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Yoga before running = success!

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you all have fun plans for Easter weekend. I took off of work tomorrow because my husband has off and I just needed a mental health day.

My breakfast-I didn’t feel like making stovetop oats today, we didn’t have much in terms of cereal selection, so I improvised. I made an egg white, cut up some grape tomatoes, and had a peach chobani yogurt. I used almond milk in my coffee today and it tasted good, so that might be my new replacement for half and half.


Couldn’t resist taking a picture of this. I received it in a free sample I received in the mail from International Delight (well from Vocalpoint). My happy time was obviously 5 p.m. for the day because I would be home from work by then and today is my Friday!

come back later...I'll have a much better attitude

I was really craving a coffee at work, but I resisted and had a peppermint tea instead. My snack was a Cran Bran Vita top. I started eating and then decided to warm it up in the microwave. Smart move because this improved the flavor immensely! I am going to warm up or toast the vita tops from now on. Loved the Cran Bran flavor.

Lunch was a Morningstar black bean veggie burger on an Arnold’s Thin, string cheese and some applesauce. Dessert was a hershey’s chocolate bunny from a co-worker.

morningstar black bean burger, applesauce, string cheese, arnold's thin

After work, I went to Target and was so excited to check out the expanded grocery section of the Target I pass on my way home from work. I know, I am a total Target and foodie dork. At least I know this and can admit it. The new sections of the store were laid out and lit so beautifully. They had a lot of (cheap) produce and their prices on Chobani weren’t bad either. I was only disappointed at the fact that they didn’t have the big Chobanis. Oh and I found Bonne Maman wild blueberry preserves at a good price too. Score!

While there, I used a free coupon for Bagel Thins that I received from the company and got a package of whole wheat flavor.

bagel thins whole wheat

Loved the flavor of the bagel thin and the fact that it was only 110 calories.

Dinner was a bagel thin with ham, swiss cheese and a side of strawberries.

ham and swiss on a bagel thin; strawberries

Then it was off to yoga for an hour! It was a good class, per usual. I felt strong and flexible today, but my back did ache during the class and the stretching helped a lot.

After class, I wanted to go on the bike and read a magazine. Both of the bikes I prefer were taken, so I improvised and threw the biking idea out the window. Instead, I did what I was supposed to do in my 10k training schedule and I ran for 25 minutes on the treadmill and walked for two minutes. I covered 2.18 miles and I felt so strong and great. Like the subject of this post says, maybe yoga before running equals success!? If that’s the case, I better do yoga the morning of my race to stretch everything out!

At the gym, someone was watching Sex and the City on TV and I instantly wanted to watch a couple of episodes. I knew what I was going to do when I got home! I couldn’t wait to pop in the second season.

sex and the city second season

And now I better go catch up with Miranda and Steve and watch their first encounter! Were you ever obsessed with Sex and the City like I was? I have all of the seasons on DVD except season five I think. It’s fun watching the episodes this evening because I haven’t seen the show in a while and it’s like they are all new to me now.

Runner’s high

I definitely got a runner’s high tonight after running 2 miles on the treadmill and walking 1/2 mile. What a good feeling! I told my husband that running is starting to clear my mind more than meditation. It definitely helps me sort my thoughts about the day out.

Once home, I showered, changed into my jammies and iced using paradice ice packs.

paradice packs

Rewind to this morning…

Breakfast was chobani greek yogurt with almonds and honey. I realize I have been pretty boring with my food lately, but I am trying to eat up what is in our fridge and not waste it!

yogurt, almonds, honey; coffee

Lunch was a ham sandwich, applesauce, a clementine, some pita chips and two girl scout peanut butter sandwich cookies. I realize that sounds like a lot of food! I sort of snacked on the pita chips prior to lunch though. By the looks of this very brown themed lunch, I need to go grocery shopping for some veggies soon.

pita chips, applesauce, clementine, ham sandwich, peanut butter cookies

My afternoon snack was a raisin bran vitatop and a half a cup of decaf coffee. The coffee tasted yummy, especially because it was a dreary day in Milwaukee and coffee comforts me on rainy days. I really liked the raisin bran flavor–so good!

raisin bran vita top; decaf coffee

Dinner was late, when I got back from the gym. I needed something quick but relatively nutritious, so I cooked up my go to meal of late, pierogis and brussell sprouts.

brussell sprouts, pierogi

I cooked up this meal quickly while watching Food Revolution. Jamie always inspires me and makes me laugh, especially when he shows up in a tomato costume.

