Easter weekend

Hope you all had a nice Easter weekend!

On Saturday, we went to Subway for breakfast and took advantage of the buy one 6 inch sandwich before 9 am, get one free.


Tanzi continued to love this quilt my mom gave us. He digs a perfect spot and settles in.


April photo a day on Saturday was shadow. This is before we took a walk.


Finally got close enough to some daffodils when I found some in my in-laws’ front yard yesterday.


After celebrating my father-in-law’s birthday last night, we played ping pong on the kitchen table.



Started this book and it is really interesting so far.


And here are some images from my Easter Sunday!

Candy at mom and dad’s house.



Mom and I. Matching in yellow tops and dark jeans.


My funny nephews. 🙂


Brother and nephew.


Nathan and I.


Owen and I.


Three generations. Brother, nephews, dad.


Owen and my oldest brother.


Dairy Queen ice cream cake! Too bad the people whose birthdays we were celebrating didn’t even show up.


I burned off my huge piece of cake by playing soccer with my nephews and brother. I missed playing soccer! It’s such a great way to run around and get your heart rate up.

And finally, the inside of my wallet, which is today’s photo a day.


I enjoyed spending Easter with my family! My husband went to his family’s party. So not ready to go back to work tomorrow after a long weekend.


3 responses to “Easter weekend

  1. Love the pic of your shadows, I will have to try that one with the boys sometime. Totally would have eaten tons of that ice cream cake with our without the birthday person present as well. Such a fun Easter 🙂

  2. oh it looks like an awesome easter weekend! we spent tons of time w/ our families too. there’s not much that’s better!

  3. Looks like a great Easter weekend 🙂

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