Early food blogger Christmas presents

Woo hoo, today is the start of Christmas break for me! Five whole days off!

This morning, I made pancakes for us and topped mine with cookie butter. Delish!


After doing dishes and laundry, Craig and I went to the gym for a long workout. I went on the Cybex arc trainer, rode the bike and lifted weights.

I made a tropical fruit smoothie with this protein powder for us to recover with.


I also made dark and white chocolate layered peppermint bark today! It’s so easy to make, but of course when I went to break it apart, I thought it needed a little more time in the fridge. I hope it turns out ok because I am bringing it to a Christmas eve get together tomorrow. I can always make a new batch with only white chocolate.

peppermint bark

peppermint bark

And while I made peppermint bark, I snacked on these. I finally found the cinnamon ones at Target the other night. They are quite tasty and addictive!


The mailman brought me two food blogger Christmas “presents” today!

One was this lovely package from Wasa crackers. Even better–you’ll have a chance to win the exact same box soon (I think I’ll post the giveaway on Tuesday the 27th).

wasa crackers

Can’t wait to break these open for our Christmas day lunch with my in-laws.

wasa flatbread

And larabar sent me this package of four bars of their newest flavor…cappuccino and an adorable larabar holiday card.


Well, I need to get some makeup on my face and then I am off to the grocery store. I hope it’s not a madhouse. I just need a few things there.

Tonight, we’re going out for deep dish pizza at Uno’s and then probably watching Water for Elephants. I read the book and I am excited to finally see the movie.


2 responses to “Early food blogger Christmas presents

  1. those are some awesome foodie christmas presents!

    i just finished reading water for elephants and can’t wait to see the movie either. 🙂

  2. Good luck with the bark! It certainly sounds DELICIOUS!

    Mmm def let us know how that new larabar flavor is! i love those bars.

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