Jamie Oliver tomato

Rumor on the radio today was that he does eventually get into LA schools and the LAUSD gives in. It’s about frickin time!

Anyone else here this shocking food news today? The NY Times headline read: “Vegan Promoter Uses Photos of Meat and Dairy items and fury follows.” How disappointing for the readers of VegNews.

Hope your Tuesday was fantastic!

Lucky Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! This week went by quickly! I hope the weekend goes by slowly. Tomorrow, I must clean the house, go to Craig’s grandma’s b-day party, grocery shop and then relax and read my book. On Sunday, we have to devote the day to taxes and I plan to start by 10k training.

Breakfast was strawberry waffles and coffee.

coffee, waffles

At work, I needed a Friday pick me up, so I got an almond latte. I can’t get used to drinking those fancy drinks and I need to go back to my peppermint tea.

Lunch was applesauce and a pb&j sandwich. I had a cookie for dessert.

pb & j, applesauce

I always read blogs on my lunch break and was so excited to see that I won Food Snob STL’s “favorite things” giveaway! I won justin’s almond/chocolate butter packets (which I also love), KIND bars (love and eat all the time), a meal/grocery planner notepad (totally need this badly) and raw honey (will definitely use).

It was definitely a lucky day! I came home to find a lovely package in my front door! Vitalicious was kind enough to send me some of their products.

vita tops

Yum, can’t wait to try these! I put all but one in the freezer. I am saving that one for tomorrow morning!

vita tops


Vita Brownie

When I get home from work, I often just want a little snack. Today, I had a few cheese curds.

cheese curds wisconsin

My workout was 10 minutes of rowing, some weight machines and 25 minutes of biking while reading Health magazine.

I wasn’t too hungry for dinner, so I just had a mini bagel with an egg white and cheddar cheese and some red grapes on the side.

red grapes, egg, mini bagel

Now Craig and I are geeking out. He likes watching Shark Tank and we both are being geeky and watching a PBS show called “Electric Dreams” where a family goes back in time with the technology in their house and they see how things change from the 1970’s to current times. It’s the history nerd in me that loves this type of show! It’s so interesting to see how technology really does isolate the family members over time. I hate that it does that, but then again, here I am blogging away for the last hour on a Friday evening when I could be reading a book I have to finish by Wednesday. 🙂

Do you embrace technology or have you found it has isolated people at work and at home more over time? What is your favorite piece of technology? Mine definitely is my iPod touch. I don’t have a fancy phone, but I love playing with my iPod touch and surfing the web when I don’t feel like pulling out my laptop.

Trying Kale Chips, at last!

Even though I had to work today, I had a great Monday. I was really tired when I first got up, but perked up with an afternoon coffee.

Breakfast was two Eggo whole wheat waffles with skippy crunchy natural peanut butter, syrup and earth balance spread.

coffee, eggo whole wheat waffles, peanut butter

No mid-morning snack for me because I was in a meeting that went longer than I expected it to. 😦

Lunch was a ham sandwich with spinach, tomatoes and Frank’s Red Hot on whole wheat; applesauce; and red grapes.

applesauce, red grapes, ham sandwich

I snacked on half of an apple pie larabar an hour before I left work, so my tummy wouldn’t be so hungry at the gym. I had the other half at home, right before going to the YMCA.

larabar apple pie

After work, I picked up these two books from the library.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle & Crazy Sexy Diet

I had started Animal, Vegetable, Miracle years ago, but never got into it, because at the time, I was not as interested in food and nutrition as I am now. I am reading it to prepare for a April 13th book discussion at the New Berlin Public Library. All of you local foodies–Karis and I are going to attend if you want to join us. She put it out there on her blog too.

I am also excited to read crazy sexy diet. I have heard good things about both books–if only there was more time to read! I’ll have to make time during my lunch breaks and before bed.

