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Addicted to Downton Abbey

I’m not one to watch that much TV. I’d much rather read or play on the computer.

Last night, I stayed on my sore butt (delayed onset muscle soreness from Monday’s fitness class) and watched three episodes of Downton Abbey. I literally sat and laid on the couch from 6:15 until about 9 p.m. Um, I am a bit obsessed with and addicted to the show! I know I am not alone because I keep reading and hearing about more people just like me.


I love the characters, historical references, romance, the British accents, the mystery, the clothes, etc. I could go on and on. I am one episode away from finishing season one, so I am a bit behind considering the last episode of season two just aired. I had to sign up to get season two from the library and I hope it comes in soon so I can have another marathon!

I ate some thin mint ice cream while I watched. 🙂


I got my sore butt to the gym tonight. I worked through the pain and it felt good.

After I got home, I made my lunch for tomorrow–a spinach salad with peppers, mushrooms and cheese. Kind of a weird combination, but I have been craving peppers and mushrooms lately.


Aldi had a sweet deal–I got all three of those peppers for 99 cents total. Score!


I saw Jenna review this book on her blog and when I looked it up on Amazon, I was impressed with the five out of five stars from other readers. It came in at the library and I picked it up today. Yet another book that is set partially during WWII. I guess I can’t get away from the subject this year, no matter how much I try.


I am looking forward to this book and I think it will be a much better read than The Tiger’s Wife! There’s a bonus of some lovely German recipes in the back of the book too, so maybe I’ll attempt to make some of them. I love German desserts.

Time to get ready for bed and read that book. Have a good night!

Fiber and green tea

I forgot to share the wonderful news I got last week! Now, let me preface this by saying that I never quite understand what the results of medical tests mean.

My final lab tests came in from my colonoscopy and EGD that I had back in November. Everything came back normal and great. No ulcers, polyps, pre-cancer bacteria, no colitis showing up, etc. The doc wants me to get tested for celiac sprue, which I had done in 2004 and that lab came back negative. I am still not sure if that one negative lab test will reassure my doc that I don’t have Celiac Disease and I need to call the doctor’s office and ask. At least I had my old lab results sent over to them and that’s done.

My gastroenterologist also wants me to make sure I am getting enough fiber in my diet, so that is one of the reasons I started tracking my food with MyFitnessPal too. I am happy to say that I am definitely getting enough fiber and enough protein so far (which I was worried about since I eat a mostly vegetarian diet).

I bought some Fiber One honey clusters cereal this week and it’s pretty good. I put a banana in it and that helped with the flavor. I need to eat bananas when they are still a tad green on the end as I like them much better that way!


Because it’s so good for you, I am trying to drink more green tea. Yesterday, I had a cup mid-morning with a lovely little unexpected snack of a pumpkin spice apple pie that my co-worker’s wife made. It was delicious and such a great combination of flavors.


Lunch today was half of the pictured leftover butternut squash risotto from Trader Joe’s, carrot sticks and a Stonyfield Oikos blueberry yogurt. I snacked on the clementine later in the afternoon. It was a very orange lunch!

I made the risotto for dinner last night and it was ok. I don’t know if I would buy it again because I am not sure I am that wild about butternut squash.



After work, I had to go to the store to get some electrolyte drinks for Craig. He has the flu (for the second time this season) and had a very bad day. Poor guy. I feel so bad for him, especially because he can’t seem to sleep and rest when he’s sick.

At the store (Aldi), I picked up a bunch of produce so I could make a yummy salad for dinner. It was just what I wanted to eat before yoga. I also made a smaller salad to bring to work tomorrow.

I put artisan lettuce in it, cucumber, turkey, provolone cheese, roma tomatoes and I topped it with goddess dressing.


I hadn’t been to yoga for about a month and it felt so good to practice again tonight. Of course, class was sooo crowded with the January joiners, but we all fit and worked around each other.

Have a wonderful night! This week flew by and I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already.

