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Runner’s high

I definitely got a runner’s high tonight after running 2 miles on the treadmill and walking 1/2 mile. What a good feeling! I told my husband that running is starting to clear my mind more than meditation. It definitely helps me sort my thoughts about the day out.

Once home, I showered, changed into my jammies and iced using paradice ice packs.

paradice packs

Rewind to this morning…

Breakfast was chobani greek yogurt with almonds and honey. I realize I have been pretty boring with my food lately, but I am trying to eat up what is in our fridge and not waste it!

yogurt, almonds, honey; coffee

Lunch was a ham sandwich, applesauce, a clementine, some pita chips and two girl scout peanut butter sandwich cookies. I realize that sounds like a lot of food! I sort of snacked on the pita chips prior to lunch though. By the looks of this very brown themed lunch, I need to go grocery shopping for some veggies soon.

pita chips, applesauce, clementine, ham sandwich, peanut butter cookies

My afternoon snack was a raisin bran vitatop and a half a cup of decaf coffee. The coffee tasted yummy, especially because it was a dreary day in Milwaukee and coffee comforts me on rainy days. I really liked the raisin bran flavor–so good!

raisin bran vita top; decaf coffee

Dinner was late, when I got back from the gym. I needed something quick but relatively nutritious, so I cooked up my go to meal of late, pierogis and brussell sprouts.

brussell sprouts, pierogi

I cooked up this meal quickly while watching Food Revolution. Jamie always inspires me and makes me laugh, especially when he shows up in a tomato costume.

Jamie Oliver tomato

Rumor on the radio today was that he does eventually get into LA schools and the LAUSD gives in. It’s about frickin time!

Anyone else here this shocking food news today? The NY Times headline read: “Vegan Promoter Uses Photos of Meat and Dairy items and fury follows.” How disappointing for the readers of VegNews.

Hope your Tuesday was fantastic!


Feeling lucky

I guess it has been my lucky week! I just logged onto WordPress to write this post and saw that I had a lot of referrals from Clean Eating Chelsey. Some of them said winner in the link and I clicked over to discover that out of 200 people, I won her blog giveaway for Jessica’s Natural Granola! I am super excited to try it!! I’ll definitely post reviews of all of the yummy flavors I get to taste. Love that Jessica’s is a Midwestern company based out of Michigan!

image source

Yesterday, I went into work late in the afternoon and logged onto my work computer to find one lonely e-mail in my inbox (believe me, this is rare and this occurred because I had checked e-mails from home before going in, so I cleared a bunch out). The subject said that I won a book from a blog giveaway. It is a blog that is specific to my field and the author of the book writes the blog…she’s one of those people that is doing great things in my field, so I am excited to learn more through reading her book!

So, I guess a super busy week that flew by and seemed exhausting at times ended up being really lucky for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

After working the last two evenings in a row and then babysitting on Tuesday, it feels so good to be home, sitting in my sweats and blogging from the couch.

This morning, I woke up pretty tired after about only 7 hours of sleep last night. Breakfast today was cereal and much needed coffee.

coffee and cereal

At work, I had another cup of coffee, half of a granola bar and a delicious brownie that someone brought in for us to munch on during our event.

Since I worked part of the day on Sunday & additional hours during the evening events, I was able to leave work at 12:30 today and that was so nice! I wish I could do that every Friday. ๐Ÿ™‚

I ate lunch at home–a Boca cheeseburger on an Arnold’s Thin with pepper jack cheese, tomato, chipolte mayo and a bit of Frank’s Red Hot.

I also had some Stonyfield Blueberry yogurt with fresh blueberries on the side. I am trying to use up the blueberries before they go bad!

blueberry yogurt with blueberries, boca burger

Dessert was one of the chocolate chip cookies I made earlier this week.

me with chocolate chip cookie

After washing some dishes, throwing in a load of laundry, and a brief nap with the cats piled on top of me, it was off to Kohl’s to use this bad boy:

Kohl's coupon

Alas, I wasn’t lucky finding anything there. It always seems to be that way when I have the 30% off! I was hoping to find some cute shirts to wear on our upcoming trip to Florida. Oh well.

I got some fresh veggies and fruits from the grocery store, headed back home and made white cheese and noodles for dinner.

Ate it with a side of lots of veggies because my body needed them today.

veggies and white cheesy noodles

Oh and I picked up some raspberry Kefir at the store to make my tummy happy.

Kefir raspberry

Time to turn on the Wii and do some EA Active 2. I figured I have neglected it lately and have been to the Y so much in the last two weeks. After that, it’s time to catch up with blogs in my google reader because I am behind on reading them. And finally, since I am a nerd and a homebody on the weekend, I’ll read more of my Stieg Larsson book. It’s getting good! Just a nice chill Friday night here.

Have a wonderful Friday evening and a great weekend.

Paying for eating frozen pizza

So, I paid for what I ate today and yesterday. Frozen pizza is not the best food for a healthy living blogger to eat! Especially one with digestive troubles. I believe I paid for eating frozen pizza for dinner last night and lunch today with cramps in my tummy after lunch and for most of the afternoon at work. Not fun! Proof that I need to be eating whole foods and this blog does help me realize what my trigger foods are.

Meals for 1/4/11 (catching up because I was behind on posts)

Tuesday Breakfast was Kashi Autumn Wheat and coffee.

coffee and Kashi autumn wheat

Lunch was a Morningstar Farms Black Bean Burger on an Arnold’s Thin with provolone cheese and a bit of mayo. I also had baby carrots, applesauce, a clementine and a chocolate chip cookie.