At the gym, I did a warmup of 10 minutes of biking at a quick pace. I then lifted a few weights and went on the Cybex Arc Trainer because it was the only cardio machine available. I wanted to run on the treadmill, but they were all full.

Recovery included a blueberry, frozen banana, milk, ice cubes and soy protein powder smoothie. I needed some protein to fill my tummy temporarily while I cooked dinner.

smoothie--blueberries, banana, milk, protein powder

Dinner was delicious! I finally made kale chips and used Kath Eats Real Food’s recipe. I also had some herbed tofu.

kale chips and herbed tofu

kale chips 1

The kale chips were really good. I had Craig try one and he was grossed out. Oh well. I topped them with various Penzey’s spices, sea salt and olive oil. I definitely learned my lesson because I should have made more, but I figured I was trying it out for the first time anyway, so I didn’t want to make too many in case they didn’t turn out well.

Fun fact for those of you watching Dancing With the Stars tonight (we don’t watch it). On our honeymoon in Europe, we happened to walk past (and later “stalk” to get pictures of) the model and now Dancing contestant Petra Nemcova on the Charles Bridge in Prague. It’s embarrassing, but I am the one who recognized her and not my husband. I remembered her as a supermodel and from about five years ago, when she was on Oprah talking about losing her fiance in the tsunami.

Here are my stalker pics of the model.


Oh wait, that’s me in Prague. Ha ha.

Here’s Petra.



It looked like she was filming an ad on the bridge because she had a big group of people with her and they had video cameras and other equipment.

After we saw her in person, I had to take a picture of Craig next to this ad just for fun.


Time to go read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle!

Hope you had a swell Monday too!

Spring has arrived!

Hooray–signs of spring were everywhere today! I went for a walk around the block for a break during my work day and didn’t wear a coat because it was near 60 degrees out. I left work with the windows down and enjoyed the sun beating down on my face. The snow is FINALLY melting bit by bit.


Craig and I went for a walk around our neighborhood for the first time since November. There were birds chirping in the trees and I saw and heard a beautiful robin chirping in the tree above us, which made me so happy.

Breakfast was Chobani plain non-fat greek yogurt with sliced almonds and honey.


Snack at work was the granola bar I made on Sunday plus a yogi green tea kombucha. I read the Food section of the paper while I took a break with my snacks.


Lunch featured an Amy’s vegetable pot pie, an applesauce and a Kind Dark Chocolate cherry cashew bar because I wanted something sweet. It was a yummy flavor! Very dessert like and hard to stop eating. This one featured 14g of sugar, 4g of protein and came in at 180 calories. Total fat was 9 g.



After work, I decided to run some errands and use this as my rest day instead of heading to the gym. I went to Kohl’s to use a coupon that expired today. I also shopped for toasters and took a picture of this model to do some research on it. We need a new toaster badly, but my husband and I are both researchers, so I need to look some models up online before buying. Oh and I need the magical 30% off Kohl’s coupon before I consider buying a toaster from Kohl’s!


I also ran to Target for some other things. Per usual, I spent about $50 on random things after I just went in for some laundry detergent, toilet paper and febreeze. I finally broke down and bought some Cadbury mini eggs, so I snacked on those when I got in the car. They are my favorite Easter candy of all time.

Dinner was two pierogi with brussell sprouts, tomatoes and part of a french baguette.


Dessert was a mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich.

I’m really tired & have a headache (which I rarely get), so I am going to sign off now, read my book and go to bed early tonight.

California dreaming

Happy Tuesday! Can’t believe tomorrow is already hump day. This week is going to fly by! I’m looking forward to warmer temps in my neck of the woods and to some fun this weekend with friends.

Breakfast was an old favorite, Bonne Maman Wild Blueberry Preserves paired with Chobani non-fat greek plain yogurt. I used to eat Bonne Maman with yogurt sometimes three times a day when I lived in California and all of my tummy troubles started. Yogurt was what my body craved and I couldn’t get enough of this combination. Bonne Maman was cheaper at Woodman’s than any other grocery store I have seen it at, so I really should have picked up more than one jar!

jam (wild blueberry preserves), Chobani non-fat greek yogurt, coffee

Snack at work was some of my homemade granola bar and a Numi jasmine green tea. I must have been “California dreaming” today because this flavor of tea also brought me back to my days living in California. I was obsessed with Peet’s coffee and tea’s Jasmine Tea. I also loved running by jasmine bushes on my runs around Berkeley.

