Museum Fun

I love museums and have since I was a kid, so I took advantage of “member swap day” and went to the Milwaukee Art Museum and Discovery World today with Craig and my parents.




At the art museum, we saw the Impressionism exhibit and enjoyed it very much.



Discovery World honestly is just ok (it’s not really a museum, but a science center).



I liked the aquarium. I even bravely touched a sturgeon not once, but twice! Too bad it wasn’t captured on camera, but maybe that is for the best because I was a little grossed out and made the face to show that I was.



Isn’t this soft shelled turtle kind of cute?


And the views of Milwaukee are always pretty (even if there is a smoke stack in it).


In the Les Paul exhibit, I made Craig pose by this since he is my sunshine.


Milwaukee really does have some excellent museums, so if you travel here, make sure you check them out!


Sincerely, the museum nerd Lisa. 🙂



2 responses to “Museum Fun

  1. it looks like such a fun day!!! 🙂

    i’ve never been to the milwaukee art museum or the aquarium before. i never knew what i was missing, but now i want to go to both!

  2. I agree about Discovery World being just ok. I was a bit mad that my son’s teacher decided that he would take the 5th grade class to Discovery World instead of where I work. The kids had fun, but I think they would have made better connections if they had come to my place. Actually, my son was a little board and things always are not working there.

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