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Our 2012 Container Garden

I don’t know about you, but I love checking out other people’s gardens. I thought I would share what we planted this year and how things are looking so far.

We have been container gardening for a couple of years now and it works for us. Since we may move in the next couple of years, we have decided not to invest in a raised bed garden.

This picture shows our tomatoes (roma, early girl, cherry and yellow); cilantro and a red pepper plant.

2012 garden

In the last week, two of our tomato plants have been growing like mad. Both were started in a greenhouse by my green thumbed brother.

Tomato plant 2012 garden


A week ago, I prepped the soil and my husband planted the kale seeds in four pots. We are seeing the seedlings now, which is so exciting! I see lots of kale chips in my future. 🙂 I also need to find some new kale recipes, so if you have any you would recommend, send them my way.

Kale seedlings!

It’s unpictured, but our strawberry plant is still thriving and we have had two strawberries from it so far.

Do you have a garden?

Photography fun

I’ve been having a pretty good week and it’s hard to believe it’s nearly over. How has yours been?

I was happy to receive all four flavors of the newest Larabar, ūber, this week. I had purchased the bananas foster flavor a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed that bar.



Tried the roasted nut roll today as a snack and I liked this flavor more than the bananas foster one!


I finally learned how to take a screen shot of my iPhone and took a photo of my favorite podcast, Dishing up Nutrition, which I was listening to on a lunch break.


I went over to my brother’s house on Tuesday to give him some info on interviewing for a job and get a copy of his resume. In return, we got three different types of tomato plants from my green thumbed brother! Can’t wait to have a garden again!


Last night, I had to make a quick meal for dinner so I poached two eggs up in the poached egg pan I love so much. I can’t imagine poaching eggs without it and it’s my favorite way to eat them.


My sandwich included lettuce from my bro’s garden, tomato, Frank’s Red Hot and some cheese.


Then I dashed off to an Advanced Digital Photography class through the Milwaukee rec department. I learned so much in two hours!


I was happy to finally know more about taking pictures with our Canon DSLR. I wish I could share everything I learned, but it’s all so very technical. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to get into manual mode with your camera, take a class and you’ll be happy you did! It helped that our teacher was excellent and he is a newspaper photographer, so it’s something he does every single day.


We “went on assignment” and he taught us how we would adjust the camera for action, a beach scene, portrait, etc. It was a good approach for helping us learn directly about why we would adjust the camera that way and how pictures can turn out poorly if you don’t.

"on assignment"

Have you ever taken a photography class? I hadn’t taken one since getting an A in my college photography class. That was when film still existed and digital was just coming out on the market! I loved developing film and experimenting with the camera.

A package, salsa, and a fabulous new book to read!

Happy Monday evening to you!

I had a good day, except for battling back to school traffic on my way into work this morning. I pass by a high school on my way and I noticed so many cars on the road in that area.

I started off my morning with some of the Seattle’s Best level 5 coffee, which reminded me of Starbucks. Some people don’t like that taste, but I prefer a dark, bold blend of beans.

I also had plain non-fat Chobani with fresh strawberries, hemp seeds, and the last of the Trader Joe’s Vanilla Almond granola.


Lunch was a ham sandwich topped with spinach and a roma tomato from our garden. I also had a string cheese, a red pepper from our garden, and some cucumber slices. I enjoyed the pomegranate Chobani as a 4 p.m. snack right before I left work.

My drink was a Cascal soda. I have to be honest–I didn’t love the crisp white flavor. I am hoping I enjoy the other ones more.


When I got home from work, I received our Kodak Gallery medium hardcover photo book in the mail!





Craig and I were both really impressed with the quality of it. I am so happy I was able to receive it as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program with Kodak. We’ll have these memories of our honeymoon to share with others and remind us of the unbelievable trip we experienced in Europe.


The back is a picture of us pouting on our last day of our trip, in Frankfurt.


We made salsa for dinner. We have so many different types of tomatoes and hot peppers to use up.


Our favorite tortilla chips are these from Sam’s Club.


It was beautiful out, so we dined outside next to our container garden.



I went to the gym and started reading Farm City while biking. I love the book so far! It is definitely well written.


The Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee is hosting a book club discussion on the book, so I want to read it and attend the event.

The author lives in Oakland, CA and talks about her experience farming in the backyard of her apartment. I lived right on the border of Oakland and Berkeley and the neighborhood she lives in sounds pretty close to the one I lived in in Berkeley.

Some of the quotes I can relate to so far are:

“This place, this ghetto of Oakland, California, brings out the best and the worst in us.”

(Well for me, it brought out the worst in me to be completely honest. I did feel challenged and like I was always learning something while living in the area. But, most of the time, I felt pretty depressed living in that area).

She talks about living in the Oakland hills with a pack of straight-edge vegan anarchists and says the following: “At first I thought it was cute that anarchists had rules. No alcohol. No dairy products. No meat. Then the paradox started to chafe.”

(Kind of reminded me of the apartment I lived in in Berkeley with 5 or 6 housemates at a time. This Midwestern girl did not like it when my one housemate and classmate told me that drinking cow’s milk was evil and I should start drinking soy. I did try soy out, but it seemed to upset my stomach and now I much prefer almond milk to soy.)

I can’t wait to read more of this book and go to the discussion in September.

Time to sign off of this addictive new computer and go read!

