Walking Milwaukee

It’s been unseasonably warm here in Milwaukee this March. It seems from what I am hearing, it’s that way all over the country. I have decided to take as many walks and bike rides outside as I can, especially before it gets unbearably hot and humid in the summer.

Yesterday, I walked down to the river on my lunch break. Here are a few pretty (and educational sites).


Milwaukee County Historical society windows (interned here for a bit).


The March photo of the day was “clouds” yesterday. There really weren’t too many clouds in the sky to find, but I found these cool ones above the Milwaukee theatre.


Was wishing this was my license plate so I could spread the positive healthy vibe. 🙂


Reflection off the Journal Sentinel newspaper building.


And the educational end to my walk.


I already took my walk outside today to the library to pick up some things that were on hold for me. I’m going to start reading one of those books now and eat my lovely salad I put together at my work salad bar. It’s full of all sorts of goodies like cottage cheese, chickpeas, cous cous, etc. that I normally wouldn’t be able to throw together at home.

Has the weather been really warm in your neck of the woods? Are you taking advantage of it too? If so, what’s your favorite outdoor activity in the spring and summer?


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