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I was a slacker and didn’t post yesterday. Is it wrong that instead of blogging last night, I drank a hard cider with dinner, kept drinking and then watched Toy Story 3 with Craig? It was one of those Mondays where drinking was required and so was sitting on the couch. Let’s just say vacation can’t come fast enough!

These were my eats from Monday:
danish, coffee, granola

Lunch’s main dish was Skillet Gnocchi with Chard and White Beans. My mother-in-law made it and other in-laws brought it over for me to try on Super Bowl Sunday. She thought I would like it and she was right. It was so delicious. I have the recipe, so I will have to make it sometime and share the details.

attune bar, applesauce, skillet gnocchi with chard & white beans

I had a major craving for peanut butter last night, so I had a thin with natural pb and reese’s pb chips for dinner.

thin with peanut butter, pb chips

Plus a salad and the start of my cider drinking!

cider and salad

I am happy to report that today required no drinking after work, just a joyful trip to Target. I swear that shopping at Target always puts me in a good mood. The Target on my way home from work is expanding their food section, so I was super excited to see that change.

So, today, I had a strawberry frozen waffle for breakfast.

coffee, strawberry waffle

Before going into a meeting, I snacked on this bar.

strawberrry bar

Lunch was roasted veggies with rice, a side salad with grape tomatoes and feta cheese, and the last of the attune probitoic bars.

lunch 2-8-11

I have had an attune probiotic bar every day for two weeks straight. I am not sure if I noticed a huge difference, but I think I have felt better in my tummy over the last couple of weeks. They have been stressful weeks and sometimes stress makes my stomach go wacky. I liked the flavors of both bars and they were a nice treat to have with my lunch every day. Thank you to attune for sending me the bars to try out!

Dinner was Boboli Whole Wheat pizza crust with mozzarella, spices and grape tomatoes.

pizza and milk

I hit the gym about a half hour after dinner and I swear that I never feel great when I workout after eating dinner. I always feel so slow and full!

I biked for a little over 16 minutes and read Fitness magazine. I rowed for five minutes, lifted leg weights, free arm weights and ran/walked about a mile around the indoor track. I guess I accomplished a lot even though I didn’t feel perfect.

Good news–I think I’ll be able to blog from our trip. I didn’t want to bring around my big iBook, but may get to use a netbook and post when our schedule allows for it! It will be fun to share our Florida adventures with you all!

Night all!


Well, I have been so tired after two days on my feet at work. Sorry for not blogging, but I just felt so tired the last couple of nights.

On Friday, I walked 15,919 steps, which included about 12,000 at work and then 3,000 more when Craig and I went to the mall to get his eyeglasses ordered.


That totaled 6.76 miles and about 600 calories. I also burned some more calories at the gym on the elliptical and lifting weights on Friday night.

Last night was another story. No gym time for me. My body needed to lay on the couch and watch a movie, so that’s what I did. We watched The Girl Who Played with Fire and it was really good. Confusing for Craig because of all of the characters, but I could explain who was who most of the time.

This morning, I had a huge cup of coffee and a bowl of Stonyfield plain yogurt with chia seeds, a banana, and some strawberry jelly.

coffee Jonathan Adler cup, yogurt with banana, chia seeds, strawberry jam

I was feeling really weak and tired today, but I met Angie at the Y to walk around the track, catch up, and head to Body Pump.

Weakness dominated throughout Body Pump too. I haven’t done it in a while and my body is still just needing to recover from two tough days of work and a one day weekend. Thank god we are heading on vacation to warm Florida this week and I only have to work three days.

I was ravenous when I got home from the gym and had this for lunch.

milk, attune, burrito with pinto

And finally, GO PACK GO in the super bowl tonight. I don’t think I have watched the super bowl in about ten years.

go pack go cow

My father-in-law is coming over because we have a huge TV. He’s bringing sandwiches, soda and chips. Time to indulge with my monthly soda. Sometimes it just hits the spot, but I am glad I don’t drink one coca-cola a day like I used to five years ago.

Hope the green and yellow sweatshirt I am wearing is lucky for the Packers!

Short post

Just a short post from me today because it’s been a busy one. Normally, I can start my post for the day on my lunch break, but I didn’t do that today. I was so busy at work and my mind was racing on my lunch break, so I read blogs instead of starting a post.