Numi Jasmine Green Tea and granola bar

I enjoyed a ham and provolone sandwich on a french baguette with tomatoes, Frank’s Red Hot and spinach for lunch. Basically what I had for dinner yesterday. I also had a Pomegranate Chobani for the first time ever and it didn’t disappoint! Can’t wait to try Mango and Raspberry and then I think I will have tried every Chobani flavor out there. 🙂 Red grapes were my dessert.

lunch 3-15-11

Although that lunch filled me up quite well, I had a craving for something sweet around 3 p.m. so I grabbed a mini chocolate chip cookie dough Larabar from my snack drawer.

mini-larabar chocolate chip cookie dough

Speaking of Larabars, my mom picked up some things for Craig and I at Sam’s Club today (we don’t have a membership) and I asked her to just see if they had Larabars there. They did! I got a combo pack of Apple Pie, Cashew Cookie, and Cherry Pie! 18 bars for $15.88 or something like that–a pretty good deal, huh? I told my mom to grab a flavor to try out for herself, especially since she’d never had a Larabar before, and she enjoyed the cherry pie bar tonight. She said it was different than she expected it to be, but it was good.

I got home from work, meditated, rested a bit and then made dinner.

I had a Morningstar black bean veggie burger with provolone cheese on an Arnold’s thin and some applesauce on the side. Oh and a small glass of skim milk!

applesauce, arnold's thin with morningstar black bean burger, skim milk

After my stomach settled, I hit the gym and worked hard. I rowed, biked and did the Cybex Arc trainer. I like mixing my cardio up like this once in a while. I also did a full circuit of weights. I was stinky when I left there!

Now it’s getting late and there are dishes to do and blogs to catch up on.


Snow snow, go away

I had a snowy ride into work today–I did not enjoy waking up to see snow on the ground and big flakes in the air. When is this winter weather going to end!? I am ready for flip flops, spring coats, walks around our neighborhood and biking outside.

Today’s work day was good. I was dependent on others to get tasks done and most of them were accomplished today, a day early. Love when that happens.

I started my day off with Eggo nutri grain whole wheat waffles and a banana.


Snack at work was a trail mix bar, a kit kat and a latte.

Lunch was a whole wheat tortilla filled with pintos, a bit of cheese and red peppers. I also had more carrot sticks, red peppers, an applesauce and an Athenos strawberry greek yogurt. My verdict on these greek yogurts is that I do prefer Chobani over Athenos. I don’t think I am a big fan of the separate fruit filling that you have to mix in. Don’t know why, but it seems that Chobani’s blends better.


After work, I picked up Craig and we got dinner. He was getting his oil changed. His idea of the perfect dinner was McD’s. Mine, not so much. I had a bite of his chicken sandwich and was truthfully grossed out. I opted to go to Panera bread and ordered a you pick two of french onion soup, a meditterean veggie sandwich and an apple. Much better! Tasted nice and fresh.

Fuzzy picture courtesy of my husband’s Droid phone because I forgot my point and shoot camera.


My husband went to a basketball game tonight with his sister and I was going to head to the gym and then relax. Unfortunately, I laid down for a bit and an hour and a half later, I had been out on the couch sleeping away like a baby. This is a sign I need to go to bed earlier once again.

Speaking of, I missed my workout today as a result. So, maybe I should become a morning workout person more regularly?

Check out this article from Women’s Day featuring healthy living bloggers on 10 morning workout motivators. I am trying to find that balance in my schedule and it may be better for me to get to bed early and get up early to accomplish my workout.

Rewind to yesterday afternoon and evening–I enjoyed an Awake tea with a pump of mocha (my friend told me she enjoys this combo and she was right, it’s tasty) and the new Starbucks logo was on my sleeve. I managed to get two cute t-shirts from Old Navy totally free (no tax or anything) because of a $10 coupon I got from my Banana Republic card. Now I get to spend that at Gap, BR and online too.

