If you have been reading my blog for a while, then it’s no secret that I love Chobani yogurt. I eat it every day. I am excited to share that love with my readers today by hosting a giveaway for the new flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Blood Orange and Passion Fruit!



Had the Apple Cinnamon with lunch on Friday.


My favorite is definitely the Blood Orange! The Passion Fruit is growing on me though.

A huge thank you goes out to Chobani for sending me the new flavors.

To enter–please leave a separate comment for each of these that you do.

-Leave a comment with your favorite flavor of yogurt or favorite way to eat it (with granola, cereal, etc.). It doesn’t have to be greek or Chobani.

-Tweet about the giveaway and link to it.

-Link to the giveaway on your blog.

Open to US residents only.

I will announce the winner on Friday, March 2nd. You have until 7 p.m. Central time to enter.

Good luck!


27 responses to “Chobani GIVEAWAY

  1. My favorite yogurt is Plain Chobani or Fage topped with Lemon Curd and a little granola!

  2. I like plain or vanilla yogurt with fresh (or frozen) berries in it with lots of granola for added crunch!

  3. I posted the giveaway on my blog!

  4. blueberry (chobani actually) 🙂 and with fresh blueberries

  5. tweeted:

  6. I like Greek yogurt with cereal and berries.

    I’ve at the apple cinnamon, and I think it’s OK; I’m really curious about the blood orange!

  7. I love Pineapple Chobani with Golean cereal mixed in it!

  8. I love the plain with my granola or lemon on its own!

  9. I love the pineapple and blood orange all by its self.

  10. I love blueberry yogurt mixed with cinnamon toast crunch!

  11. I love black cherry yogurt (Greek or otherwise). I do really like Chobani! I was so excited when it was 88c each at Pick N Save a few weeks ago.

  12. I LOVE CHOBANI! I am obsessed with the Apple Cinnamon. This morning, I had it with a sliced apple and some Kashi Go Lean Cinnamon. SO GOOD!

  13. Laura @ Backstage Balance

    I love Chobani! My favorite is Greek-style yogurt, especially the full fat varieties.

  14. I’m boring in that I usually just buy the plain flavor. The Roundy’s brand is actually pretty good! Definitely cheaper 🙂 For my mix-in, I love Go Lean Crisp.

  15. love pineapple chobani with granola 🙂

  16. chobani is my favorite yogurt by far! i love so many of the flavors. recent top 3 are: apple cinnamon, blood orange, and mango. i usually eat it with a little granola mixed in OR mixed with cereal and a splash of almond milk. mmm.

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  18. My favorite is plain greek yogurt, and then I can mix it up with berries if I’m feeling sweet or hot sauce/salsa and use it as a dip (sooo good, I promise)!

  19. Greek yogurt with a squirt of honey and some granola totally hits the sweet spot for me!

  20. I love Chobani yogurt! I don’t eat any other brand now – unless it’s out of stock, which happens often now, with Chobani lovers increasing in number.
    My favorite flavor is Black Cherry…I mean Blueberry…no, Lemon…actually all of the above, I can’t pick just one 🙂 I either eat it w/o anything added, or sometimes mix in some cold milled flax seed for an extra nutritious kick.
    I’ve only tried the new Blood Orange so far in the new flavors, and I’ll definitely buy it again. I buy only the 0%, and I use the plain 0% in place of sour cream in recipes, on baked potatoes, etc. There’s some great recipes on the Chobani website too.

  21. I tweeted the Chobani giveaway @learning2hear

  22. Wow, thank you for such a generous giveaway! My favorite flavors are Plain, Peach and Vanilla Chobani – it’s the only yogurt I’ll eat!

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  24. My favorite way to eat yogurt is with granola–so good!

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