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Six on Saturday

I wanted to do a Five on Friday or Five Things Friday post yesterday, but never got around to it. So, I’ll post a Six on Saturday instead!

1. I received a package from Larabar and Food Should Taste Good earlier this week. It totally made my day because it was unexpected and contained products I love.



2. I found a Men’s Fitness article about eating for your blood type on Pinterest and had to share it.

image source

I am type A+ and the information it gave on my type couldn’t be more accurate. See, I knew there was a reason I ate a mostly vegetarian diet and avoided red meat.

“Your Diet: When hunter-gatherer Os started thinning out, our ancestors started relying on agriculture and expanding their diet to include a semi-vegetarian approach. Type As have the digestive enzymes and bacteria it takes to digest grains and plants that other blood types might have a rough time breaking down.”

“What to Eat: Fill your plate with fruits like berries, figs, plums, apples, avocados, pears and peaches. Choose veggies like broccoli, artichokes, carrots, greens and garlic. Fish and poultry should be limited since type As produce fewer meat-digesting enzymes, which is why they have such a hard time digesting red meat. To get protein, rely on plant protein from nuts (like nut butters), seeds, beans and soy. Since your body can easily break down and get optimal nutrition from grains, carbs and proteins, cereal, breads and pastas should be staples of your diet.”

3. I tried this Saffron Road meal for lunch yesterday and it was delicious. I won some free product coupons and bought a bunch of frozen meals at Whole Foods with them. Craig actually ate two this week and he loved his as well. He had a chicken tikka masala meal and said it was much better than his Mayura restaurant version.



4. I seemed to be a magnet for helping others this week and I enjoyed being able to do that.

I took the picture below for my co-worker, whose son is allergic to peanuts, but he loves sunflower seeds. I recommended the Trader Joe’s sunflower seed butter to her. She was worried about the ingredients, but they passed the test.


I had another co-worker consult privately with me about the fact that she might be diabetic (and doesn’t have health insurance to confirm or deny the suspicion). I felt honored that she came to me for help since she knows I read a lot about health conditions and nutrition. I played nutritionist for a half hour and recommended some switches in her diet. I also sent her a blog to check out because the author is a Registered Dietitian with a specialty in diabetes (it’s Prevention RD).

5. Henri

Thanks to Karis, I found the Henri videos and seem to watch at least one a week, even if I am just re-watching one I have seen already. My favorite is this Halloween video.

Perfect Christmas present for a crazy cat lady like me? Henri’s calendar. He also has a book coming out next Spring!

6. I subscribed to Nutriton Action magazine. A co-worker subscribes and used to borrow me copies occasionally, but I finally decided to get my own subscription.

Nutrition Action magazines

They also feature some of their articles online if you want to check them out.

This isn’t really a seventh thing, but I successfully moved a year and a half of my blog posts over to the new site and it’s almost ready! I have enjoyed creating a new blog and love Blogger so far!

Have a wonderful Saturday! I am off to the mall to get some much needed shopping in.


Wordless Weekend


Krispy Kreme


Sharazad Milwauke interior

Gille's custard stand sign


charity of the month

gille's custard


Tanzi and cbs sunday morning


owl cookie



7 things I learned over the weekend

Reflecting back on the weekend, I realized that I “learned” a lot and wanted to share those things with readers, as quirky as some of them are.

1) My current khaki colored pants should not be worn anymore. I wore them shopping on Saturday and the view of my backside was not pleasant. The pants I was wearing just aren’t flattering anymore, if they ever were. I’m on the hunt for a new pair. Also: I must do more squats and butt toning workouts! I am sharing something I don’t like about myself because I want to change it.

2) Cleaning out my closet is kind of therapeutic. I switched my summer clothes out and brought out the fall and winter items. I also simplified my shoe selection for the new seasons. I am happy to also report that I have a pretty big Goodwill pile and I will also attempt to sell some items at a consignment shop soon. I need to go through this process more often.


Karma decided to sleep in the middle of my laundry/sorting pile.


3) My husband is amazing. I knew this already, but that guy spent most of his weekend digging out old, moldy caulk and redoing the entire tub and window. We also spent a fair chunk of time at ACE hardware in the caulk aisle and had to make two separate trips there. Fun! Glad that project is done. Can we buy a new house now?


4) Buying a new pillow helps me sleep better. It has already forced me to be more of a back sleeper, which is great. I tend to sleep on my side or stomach and then I get these huge lines on my face in the morning. I know those can’t be good to keep getting long term. And hooray for the pillow I picked out being only $10 on sale at Target.

5) Showering at the gym isn’t really that bad. Since the caulk had to dry for 24 hours, I had to shower at the gym after my workout on Sunday and while I have always dreaded it, freshening up there wasn’t that bad. It just takes being organized with my supplies.