Breakfast was Jessica’s gluten free granola in the Almond Cherry flavor with skim milk and coffee.

coffee, Jessica's granola

Snack at work-coffee and a jalapeno cornbread muffin.

jalapeno cornbread muffin, coffee

Lunch looks huge, but wasn’t really. I had a Boca Bruschetta veggie burger on an Arnold’s Thin with a chipolte Laughing Cow cheese. I had some more of the Vegetable Medley with chiles, a Granny Smith applesauce and the raspberry chocolate attune probiotic bar. Ok, maybe that was a lot of food. I tended to overpack this morning and saved half of the veggies and a yogurt I threw in later for my lunch tomorrow.

boca bruschetta, applesauce, veggies, attune bar, laughing cow, arnold's thin

Dinner had to be fast because I worked later, drove home through the still not so greatly plowed streets and then had to eat and get to the Y.

I had the last of the buffalo tofu on a whole wheat tortilla with spinach and a piece of swiss cheese. More buffalo sauce was poured on top, of course.

buffalo tofu wrap

I ran to the Y, secured two spots in yoga class, and met my friend Danielle for yoga with my favorite teacher. She hasn’t taken that many yoga classes before, so she was learning the poses as we went. Whenever I do yoga I think to myself, “I should do this every day.” I wish I had more time in my day so that would be possible, because I also need to incorporate exercises that get my heart rate up and strength train. After class, we walked the track for a while and caught up on our lives.

Now it’s nearly bed time and I apologize for the boring post, but I need to relax some more and then get a good night’s rest. I have a big event at work the next two days, so I need my sleep!

Snow day!

Happy Snow Day for the Midwest and anyone else who got hit by this blizzard!

This morning, I woke up early to watch the news, went back to sleep and made blueberry whole wheat pancakes for breakfast.

blueberry pancakes

I worked on a few projects for about two hours and then called it quits.

My husband was nice enough to bring home a Netbook for me to work on today. I had to do a lot of projects in Word and PowerPoint and I own an iBook, so sometimes it’s just easier to use a PC for work projects.

netbook (working from home)

Mid-morning, we went outside to tackle the huge snow drifts (well and I posed by them).

Drift, Lisa, garage

My favorite drift with all of the layers. Did I just say I had a favorite drift? I guess I enjoyed my snow day!


My car, not buried as badly as people’s cars on the East side of Milwaukee were.

drift and Honda Fit

To tackle the foot plus of snow, Craig was armed with our snowblower.

Craig snowblowing

Me with a shovel to conquer our front door and walkway. Eek!

drifts front of house

Once indoors, I spent about an hour plus chopping veggies for a the Vegetable Medley with Chiles recipe from Terry Walter’s cookbook Clean Start.

It contained parsnips (my first time cooking with them), sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, shallots, garlic, chiles, sea salt and olive oil.

prepping vegetable medley with chiles

Ready to go in the oven!

Clean Start Vegetable Medley with chiles

I paired the veggies with two pierogies.

pierogies, vegetable medley with chiles

pierogies and Vegetable Medley with chiles

Yum, a great winter lunch and the best part is that I have leftover veggies to eat for the next couple of days. I think they would be great paired with pasta and/or quinoa.

Dessert was the last of the Strawberry Newman’s Own Organics licorice and a mint chocolate flavored attune probiotic bar.

Strawberry newman's own organics licorice, attune probiotic bar mint chocolate

After lunch, I worked some more because Craig was peacefully taking a nap.

Then I did dishes, cleaned the house a bit, pulled out some clothes for our trip to Florida and here I am, blogging as the sun is setting on a crazy day after the blizzard. Our street is still not plowed out and if it isn’t tomorrow morning, there is no way we are going to work!

Off to enjoy the rest of my evening. Hope you had a good snow day if your area got hit by the storm.

Off tomorrow!

My work already declared that they are closing tomorrow! Do you know what that means? I can sleep in, well except for waking up to feed the cats!

I left work early today and worked from home until 5. Tomorrow, I don’t have to work from home, but I will for a bit of the day. I think I’ll put in 3-4 hours tomorrow and then use the rest of the day to prepare for our upcoming trip! I also just want to use some of that time to read magazines. My magazine stack is huge!

Breakfast today was a mini bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a bowl full of fresh blueberries.

fresh blueberries, mini bagel, strawberry cream cheese, coffee

I was super busy at work, but I took a brief break for some hot chocolate and a jalapeno cornbread muffin.

Lunch was a buffalo tofu wrap with tons of spinach. I overestimated the amount of spinach I would need, but that’s ok, just more nutrients for my body! I also had a Granny Smith applesauce and a Raspberry Dark Chocolate attune bar for dessert.

buffalo tofu wrap, Musselman's granny smith applesauce, attune probiotic bar

Once home, I worked for a while, made some hot chocolate and had two Hermits from Newman’s Own Organics.

