Wishing we were in Chicago

It seemed like everything was against us going to Chicago today for the Christkindlmarket at Daley Plaza. Earlier in the week, we were looking at the forecast and rain + 50 something degree temps didn’t sound like fun when you wanted to walk from the train station and to a deep dish pizza place.

Then, Craig got sick. Pretty sure he has the flu because of his fever over the last couple of days. Boy am I glad I got the flu shot again this year.

And now that it’s almost December and our weekends seem to be getting full of things to go to and do, we’ll most likely not make it down to the market this year. I’m hoping for next year!

Instead, I’ll leave you with pictures of our trip down there three years ago and a recommendation to go if you can! It’s so much fun to buy Christmas gifts at the market and to feel like you have escaped to a German or Swiss Christmas market for a little bit. Take the Metra from Kenosha if you’re a Wisconsinsite. The weekend pass is only $7 (we used to pay $5) and it’s unlimited rides all weekend. Parking at the Kenosha station is easy.

Craig and I with nutcracker

Eat some currywurst for me if you go.


Drink some gluehwein.

mom and me with Gluehwein

us at the bean in Chicago

Instead of Chicago, I’ll be going to Target and Marshall’s, attempting to find a few Christmas gifts and buying Kleenex and cat litter. What an exciting Saturday, huh!?


One response to “Wishing we were in Chicago

  1. I’m so tickled you know what the Christkndlmarkt is! My dad, brother and I (and either my roommate or now, husband) have gone every year (or close to it) for years. Such a fun trip!

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