Forcing myself to relax

Today, I woke up to a sore throat (from the EGD) and a bit of a stomach ache. Both were persisting until this afternoon, so it’s a good thing I was off of work. The doctor did tell me I could go back to work, but I purposely took off today as I know how I tend to feel after those procedures.

I relaxed, read blogs, magazines, did laundry, cleaned, etc. this morning. I enjoyed watching the cats play and relax, which never seems to get old to me. I kind of forced myself to relax in between doing some chores around the house.

cats with paws angled towards each other

Karma massaging Tanzi’s back. So cute and caring!

Karma massaging Tanzi

I started to crave a banana, so I sliced one in half and put some Artisana Pecan butter on top. It turned out to be a great combination.


For lunch, I had a turkey, muenster cheese, and laughing cow cheese panini with tomato soup.

panini and tomato soup

I made the panini on our Calphalon panini pan. It was one of those items that I added to our wedding registry and I remember Craig saying that we’d barely use it. I go through phases with craving paninis, but we do tend to use it a couple of times per week sometimes!

panini on Calphalon panini pan

After lunch, I was anxious to get out of the house. I had seen that Aldi had pomegranates on sale for 49 cents each, so I headed there.

Here’s what I came away with (I eat the dark chocolate and Craig eats the white. Opposites attract!):

Aldi finds 11-4-11

I literally squealed with joy when I saw this bottle of Gluehwein on the shelf! I LOOOVE gluehwein and it brings me back to spending the holidays in Europe. What an adorable label that makes me want to book a trip to Germany for Christmas.

Christengel Gluehwein

Gluehwein from Aldi back of bottle

And after Aldi, I raked the front yard and part of the back until my stomach started hurting. It felt so good to be outside in fresh air and sunshine!


When Craig gets home from work, we’re heading to the gym! Hooray! Craig joined the YMCA earlier this week and while he doesn’t promise to go that often, it’s a start. I’ll take it easy today, but it will feel good to move my body.

Be Thankful Challenge

Today, I am thankful for my health and kitties. Oh and maybe Gluehwein too. 🙂

Lovin’ my rest day

Even though I loved having a runner’s high yesterday, I’m loving my “rest day” from the gym. Sometimes it just feels good to come home, take my time making dinner and rest by reading and plopping my butt on the couch. I won’t lie though–I am really looking forward to yoga tomorrow night. It may mean that I switch my 25 minute run to Friday, but it’s way worth it because my body needs yoga badly this week.

I am so excited that tomorrow is my Friday! This week flew by! 🙂

Breakfast–cereal and coffee. Same old stuff you’ve seen on here for weeks!

cereal and coffee

Lunch was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, lots of carrots, red peppers and a peach chobani. I finally got some veggies in my lunch box and they tasted so good. I couldn’t believe I polished off all of those carrots. I think it was a total of three chopped up? Crazy, huh!

carrots, red peppers, peach chobani, pb&j

I ran to Aldi after work and stocked up on lots of produce so I could make a yummy dinner!

Oh and I got some string cheese, so I had to snack on that when I got home. Seeing string cheese in the fridge tonight made my husband so excited. Our cat Karma also loves it when we open string cheese wrappers. He’s crazy and will run up to smell the wrapper and hope we drop some cheese on the carpet.

string cheese

When I meditated tonight, I had to add five minutes onto my 20 minute routine and breathe before my actual meditation session. 25 minutes twice a day sure adds up, but hopefully it will help me in the long run.

Dinner was a salad with grape tomatoes, sunflower seeds, tofu and a bit of mozzarella shredded cheese.

I marinated half of the tofu in Frank’s red hot sauce and some Penzey’s spices.

tofu marinating

Beautiful and delicious salad!

tofu and salad

Dessert was a Moser Roth english toffee milk chocolate bar from Aldi. Do you like to shop for produce at Aldi? I realize I have to watch what I buy there in terms of packaged foods (hello, high fructose corn syrup), but I love their prices on produce. I didn’t have luck with fruit tonight in terms of quality, but there were some good veggies to choose from.

Going to keep this post short and sweet! Night!