries, souvenir shops full of Swiss items, etc.


We walked in the bakery to check it out and it was so packed, so we walked right out. Unfortunately, we didn’t go back either. 😦

Baeckerei Kondiforei New Glarus, WI

After asking for restaurant recommendations from the lady in the souvenir shop, we settled on eating lunch at the New Glarus hotel.

New Glarus Hotel 1853, WI



Mom and I loved the interior of the restaurant and the menu had authentic Swiss meals on it. Ausgezeichnet! (Which means excellent and happens to be one of my favorite German words).





I had Raclette Roesti for lunch. I loved Raclette and had it in Lugano at festivals in town. This meal definitely brought me back to the comforting flavors of Switzerland.

Raclette Roesti New Glarus Hotel


Mom had vegetable Roesti.


We had a cute little view of the town.


Below the New Glarus Hotel is the Ticino Pizzeria. I had enough pizza in Lugano, so that is why we didn’t eat there! Plus, we can get pizza anywhere. As they say in Italy, “basta!” (enough) I used to say “basta with the pasta” because I got sick of eating it so often.

It was fun to see the name of the Canton I lived in on a restaurant though!

Ticino Pizzeria, New Glarus, WI

I clearly loved New Glarus and hope to bring Craig there someday. It’s so pretty and everyone there was so nice.


Next recap will be on the New Glarus brewery!


2 responses to “New Glarus is ausgezeichnet!

  1. Wow Lisa! It sounds like you had a fun day with mom 🙂 I enjoyed visiting your blog – love ya, Laurie

  2. LOVE New Glarus! I used to work in Monroe, which was about 20 minutes away, and spent a lot of time in New Glarus covering events and stories. I have some great memories of that little town.

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