Morningstar black bean burger

morningstar black bean burger, applesauce, clementine, carrots

Dinner was the naughty, greasy frozen pizza.

frozen pizza

With a side salad topped with tofu.

salad with tofu

My father-in-law took away this picture. Doesn’t everyone agree, it’s so 70’s!? I was so happy to see this go so we can start fresh with some pretty pictures above our couch.

lighthouse picture brown

Wednesday’s meals:

Breakfast–the last of the plain non-fat Stonyfield Oikos. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Oikos greek yogurt, almonds, chia seeds, honey and coffee

Snack–a banana and coffee.

coffee and banana at work

Lunch was the frozen pizza again, string cheese and a blueberry Chobani.

string cheese, applesauce, pizza

I didn’t end up going to see Country Strong because of how my stomach was feeling. We also got a dusting of slippery snow, so maybe it was meant to be that I didn’t travel far in the mess we had.

Dinner was the Santa Fe good stuff from gardein. I think I liked the Tuscan meal better.

gardein Santa Fe good stuff

Gardein Santa Fe

You know what I miss most when I feel sick? Going to the gym. I hate having a cold or this tummy trouble. I thought about going, but then I have EA Active to do here too. I may do that yet, even though it is getting late. Maybe yoga on Wii fit?

Wow, this week has flown by! I can’t believe tomorrow is Thursday already!

Wine and dark chocolate=the best medicine

I am finally feeling a little better. The afternoon of rest and relaxation is certainly what I needed.

Craig and I had a nice dinner together and I had spent my evening reading the newspaper (I’m always behind on reading the Sunday newspaper, except for the ads, of course).

I picked up this Dubliner cheese at Aldi and it is really good. I have had it before, but not for a couple of years. The price was probably half of what it costs at other stores.

Dubliner cheese

I had snacked on a few slices of the Dubliner cheese and then decided to include it in my random dinner creation.

I added slices of cheese to toasted Arnold’s Thins and topped one of the slices with Trader Joe’s Bruschetta.

arnold's thin, bruschetta, dubliner cheese, veggies

I also had some broccoli and baby carrots on the side to get more veggies in my diet. I enjoyed another small glass of the Bolthouse Farm Berry Boost smoothie (also available at Aldi’s currently).

Later in the evening, I felt like having some wine. I paired it with some Newman’s Own Organics Dark Chocolate. I only had about three small squares because the flavor hit the spot perfectly and I didn’t have any more cravings for something sweet. Maybe this combination could be the medicine that cures me of feeling sick anymore this week. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Newman's Own Organics Dark Chocolate, red wine

2011 is fast approaching and so many other bloggers are putting their goals or resolutions out there. I would like to come up with some to hold myself accountable. I already have a few in mind and probably will blog them on Friday. If you have any big goals for 2011, please share them to inspire me and other readers!

I like what Paige at Running Around Normal did with her 2011 goals. I especially liked how she reflected on her 2010 goals and whether or not she achieved them–this is the best way to be accountable for your actions if you are going to put your goals out there in the blogosphere. Like Paige did, breaking some of the goals into certain parts of the year always seems to work for me. Then there are other goals or resolutions that you just try to achieve throughout the year. I am excited to write down some goals and work towards an even healthier 2011.

Well, it’s getting late and this girl definitely needs sleep so I can make it into work and have energy for tomorrow.

I heart Fridays

Aaah, Friday, how I love thee. I will also love Wednesday of next week, since it will be a “Friday” before a four day weekend.

We don’t have much on our agenda for the weekend, but I made a fairly big to do list today. I will try to accomplish almost everything!

Breakfast today was Total cereal and coffee. I ate a quick breakfast so I could spend more time making a healthy lunch for Craig and I.

I made us both ham and cheese sandwiches on Arnold’s Thins. Additionally, he had a Yoplait yogurt and I had red grapes, a Stonyfield smoothie and pita chips.

After work, I headed to the YMCA. I logged 32 minutes on the elliptical and lifted some free weights. The machines were so busy tonight that I figured I would rather wait until the weekend when it’s quiet and I don’t have to wait around to do my circuit.

I had a craving for pizza for dinner so we had a frozen one. I made it a little healthier by adding broccoli and red peppers to my half (Craig is grossed out by broccoli, unfortunately). Wow, that was so good! I am going to add both of those veggies every time I eat pizza now!

Of course I had to have dessert. I have been ignoring my pumpkin ice cream all week, so I had a little bowl of that. Maybe I want to save my pumpkin cravings for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of, my mom and dad are hosting turkey day and my mom is not clear about what she wants me to bring. She will make the pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole. My mother-in-law will bring the green bean casserole, which is what I was going to bring. I planned on finding a healthy version ofย  it to make. Now that is no longer an option. I want to bring something healthy–any ideas? I guess I will be searching food blogs this weekend to look for something. That or I can just bring wine! Honestly, holidays sort of frustrate me and it shouldn’t be that way. I don’t find them relaxing and I never even have to host any parties!

I’ll stop venting and cross my fingers someone comments with some healthy recipes to share.

Tomorrow morning, I want to get to the 8:45 yoga class, Starbucks to enjoy the buy one get one free holiday drinks and then Craig wants to buy a new toilet at Home Depot. We want one that is more green and uses less water. All I want from Home Depot is a spice rack to mount on our pantry door! Love the differences between male and female priorities in a household. My co-worker and I were discussing that this morning. I want to decorate and organize, Craig wants to make the house green and improve manly things.

Have a lovely weekend!