Where I’ve Been

I have no good excuse for not posting all week, except that I was tired, not much happened this week and that I am trying to figure out the future of Fit in the Midwest. As of Halloween, my blog ads ended and I decided not to go with the Lijit network suggested to me. I want to make the switch to BlogHer, but that requires changing blog hosts because WordPress isn’t supported through BlogHer. I am probably going to switch to Blogger and with that will come a new blog name and address. I want to own my domain name as well. For now, I’ll keep blogging here until I make the switch and then I will try to direct traffic to the new name. If anyone has simple instructions on how to do this, I’d appreciate the help.

I actually considered not blogging at all in the future. But I decided that I love it too much, even if I only write two posts a week. I enjoy photography, documenting my life and having a hobby that explores my interests in nutrition, cooking and fitness. I still hope to turn these interests into a career someday.

I have no clue what my new blog will be called and I am sure something will come to me. Until I make the switch, I appreciate you reading and commenting. I am so thankful for the blogging community and I can’t imagine leaving it and being only a reader.


4 responses to “Where I’ve Been

  1. Happy to hear that you’re going to continue blogging. I don’t want to lose my blogging buddy! If you end up making the switch to Blogger, please feel free to ask me any questions because I’ve been using Blogger since 2005.

  2. Glad to hear you are going to keep blogging!!

  3. I still feel like I’d like to investigate advertising networks but I wouldn’t want to change my domain or anything like that. Is that even possible? All this is so confusing!

  4. Yes, you should keep blogging! Gee, my goal is only two posts per week (which I haven’t been hitting lately)… I’d like to go to a hosted rather than free WordPress blog after the holidays. I think it would give me more flexibility.

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