What I ate and drank in Door County

This past weekend, Craig and I headed up to my favorite place in Wisconsin: Door County. Basically for all of you non-midwesterners, it’s the peninsula of Wisconsin or the part that sticks out into upper Lake Michigan.

I thought I would recap our trip by featuring what I/we ate during this post and subsequent posts will feature what we did. I love to travel and share what we experienced.

Door County is known for their cherries, so that explains why most of what I ate all weekend was cherry flavored!

We went up there on Thursday night, so on Friday morning, we woke up to eat a hearty meal at Al Johnson’s in Sister Bay. It’s a Swedish restaurant known for having a green roof, complete with grass and goats roaming on top. No goats were spotted this time, which bummed me out.



My eyes look puffy! I needed some coffee badly.


I ordered Swedish pancakes with cherries. Craig got the same thing, but with ice cream. That boy loves ice cream, so I wasn’t surprised that he would eat it for breakfast when the option was there for him to do so.

Al Johnson's swedish pancakes with cherries

We had lingonberry juice with our meal. It was Craig’s first time trying it and he approved! I had lingonberry jam when my mom and I traveled in the Seattle area.

Lingonberry juice

On Friday night, we had dinner at Wild Tomato in Fish Creek.


It was our second time dining here and the pizza was just as yummy as the first time. They use a lot of local ingredients, so everything tastes super fresh. The place was packed after we settled in for a while!

The cider I wanted to try wasn’t available, so we shared a cherry soda.


We ordered a sausage pesto pizza and it was just as delicious as it looks!

Sausage pesto pizza from Wild Tomato


On Saturday, we went to lunch at The Cookery Restaurant in Fish Creek.

I had an Island Orchard Apple Cherry cider with my meal. It was fantastic!

I liked that the restaurant featured the local farmers & producers they purchase from by listing them on the menu.


I also liked the interior of the restaurant. We chose to eat inside, but we had a great view of the bay. There is a really nice patio to dine on outside as well.

Craig had a fish sandwich and enjoyed it.

Craig's meal (fish sandwich)

I had a turkey cream cheese and cherry chutney sandwich. It came on toasted granola bread and had a side of house made dill potato salad and the best apple sauce I have ever had in my life!

My meal at the Cookery--turkey cream cheese sandwich with cherry chutney

For dessert, we got custard in Sister Bay a couple of times from Cafe Custard.




In Fish Creek, I always like to hit up the market to look for local products. I got a jar of cherry jam, as always, but this time I was feeling like cherry almond instead of just the traditional cherry. I tried some this week and it’s really good. I am wishing I had purchased a couple more jars.

Love getting DC jam every time I go up there.

And even after the Wisconsin cheese tour a couple of weeks ago, I still couldn’t stay away from cheese and had to try Renard’s curds, which were good but not as fresh as the Hooks’.

can't stay away from cheese!

I love the chocolate cherry cookies from the Cookie Lady in Sister Bay, so I bought two of those–one to eat immediately and one to consume later!

I like the interior of this little cozy cafe too.

I brought some beer along to drink, but only consumed one of them during the whole stay. I had a New Glarus Two Women.

We concluded our stay with dinner at Fred and Fuzzy’s, which was the restaurant at our resort. That place was hopping every night! I didn’t take any photos, but we shared beer fries with Lithuanian dip and a Southwest Chicken wrap. Both were very good! Too bad this is when my stomach couldn’t hold any more food and I was in pain at the end of our meal.

By the end of the trip, I have to admit that we were sick of eating out and our stomachs really suffered from Sunday until Tuesday of this week. I am still not feeling great, but I am glad we enjoyed eating at some new places and some of our old favorites.

I’ll post info about where we stayed and what we did next! If you have any questions about Door County or where we ate, just leave a comment!


3 responses to “What I ate and drank in Door County

  1. oh fun! i love door county. i haven’t been up there in a couple years, but i really hope we can make a trip sometime this summer. all of your meals look delicious! 🙂

  2. My favorite DC restaurant is Villagios. Best pizza–and whole wheat crust!

  3. What a nice trip! I love going to little country sides and villages to experience different things. Of course being a total foodie I always have more interest in the foods offered than the activities, lol!

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