Newman's Own Organics Hermits and hot chocolate

Love the back of the package! It cracked me up when I saw it!

Hermits Newman's Own Organics

Is it weird that I was really looking forward to watching Oprah today because it featured Michael Pollan and talked about her staffers going vegan for a week and how they felt as a result? Unfortunately, due to the blizzard news coverage, it got pushed to airing at 12:30 a.m. We don’t have DVR, so I won’t be watching that show except for maybe in a rerun. It really stinks that Oprah doesn’t have videos of her show available online. I guess I can always read the transcripts. Did anyone see it? If you did or plan to watch it on your DVR, can you please fill me in?

This is what our front yard and my poor little Honda Fit looked like this afternoon. This is nothing because we’ll be adding 12-16 inches on top of this already high amount of snow!

car and snow

On his way home from work, Craig called and asked if I could start making some frozen pierogies.

cooking pierogies

Mrs. T's potato and cheddar pierogies

This was our first time buying frozen pierogies. I was the one that pushed buying them. Craig is ancestrally half Polish and I don’t think he ever had a pierogie until tonight. I had had them before, but it’s been a while.


They were yummy, but three pierogies didn’t make a dinner. We are trying to use up food before our trip, so I didn’t have a lot of fresh food to pair with my pierogies.

Instead I made his and hers berry smoothies with Soy protein powder. I added frozen mixed berries, blueberries, almond milk and pineapple.

berry smoothies

While Craig snowblowed, I read the February issue of Woman’s Day.

Woman's Day

One of the quotes from a love story in the magazine sounded very familiar.

quote from Woman's Day

My husband and I knew each other in high school. We had algebra together and he sat behind me. We never dated. Nine years later, I moved back from California and in with my parents, who were now living in a town other than the one I grew up in. While perusing our high school alma mater grads on MySpace, my husband happened to see the name of the town I lived in and he recognized my picture from high school. He had been working in the town my parents now live in for 8 years at that point. Craig had been down the road the whole time and I never knew it. After e-mailing each other daily, we met for ice cream a couple of weeks later and the rest is history. He even proposed at the ice cream place we met at. 🙂

Ok, I am feeling like my writing isn’t so great and I am getting tired. Time to read a few blogs and then disconnect.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a snow day recap!

Outdoor biking bliss (only in my dreams)

Where did the day go? I woke up somewhat early, watched CBS Sunday Morning, read a bit of the paper and ate this cereal for breakfast:

Kellog's Crunchy Nut cereal

I did some research on my husband’s desktop Mac and then was hungry again mid-morning.

I had a mini bagel with strawberry cream cheese.

mini bagel with strawberry cream cheese

After I showered, I was hungry yet again! I craved a green monster, so I blended one up with spinach, frozen pineapple, a fresh banana, Soy protein powder, ice and Silk Almond Milk.

green monster smoothie

I also had an attune raspberry chocolate probiotic bar.

attune probiotic chocolate bar raspberry chocolate

That was kind of my lunch for today. I didn’t feel too hungry around lunch time and started reading my book again. Unfortunately, reading makes me really sleepy lately and I fell asleep on the couch for the second day in a row. I woke up with Karma the cat by my side and we were sleeping in the exact same position. Is it weird that my cat and I end up sleeping the same way?

Anyway, I was sad when I woke up because I had been dreaming I was in Sweden, biking on my Trek bike and enjoying nice warm weather. The Sweden setting in my dream definitely came from reading the Larsson book. Biking outside–well let’s just say that I have been thinking about biking outside a lot and how much I miss it and the nice weather.

Here I am on my bike on Craig’s 30th birthday last summer. I surprised him by asking his boss if he could be off of work, made him breakfast in bed and we went for a beautiful 14 mile bike ride along Lake Michigan.

biking along lake michigan

Aaah, I miss summer.

When I got up, I was in the mood to bake. I used a cornbread muffin mix and added jalapenos to it. We froze a bunch of jalapenos from our garden last summer and they are super hot. My hands are literally burning from cutting up the jalapenos two hours ago!

jalapeno cornbread muffins

I kept the oven on and made buffalo tofu. This was my first time baking tofu in the oven and it turned out pretty good.

buffalo tofu

I added it to a spinach salad with feta cheese, tomatoes and an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.

salad with buffalo tofu

Well, I am feeling lazy this weekend and not sure I will hit the gym today. I definitely will be going there tomorrow. I have the day off because I work this Saturday. I plan on working out, going to see a matinee of The King’s Speech and to shop at the mall.