Starbucks new logo

Dinner last night was Potbelly’s smoked ham and swiss sub.

Potbelly sandwich

Then Craig and I went to the Guided Meditation class. It was interesting and I am glad we went. Basically, I won’t be using this type of meditation in the future, but I think visualizing through listening to a CD or podcast could work for some people over the technique I use.

We meditated a couple of times in class and during one of the sessions, I was transported to Bacharach, Germany, looking over the city and sitting in the vineyards.


Bacharach was the first stop on our honeymoon in Europe a couple of years ago and it holds a special place in my heart, so it’s no surprise that my meditation session that involved picturing a place resulted in me going there. Aaah, I wish I could go there right now to drink some riesling and eat riesling gelato (which I really did and it was delicious).




Anyway, back to reality. Bedtime is approaching and since one of my new goals is to get to bed earlier, I better go get ready.

Kopps, I love you.

Friday recap…


it was my first time trying the vanilla Chobani flavor and I liked it–the vanilla wasn’t that prominent, but it also wasn’t overwhelming, as can be the case sometimes with vanilla flavored yogurts.

chobani vanilla, blueberries, coffee

My morning snack at work was just some Newman’s Own pretzels and a hot cocoa.

Lunch was a salad with feta, tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers and an olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing I threw together. I had an applesauce, a bunch of carrot sticks and two pieces of yummy chocolate (kit kat and my fav moser roth). The kit kat wasn’t in the pic below because I got it from a co-worker. I figured, “it’s Friday, why not indulge in two pieces of chocolate!”


I came home to find lots of goodies–my package from Tina at Trading Up Downtown…

Sarabeth's tea, teapot

…and a new Glamour magazine in my mailbox.


I paged through it and found this article to read.

Why is everyone going vegan?

I think I would like to try going vegan for a week or more and see how my body feels as a result. But, this article just left me craving red meat, which is a rare craving for me.

We didn’t eat dinner until 7 something…very unusual for us and I was starving. The red meat craving led me to craving the place where I could get the biggest cheeseburger that was thin and delicious in our area. No McD’s for this girl, so we headed to Kopps Frozen Custard. Not that it is any healthier, but it sure tasted delicious!

Kopps menu


Mmm…pure food bliss.

Lisa with cheeseburger at Kopps

Craig and double cheeseburger

We also indulged in vanilla custard. Sharing a dish was perfect! I really wanted Turtle Sundae flavored custard, but we compromised on vanilla.

Kopps vanilla custard

“Date night” continued in the way that two geeks who are now married date. We headed to Best Buy nearby and walked around. I hadn’t been in there in ages. My husband loves technology and so do I, so I drooled over the Kindle, new phones, danced with the Kinect system, looked at cameras and majorly drooled over the Mac laptops.


I really need a new one soon to replace my 2004 iBookG4. She has lasted me a while, but is quite slow now. Yes she is a “she” because her name since day one has been Granny Smith.

When we left Best Buy, we saw this typical Wisconsin van. 🙂

GB packer van

I was a bum and didn’t work out last night. We watched the movie Going the Distance when we got home. Kind of cute. Craig thinks I look like Drew Barrymore in the movie, but mostly I just think we have the same hairstyle and I kind of speak like her sometimes.

Onto the Saturday recap.

My first meditation session

One week from today, my husband and I will attend a “guided meditation” class. Before going to this, my husband wanted me to experience meditation the way he practices it (non-guided, mantra based). He also encouraged me to start meditating today because I am in desperate need of it this week and know I’ll be in the same place next week.

So, after staying late at work, I came home, read about meditation and what to do during the practice, then practiced for twenty minutes with my husband also joining me. I have to say that the whole point of meditation is to clear your thoughts and humans have too many going through their head. Boy did that happen to me tonight during the practice. I’d be thinking about something and then have to say the mantra to get my mind off of that thought. It is tougher to do than it sounds!

