I am now a MacBook Pro owner!

After 7 years of using an iBook G4, I finally bought a MacBook Pro today! In fact, I am blogging from it right now and it’s lovely!




The Apple store was packed today! We learned that I wouldn’t be able to upgrade the hard drive in the store and would have to order the computer online if I wanted to do that.

So, Craig and I did need to leave the Apple store and think about the decision. We figured out how much space I would probably use with pictures and other items and I just wanted to go home with it today, so we went back in and got it!




The staff we worked with were really nice and helpful. I also got a little tutorial on how to use the new trackpad feature, which sort of reminded me of how I scroll and such on the iPod touch.



So happy to have a new toy to play with! I am taking off of work Wednesday-Friday this week, plus we have the three day weekend to look forward to. I will have plenty of time to learn all of the new features on my new laptop.



5 responses to “I am now a MacBook Pro owner!

  1. Did you dress up for you laptop purchase? 🙂

  2. Congrats on the Mac upgrade! You will love your new comp 🙂

  3. Yay for the pretty new computer! I’m jealous…my laptop still hates me and I hate the keyboard on my desktop…

  4. congrats! Love my MBP. I wish I could use it at work, but I guess I appreciate it more because I have so much experience with the alternatives.

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