I am crossing my fingers for the big snowstorm this week! Not that I want the snow, but if we get a foot, I definitely will be working from home or just taking the day off. It could hit the Midwest on Tuesday or Wednesday. I would rather have it come now than on the day we have to leave for Florida.

More Zumba

Oh Friday, how I longed for you all week!

I started out my last day of the work week with a lot of Jessica’s chocolate chip granola. (I over-poured the milk on accident and had to compensate). I also had some cantaloupe because it has to be eaten up before it goes bad.

Jessica's gluten free granola chocolate chip; cantaloupe; coffee

Lunch was a spinach salad with grape tomatoes, Athenos hummus, Athenos feta cheese, cucumber slices and green pepper. I also added a Musselman’s Granny Smith Applesauce and Dannon Activia Dessert yogurt in Vanilla Bean to my lunch bag.

Musselman's Granny Smith applesauce, salad, Dannon Activia Vanilla bean, attune raspberry chocolate bar

My real dessert wasn’t that Dannon yogurt because it’s not very dessert like to me. Instead I tried the Raspberry Dark Chocolate attune bar out. I would say it is equally as tasty as the mint chocolate one.

When I got home from work, I quickly did a load of laundry, some dishes and cleaned in general. I was clearly in a cleaning mood! I like to get as much done as possible before the weekend so I can enjoy it.

I snacked on some Pomegranate Newman’s Own Organics licorice.

Newman's Own Organics licorice pomegranate

Dinner was a Boca cheeseburger with Swiss cheese on an Arnold’s Thin.

Boca cheeseburger, swiss cheese

Zumba tonight with Angie was fun! I can’t believe I did Zumba two days in a row. I feel like an addict. There were a lot of new songs and moves again.

Tomorrow morning, I am getting my hair highlighted, which will eat up half of the day because it’s at a beauty school. It’s half the price of a regular salon and I need to read The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest anyway, so I don’t mind if it takes a little longer than normal.

Anne at fANNEtastic food is hosting a giveaway for a $50 iHerb.com gift certificate: http://bit.ly/dLbFWZ

Hope you’re having a great start to the weekend.:)

Haircut & lunch with mom

I started my Wednesday with a mini bagel and strawberry cream cheese, with a side of cantaloupe.

cantaloupe, mini bagel w/ strawberry cream cheese

Instead of going to work at my usual time, I got my haircut at 8 a.m.

Before leaving the house, Craig took a picture of my “before” hair.

before haircut

Here is my after.



I really liked the new stylist I went to this morning. She gave me more face framing layers, even though she could tell I was scared of getting them back again because I have had very short layers around my face before and they didn’t look good.

In order to get free parking at the Milwaukee Public Market while I got my haircut nearby, I bought this delicious Door County Cherry scone at C. Adams bakery and had my parking ticket validated.

door county cherry scone from C. Adams bakery

Love anything with Door County cherries in it! I snacked on it at work, because the cup of coffee I had while getting my haircut made me a bit shaky. I can’t wait to eat the other half tomorrow.

Lunch was with mom. She came to my workplace and then we walked to Subway for sandwiches.

I had half (and a few bites of the other half) a ham and provolone on 9-grain honey oat.

subway ham and cheese sandwich

I am not a huge fan of black licorice, so I brought my mom the package I received from Newman’s Own Organics. I did try a few bites and it was really good.

Mom was in black licorice heaven.

mom with licorice

black licorce Newman's Own Organics

Mom is a great quilter and sewer, so I asked her to make me a yoga mat strap. She brought it along today and here is the end result.


If you want to make your own, go here.

Since I went into work late, I had to stay late. I had some hot chocolate and an attune probiotic mint chocolate bar to perk me up.

hot chocolate, attune mint chocolate

attune bars

Yum! I really enjoyed the attune bar. I will be trying them for the next two weeks straight, so you’ll see a bar on the blog every day now. I hope it helps my tummy! I wrote attune when I heard about them through Meals and Miles and they sent me a week of raspberry dark chocolate and a week of mint chocolate probiotic bars.

I haven’t revealed this on the blog before–I have Ulcerative Colitis. I need all of the probiotics I can get. Having Irritable Bowel Disease is one of the other reasons I wanted to start this blog. Since eating healthier and exercising more in the last year or so, I have noticed a difference in how I feel with IBD. I am glad I can track what I eat every day and how I feel in general through writing this blog.

Dinner tonight was a falafel sandwich.

falafel sandwich

Dessert was a tofutti mint chip sandwich and some cantaloupe.

cantaloupe and tofutti mint chocolate

American Idol is airing their Milwaukee episode and I have to go watch it now! No sighting of me in the background of any shots yet. Bummer. 😦