Shop til the power goes out

Craig had to work today, so I lounged around this morning and then got myself out the door to Kohl’s to use my 30% off coupon.

I tried on a whole bunch of clothes. The items on the right are what I purchased. The yellow top probably cost about $5 in the end, score!


I wanted to love this shirt but it kind of screamed old lady. I adore the gray and yellow color combination and want clothes and housewares in it.


I had all sorts of ideas of what to look for in the store after I was done browsing the clothing section. When I was in the housewares section, the power went out. I heard the store employees’ radios saying that they had to get all customers to the front to purchase their items within the next 15 minutes.

I was the last person at my bank of registers to successfully check out. After the cashier was done with me, everyone’s computers turned off and wouldn’t allow them to complete transactions. That’s not good for business! Now I just have to go back to the store to get the Kohl’s cash I earned. Meh.

Since I still had the itch to shop, I ventured over to Marshall’s. I found stuff I loved, but the items didn’t fit right. I tried on the perfect nude pumps from Tahari and they didn’t feel great, so back on the shelf they went.

I also tried on this gray Cynthia Rowley trench. I kind of have a coat obsession, so I put it back. But, I may go back and get it because it’s only $30 and I need another dressier coat like this for spring and fall. What do you think?


And for something that has nothing to do with shopping and will make you laugh, especially if you have a cat…I found this video today and dare I say, I may even like it better than Shit Girls Say, although the subject matter is not at all similar.

2 responses to “Shop til the power goes out

  1. amazing trench! And you are spot on regarding the beauty of yellow and grey! Good scores!

  2. Laura @ Backstage Balance

    I was thinking of stopping in at Kohls today as well! It must have been very strange to have been shopping when the power went out.
    I like the trench, for only $30 you should definitely go back and get it!

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