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Snow day!

Happy Snow Day for the Midwest and anyone else who got hit by this blizzard!

This morning, I woke up early to watch the news, went back to sleep and made blueberry whole wheat pancakes for breakfast.

blueberry pancakes

I worked on a few projects for about two hours and then called it quits.

My husband was nice enough to bring home a Netbook for me to work on today. I had to do a lot of projects in Word and PowerPoint and I own an iBook, so sometimes it’s just easier to use a PC for work projects.

netbook (working from home)

Mid-morning, we went outside to tackle the huge snow drifts (well and I posed by them).

Drift, Lisa, garage

My favorite drift with all of the layers. Did I just say I had a favorite drift? I guess I enjoyed my snow day!


My car, not buried as badly as people’s cars on the East side of Milwaukee were.

drift and Honda Fit

To tackle the foot plus of snow, Craig was armed with our snowblower.

Craig snowblowing

Me with a shovel to conquer our front door and walkway. Eek!

drifts front of house

Once indoors, I spent about an hour plus chopping veggies for a the Vegetable Medley with Chiles recipe from Terry Walter’s cookbook Clean Start.

It contained parsnips (my first time cooking with them), sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, shallots, garlic, chiles, sea salt and olive oil.

prepping vegetable medley with chiles

Ready to go in the oven!

Clean Start Vegetable Medley with chiles

I paired the veggies with two pierogies.

pierogies, vegetable medley with chiles

pierogies and Vegetable Medley with chiles

Yum, a great winter lunch and the best part is that I have leftover veggies to eat for the next couple of days. I think they would be great paired with pasta and/or quinoa.

Dessert was the last of the Strawberry Newman’s Own Organics licorice and a mint chocolate flavored attune probiotic bar.

Strawberry newman's own organics licorice, attune probiotic bar mint chocolate

After lunch, I worked some more because Craig was peacefully taking a nap.

Then I did dishes, cleaned the house a bit, pulled out some clothes for our trip to Florida and here I am, blogging as the sun is setting on a crazy day after the blizzard. Our street is still not plowed out and if it isn’t tomorrow morning, there is no way we are going to work!

Off to enjoy the rest of my evening. Hope you had a good snow day if your area got hit by the storm.