6) It took a visit to a French restaurant over the weekend to realize that my French comprehension and pronunciation is better than I thought. While I have never taken a formal French class, spending time in Switzerland with French Swiss classmates, traveling in Paris, and my natural language skills helped me feel more confident with the language. I even managed to pronounce the dessert my friend and I ordered correctly!

7) And finally, don’t use a priority mail box for certain situations. Due to this, I spent about 45 minutes in the post office on Saturday. I have to credit the two ladies I worked with at the post office though–they were kind and patient. I am happy to have found a decent post office near our house.

It wasn’t the most relaxing weekend, but I felt like I accomplished a lot and at least I got out of the house to enjoy shopping and dinner out with a friend. More on that in my next post.

What have you learned about yourself or life lately?

Things that made me happy this week

The littlest things made me happy at the end of this week…

One of my work programs is near the end and this makes me so happy. September and October are quiet months at my job and I look forward to a whole week of vacation in September. I’m already planning out my days–Costco with mom to get my passport photos and other things, a haircut, a visit with my friend Danielle, cleaning, reading lots of magazines and biking.

The Wisconsin Avenue bridge opened on Thursday. That means a shorter commute for me! Hooray! Seriously, you know you are getting old when things like this make you smile. 🙂

Milwaukee bus

Picking kale and a red pepper from my garden. I was slacking on picking the kale. I think I’ll make a salad and some kale chips out of this tomorrow.

Kale and red pepper

Call me a crazy cat lady, but our pets entertain us on a daily basis, keep us company and give us love. Karma is always happy to work the camera.

Karma working the camera

Tanzi was enjoying the 4 x 100 women’s relay with me last night. Go USA!! That race was the bomb. I haven’t admitted it on the blog, but I am a total Olympics junkie. I don’t watch a lot of sports throughout the year, but I can’t get enough of the Olympics.

Tanzi watching Track and Field

Germany is pretty much my favorite country. My friend Laurie just moved to Munich this week, coincidentally, on the day that the OPI Germany colors came out. I was so excited to see the names they came up with for the collection. Now I need to get to the store and buy a few or maybe a box of the Ger-minis.

My fav name–probably “Don’t Pretzel My Buttons.” I like the color too! I kind of love German pretzels.



I enjoyed this sample at work and it was really good. The texture and flavor were both nice.

Perfectly Simple Zone Peanut Crunch bar

The sales ladies at Sephora were super nice today. Two helped me–one returned the Clinque BB cream I didn’t care for and the other gave me some samples of two other BB creams to try–Boscia and Dr. Brandt’s. I am excited to try both! Thanks for making me walk out of your store on a positive note, Sephora.

I also received great customer service at Aveda today. I went in for my free b-day perfume and also got this free sample of a new product.

free samples

Dinner tonight was exactly what I wanted. I made pasta with zucchini and eggplant cooked in olive oil and garlic. I had a cocktail that was delicious and honestly made Craig and I pretty tipsy. I don’t drink vodka that often, in fact, I doubt I had had it since college! Anyway, more on that cocktail in a future post.

Pasta with zucchini and eggplant, cocktail

Shh..don’t tell my husband, but Ryan Lochte makes this girl smile. I totally have a crush on him. Don’t most women in America right now?



Oh and finally beating my husband in tennis this morning made my competitive side happy. I think it was the Fitmixer aminos that helped!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Life this past week

I never got around to blogging last week. It seemed that we had something going on every day after work or I was just utterly exhausted.

Here’s what I was up to from Monday to today.

I got a bunch of veggies from my brother. Check out his huge garden!

Dean in his garden!

Dean's garden

I picked up some stuff for my parents and I picked out some tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers and broccoli.

produce from Dean

I am still researching traveling in Europe and where my mom and I will go, which is exciting.

books on Europe

I’ve also been watching lots of these videos on YouTube and they are helping me remember the German language.

I had vegan pizza for the first time this week. It had tofu on it and obviously, no cheese. I really didn’t mind that the cheese was missing at all.

vegan pizza

We got to the new Orange Leaf near us. I wasn’t too thrilled with the two flavors I got and think I like Orange Leaf’s fruity flavors better than their chocolate/peanut butter ones.

orange leaf

It was my husband’s birthday on Thursday! He woke up to a card I made on Tiny Prints and doughnuts.


various july photos 010

We celebrated with cake later that night.

birthday cake

On Saturday, we hung out at my brother’s new pool.



We took a book from a Little Free Library. Now we have to find one to leave there.


We’ve been watching our cat Tanzi slowly destroy a brown paper bag. It’s been pretty hilarious seeing him fashion new ways of sleeping in the bag throughout the week.

Tanzi and destroyed bag


Today, we went to the Dark Knight Rises because some friends had free passes. It was sure action packed and a very long movie!