Wordless Wednesday

In light of the fact that I don’t have a lot of time to blog, I decided to jump on the wordless Wednesday bandwagon and share some of my day through pictures. I kind of enjoyed doing this because I took pictures of different things than I normally would during the course of a day.

chobani and empty coffee cup


Journal Sentinel Food section 8-24-11


Karma in bathroom morning

dry shampoo big sexy hair

iced coffee

lunch 8-24-11

Bobbi Brown lipstick and Burt's bees rose tinted lip balm

apple and podcast

stacy's pita chips

Sephora order

Philosophy Happy Birthday Beautiful!

tomatoes from garden

roma tomatoes from garden

Karma begging for food

cats waiting for food

meditation timer

coupons and store ad


Tofu and birds eye green beans and roasted potatoes

Craig and cookies


Buried Treasure show on TV

Buried Treasure show

All checked up

Between yesterday and today, I went to two different doctors for checkups. I am glad I got the appointments over with and I’m all checked up for now. I am going to see a new Gastroenterologist in September and I am looking forward to that appointment, because I heard the new doc I am seeing spends a lot of time with his patients. After being sick a lot with colitis, despite all of the medicine I am on, I want someone to look into my condition a bit further than my current doc has. I even went so far as to request my medical records from my old doctor so I can do my research and read through my history so I can be a better informed patient.

Right now, I am taking a break from packing. I am headed to my parents’ house tonight to stay overnight. Tomorrow, my mom and I are going to Madison for the Farmer’s Market, then to New Glarus, and hopefully to the outlets at the end of the day. I am looking forward to a little day trip and to spending time with my mom!

I tried a new cereal for breakfast. I went to Whole Foods after my doc appt. last night and picked up lots of goodies! I had a coupon for the Yogi brand of granola or cereal, so I tried this one.


I loved the flavor–natural, yet delicious tasting! The cherry flavor was subtle, but blended together beautifully with the almond.

At work, I treated myself to an iced coffee and I snacked on a banana.

Lunch was the rest of the quinoa, chickpeas, and Mmmm sauce. I also had a Strawberry Banana Chobani.

I left work early for the doc. The doctor and I had a funny conversation about my last name. Turns out that she had been saying my name for the last two days. I can’t say why for privacy reasons, but the stories she told me had me cracking up. She always eases my nervousness and makes me laugh. We also had a nice discussion about greek yogurt. She lit up when I said I eat a lot of that and I don’t think I have to worry about my calcium intake because of the amount of dairy I eat.

When my doc appt. was over, I headed to Target. I didn’t grab a basket on purpose. I found too many items, per usual, and I was almost dropping things on my way to the cash register. That was better than throwing things into a cart and spending over $50 like I normally do there. I finally purchased some stainless steel canisters for my flour, sugar, etc. I have been going back and forth for months about the OXO ones and this type. I like how these look and maybe someday when we have a bigger kitchen, they can sit on the counter too.


Dinner was a whole wheat bun with temeph, red onions, provolone cheese, goddess dressing, and some mayo.


I also had some tomatoes on the side from our garden.


Here’s the big bowl of goodies we picked tonight.



Time to get off of here, take a walk with Craig, and then hit the road for my parents’ house!

Have a great start to your weekend!

My week

Do you ever have those weeks where you just feel too tired to do anything, especially after a long day at work? Yeah, that was my week. I have been feeling tired, but also just not motivated to fit blogging into my schedule. I have to remind myself to just go with it when I feel the need to just unplug and read books, workout, and relax in general after work.

Here’s what I have been eating, doing, etc. this week.


My meals weren’t really that interesting, except for when I ate out with Karis on Thursday.

I did try Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter for the first time! It had been sitting in our cabinet for about a month, so I decided to open the jar up and just dig in. I liked it, but maybe not as much as peanut butter. It is very creamy, so I think it would be wonderful on hot oats.

sunflower seed butter

I don’t really love overnight oats in a jar (I prefer hot oats), but it is a convenient and healthy breakfast for when I feel rushed in the morning. I had a Trader Joe’s unsalted peanut butter jar that had just about an inch of pb left in it, so I went with making OIAJ. I added skim milk, chia seeds, and some Brown Cow maple yogurt.

OIAJ coffee

I had lots of plain chobani with blueberry preserves, fresh fruit, and granola this week.


Indulged in a yummy cupcake at work. The frosting on this was perfect–not too sweet and sickening!

pics July 2011 002 cupcake

Lunch on Thursday–a big salad, mango Chobani, and I tried Pop Chips for the first time! They tasted great! I had the sea salt and vinegar. Thanks to Pop Chips for sending me some chips to try out! Can’t wait to try the other flavors now.

pics July 2011 001


Our garden is producing more tomatoes now! The romas still don’t look great, but the cherry tomatoes keep on coming and I love having them around for salads or snacking in general.

We also have been getting more strawberries–some big and some tiny and ripe.

garden items

I ordered these items from iHerb. I have never tried Nutritional Yeast, so I hope I like it. I plan to make some of Mama Pea’s Mmmm sauce with it this weekend.

Averie had a coupon for iHerb on her blog, so I got $5 off my order and free shipping!

iHerb order

We enjoyed having the windows open for only a couple of hours one cool evening. I miss fresh, cool air flowing through our house.


Karma enjoyed the fresh air too!


Karma with open window

Now we’re off to get Craig’s free Starbucks drink (b-day coupon) and maybe look around at toasters. Ours has been funky for a while, but we both aren’t satisfied with the reviews we find on Amazon of most of the models out there. Anyone have a toaster model they recommend?

Hope you’re having a great weekend!