Pizzeria Piccola and Yo Mama! in Wauwatosa

Last night, Craig and I met Karis and her husband Chris for dinner at Pizzeria Piccola in the Wauwatosa Village. Karis’ birthday is coming up this Sunday and mine was on Wednesday, so we celebrated being Virgos by eating out with our husbands!

Karis and Chris at Pizzeria Piccola

It was really hot and humid out, but we dined al fresco. I really liked the patio space next to the indoor section of the restaurant. It had beautiful lighting and was a comfortable space to eat in (despite the heat).

Chris outside of Pizzeria Piccola

Pizzeria Piccola nighttime

Food blogger in action! (Photo courtesy of Karis)

Craig and I at Pizzeria Piccola

Karis and I both had the veggies on our pizza and I really enjoyed the flavor of it. It reminded me of the pizzas I had in Italy.

Vegetarian pizza Pizzeria Piccola

Craig had the sausage and enjoyed that flavor too.

Craig with sausage pizza

Craig's sausage pizza

I was glad Craig and Chris had some things in common, like Karis and I do. We talked about our travels, silly cat children, and our jobs.

Us at Pizzeria Piccola

After talking for a while, we headed to Yo Mama! up the street. This was my fourth visit and Karis’ and Chris’ first to Yo Mama! and I am not tired of going there at all. πŸ™‚ This time, I didn’t have cake batter and I missed it. Craig and I shared a Peach Mango Tart and Very Raspberry cup with some colorful mochi on top.

me getting fro yo at Yo Mama! Tosa

Yo Mama! Raspberry and Peach Mango Tart, Mochi

Yo Mama! Tosa

Chris and Karis Yo Mama! Tosa

It was a fun night spent with friends and a great way to celebrate our birthdays!


2 responses to “Pizzeria Piccola and Yo Mama! in Wauwatosa

  1. Yum! Mochi! A fave for fro yo πŸ™‚

  2. Those pizzas look amazing! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! Yup, you get a weekend! πŸ˜‰

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