And as always, the weekend flew by. It didn’t help that I had to work late on Friday night. I am looking forward to a week in which I only have to work four days. Woo hoo!

Feasting for Fido

On Thursday night, Karis, her friend Jen and I went to Feasting for Fido at the Milwaukee Humane Society.



Jen and Karis

Jen and Karis

Karis and I

Karis and I at Feasting for Fido

We paid $50 in advance for our tickets (they were $60 at the door) and they included unlimited wine and water, two tickets for beer and/or soda and all the samples of delicious vegetarian foods and desserts you wanted.

Restaurants that offered samples included: Blue’s Egg, Cafe Manna, Cafe Perrin, Honey Pie Cafe, Juniper 61, Le Reve, Tess, Sven’s European Cafe, Ristorante Bartolotta, Simma’s Bakery, The Fast Foodie, The Green Kitchen, The Rumpus Room, Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar, Umami Moto, Meritage, Mr. B’s and Maxie’s Southern Comfort.

The event took place indoors and outdoors. After trying some Stone’s Throw winery Merlot, we headed inside to check out the eats and the animals.

Feasting for Fido 2012

Le Reve was offering an array of beautiful and appetizing desserts.

Le Reve at Feasting for Fido

I chose this passion fruit one and it was to die for!

Le Reve passion fruit dessert

If I could have chosen two kittens to bring home with me, it would have been these two guys (or girls). I have a thing for gray and white kitties with blue eyes, especially when they look this adorable sleeping.

cute kitties

I am definitely a cat person. The dogs were adorable, but I melt when I see the kittens or even the really fat cat available for adoption.

Outside, we found the eventual winner of best food sample, Meritage. I really enjoyed their watermelon, strawberry and feta salad.


Cafe Manna had some of my favorites available–limonade, a lentil burger and they had bone shaped cookies for humans!

Cafe Manna

We all ended the evening with beers. Karis and I tried the Hinterland Door County Cherry Wheat and it was tasty! Jen had the Glacial Trail IPA.


I’m so grateful to Karis for asking if I wanted to go to this event! I really loved everything about it–giving money to help animals, the vegetarian food and the setup.


Up next is a Feasting for Felix at the Ozaukee campus on August 9th. I think we’ll attend that one next year!

Cat nutrition class

On Saturday, Karis and I attended a Cat Treats and Nutrition class through Waukesha County Technical College.


We learned lots of interesting things and our teacher was very knowledgable. Since we received way more information than I could ever share in a blog post, I will summarize a few key points and encourage you to take a pet nutrition class if you find one in your area.


-Our teacher, Kate, is certified as in Animal Nutrition, Human Nutrition and as a pastry chef.
-Cats don’t like sweet things, only savory. When they’re attracted to what you may think of as something sweet, it’s really the fat that appeals to them.
-A cat’s stomach is approximately the size of your thumb. Most suggested feedings are larger than they need to be.
-25-35% of cats in America or overweight or obese. This puts stress on their organs, bones and tissues.
-Cats need a diet rich in protein and fat. Carbohydrates should only make up no more than 15% of a housecat’s diet.
-Our cat Karma gets sick when we are on vacation and a cat sitter only feeds him and his brother once per day. This is likely due to the fact that when cats aren’t eating at their regularly scheduled time, they start to salivate and their stomachs produce an enzyme which makes them throw up in turn.
-This was the biggest thing I took away from the class, as Craig had read the opposite on the internet: cats need their food rotated (so buy a number of brands and slowly ease them into trying each new one by combining with the old), which will make them less likely to become allergic to certain foods. It can help strengthen their digestive tract and health.

Our teacher recommended some food brands in our packets and one of them that was the “most bang for the buck” was this Taste of the Wild brand.


She also had this dehydrated food on hand to show us what it looked like. I am definitely going to buy this because it would be easy to serve the cats. I think Karma will be the only one that eats it though.


*All of this information is from Kate Baumann, Certified Animal Nutritionist at WCTC.

Karis and I joined a mother and daughter to make salmon cakes. Much better than working with the chicken heart treat (ew).


Our recipe had sprouted buns for the bread crumbs, which was my job to grind up in the food processor.


They turned out good!


In the end, we all got to bag up a bunch of great treats for the kitties and take them home.


Here I am dishing out the salmon cakes.






The kitchens we cooked in were organized, designed well and they made Karis and I want to take more cooking classes there.



When I got home, Karma went right to the bags of treats and sniffed them.

Karma sniffing the cat treats I made in class

Tanzi wasn’t interested in smelling or tasting them at all.

Tanzi resisting

Luckily, Karma won’t let these treats go to waste!

Karma eating

I’m really glad Karis found this class and encouraged me to take it with her, because I feel a lot more informed on what we should be feeding the boys. I am also excited that we got a name of a holistic veterinarian to possibly check out.