Everywhere I look lately I read about how meditation is beneficial for all sorts of things. In a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article from Sunday, February 20, 2011, it is noted that “yet another study released last month–this one in the journal Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging–reports that those who meditated for about 30 minutes a day for eight weeks had measurable changes in brain density in areas related to memory, sense of self, empathy and stress.” All I can say is that we all could use a bit more of these improvements in our brains and lives, don’t you agree?

Have you ever tried meditation? If so, any tips on how to maintain the practice?

I want to look as calm and happy as this little kitty every day. Don’t you just love how he snuggles on my husband’s shoulder..ok, back to meditation thoughts.

Craig and Karma

Ideally, I’d meditate for 20 minutes in the morning and then in the evening, before I eat dinner or go to the gym. Like I said to my husband–that is a lot of time to devote in my already busy schedule. But, once work settles down a bit and I will leave on time instead of late every night, this should be doable and it is worth it in the end.

Breakfast today was a pear (that I sliced up into odd pieces) and a Strawberry Banana Chobani yogurt with a side of coffee of course. I am still drinking the awful flavored vanilla stuff and can’t wait till it is gone.

coffee, Chobani, pear

Snack at work was a trail mix bar and an Almond Latte (my new favorite).

I actually stepped away from my desk and ate lunch in the cafe. I brought my own, but didn’t read blogs while I ate and read Bill Bryson’s At Home instead. Love that book so far and am learning all sorts of fun facts (I am a history geek and majored in history in college, so the facts he talks about are intriguing to me). There was even an early food blogger mentioned–well not really, but someone who wrote down what he ate every day in great detail. That made me smile.

Lunch was leftovers from dinner last night, an applesauce, an unpictured tangelo and two oreo mint cookies.

noodles, mushrooms, green pepper, applesauce, oreo mint cookies

After meditation, it was late and Craig offered to make the easy cheesy noodle dinner while I rested on the couch. I covered it in Frank’s Red Hot. Yes, I know today was a heavy carb day. I actually don’t eat pasta a lot and didn’t mind having pasta twice today.

cheesy noodles

Around 7:30, I went to the gym for a quick session. I hate going to the gym that late, but it’s better than not going at all. I read the Bryson book and biked for 22 minutes and then lifted weights and stretched.

Ok, check this out–I hope I win! I still have more products to review from Swanson Health Products, but they’re the type that take a while to test out, so look for those soon (fish oil, skincare, and tea).

vitamins and supplements
Have a blog? Want to win a $100? Check out the Swanson Health Blog.

Good night readers!

Short post

Just a short post from me today because it’s been a busy one. Normally, I can start my post for the day on my lunch break, but I didn’t do that today. I was so busy at work and my mind was racing on my lunch break, so I read blogs instead of starting a post.

Breakfast was Jessica’s gluten free granola in the Almond Cherry flavor with skim milk and coffee.

coffee, Jessica's granola

Snack at work-coffee and a jalapeno cornbread muffin.

jalapeno cornbread muffin, coffee

Lunch looks huge, but wasn’t really. I had a Boca Bruschetta veggie burger on an Arnold’s Thin with a chipolte Laughing Cow cheese. I had some more of the Vegetable Medley with chiles, a Granny Smith applesauce and the raspberry chocolate attune probiotic bar. Ok, maybe that was a lot of food. I tended to overpack this morning and saved half of the veggies and a yogurt I threw in later for my lunch tomorrow.

boca bruschetta, applesauce, veggies, attune bar, laughing cow, arnold's thin

Dinner had to be fast because I worked later, drove home through the still not so greatly plowed streets and then had to eat and get to the Y.

I had the last of the buffalo tofu on a whole wheat tortilla with spinach and a piece of swiss cheese. More buffalo sauce was poured on top, of course.

buffalo tofu wrap

I ran to the Y, secured two spots in yoga class, and met my friend Danielle for yoga with my favorite teacher. She hasn’t taken that many yoga classes before, so she was learning the poses as we went. Whenever I do yoga I think to myself, “I should do this every day.” I wish I had more time in my day so that would be possible, because I also need to incorporate exercises that get my heart rate up and strength train. After class, we walked the track for a while and caught up on our lives.

Now it’s nearly bed time and I apologize for the boring post, but I need to relax some more and then get a good night’s rest. I have a big event at work the next two days, so I need my sleep!