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The Food Revolution has begun!

Wow, Twitter was crazy tonight during and after Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I am glad he is getting people to support his cause. Too bad he can’t get the LAUSD to do that so far. Go Jamie! We have you’re back!

It was so sad to see all of that food the kids brought in from their schools. We can do better than nasty food in plastic packaging and sugar loaded flavored milk. Come on America, wake up! What a sad society we are becoming with our food choices and laziness. Maybe we’ll really become the future human society featured in Wall-e someday.



I tweeted that his beef info made me want to become vegetarian. He tweeted in general to everyone that his point wasn’t to do that, but to have people become more educated on the meat they are buying. I agree, but since I was a kid, I really never liked meat and thinking about where it came from. I still am considering becoming a vegetarian since my diet is about 90% vegetarian anyway.

My food choices for the day were:

Breakfast–Post Great Grains Cranberry Almond Crunch with skim milk and coffee with So Delicious coconut milk creamer.

great grains cereal, coffee

It was a busy morning at work, so I woke myself up with a nice walk outside to Starbucks. My tall coffee was free because I handed in a Starbucks coffee bean bag.

I also munched on a whole peanut butter cookie larabar. I always tell myself I will only have half, but then once I start eating, I can’t stop!

starbucks and peanut butter cookie larabar

I wore my pedometer at work today and by lunch time, I had about 6,000 steps in!

Then it was time to sit, have lunch of leftover tofu & asparagus. I coated the plain tofu in the lemony garlic olive oil mixture from the asparagus and it was divine.

chobani strawberry, tofu, asparagus, clementine

I ate the chobani and clementine as a snack at about 3 p.m.

Lunch was actually spent away from my desk instead of reading blogs and a book. I got to attend a lecture at my work and I geeked out with the famous person who was speaking. If I would reveal who it was, my workplace would also be revealed. Let’s just say it was one of the best lectures I have ever attended at my work.

I had to stay somewhat later at work, so after I got home from work, I meditated and then Craig was home. We went for a walk/run right away around the neighborhood.


Today was a training day for me to run for 20-25 minutes. I just ran for part of our walk, but we definitely walked for 20 plus minutes.


running in the park

Dinner was a plain bagel with an egg white, cheddar cheese and Frank’s Red Hot sauce. I also had skim milk and some red grapes on the side.

bagel with egg whites, grapes, skim milk

It’s late and I want to read before bed, so I am off to read some blogs and a book.

Did you watch Food Revolution tonight? If so, what did you think? Did you watch the West Virginia episodes last season?

Sunday brunch

I got up somewhat early today, read the ads in the newspaper, watched CBS Sunday morning and got ready to leave the house to drive forty minutes away for brunch at my friend’s house.

I knew I couldn’t wait to eat brunch after 10 a.m., so I had some coffee and an Athenos greek peach yogurt before leaving.

coffee, athenos peach greek yogurt

At my friend’s house, it was fun to visit with the girls and see two of their babies.

Baby Daniela and her mama Kelly

Kelly and Daniela

Baby Aidan and his mommy Loni

Loni and baby Aidan

Aidan with my friend Jenny

Jenny and Aidan

My brunch plate. I went back for some more french toast and strawberries. Enjoyed it with more coffee and orange juice.

brunch 3-20-11

Us girls visited into the early afternoon, mostly concerned about some very serious matters in the world. I guess being 30 years old and over makes us concerned about such things. We still discussed fitness, beauty and nutrition too (topics dear to my heart of course).

After visiting, I drove to my parents’ house because they live out that way in the country. My mama fixed some of my clothes, so I was picking those up–she hemmed pants and patched holes. I cannot sew for the life of me and she has a nice sewing machine and is a quilter. We visited for a while and on my way home, I realized that my afternoon of talking left me with a very sore throat that is still lingering.

It was a dreary day here and the rain and clouds made me want to go home and curl up on the couch. I sort of did that and read magazines, a book, we finished watching Despicable Me and now I am enjoying Amazing Race.

I didn’t feel like anything sweet for dinner, so I had half of a plain bagel with spinach artichoke cream cheese and then Craig made pierogis, so I just had a plate of two of those. Brunch really left me full for much of the day.

bagel with spinach artichoke cream cheese

Better go watch my show and check blogs during commercial breaks!

Not ready for the week to begin again. I feel like I had a productive and nice weekend though spent visiting with family and friends.

We need a vacation from our vacation

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We are getting to the point in our trip where we need a vacation from our vacation. So much walking around and waiting in lines today wore me out. Who am I kidding, so much walking the last four days has worn me out. I have also been fighting a cold. Up until today, it wasn’t that bad and was concentrated in my throat. Now it’s in my sinuses and making me feel icky at times.

We got back from Universal Studios Islands of Adventure tonight and both crashed on the hotel beds. When we woke up, Craig said that we should take a rest day tomorrow and I instantly agreed. We still want to get to Kennedy Space Center and the main Universal Studios park, but those can wait until our last days here.

On this lovely Valentine’s day, I spent it with my sweetheart at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and other areas of Islands of Adventure.



I’ll have to do a separate post when we get home from our trip and include details on the Wizarding World for those who are interested. Let’s just say that I never read the books and am not that into it, but I totally loved this area of the park and considered it the best. Since writing from the netbook has been sort of a pain (mostly due to Internet Explorer), I’ll keep this post short and share just a few photos. I’ll recap our Sunday adventures in a post from home too.

Food today was a huge breakfast. Cheese omelet, hash browns, strawberry banana yogurt and a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese. I knew I needed the energy for walking around the park in the morning, so I ate more than I usually would for breakfast.


I had an apple while we waited in line for the wand shop.


Lunch was a Shepherd’s Pie with a side salad. It was really yummy.


I also enjoyed a Butterbeer. I loved it. It was foamy and sweet. Almost too sweet, but really tasty and had a butterscotch flavor.



The rest of the day were the usual theme part eats. After the free fall ride and another rough roller coaster, I wanted something to eat. We shared a sour apple frozen drink and a churro. Two hours later, we had pretzels with cheese and mustard.

Then when leaving the park, we had TCBY white chocolate mousse frozen yogurt. That flavor brings me back to getting frozen yogurt as a little girl with my mom. She loves that flavor, so when I told her we had it today, she was jealous! It was Craig’s first time trying it and he was pleasantly surprised at the different flavor.

TCBY white chocolate mousse

No fancy Valentine’s Day dinner for us tonight–we snacked our way through dinner and our lunch was a fun and unique experience.

Be back with more tomorrow from our rest day. It may have to involve another trip back to the Lululemon outlet. Hopefully we can also rest by the pool and just read or nap there.

Sleep success

I successfully got to bed at 9:45 last night. I tried to read my book in bed, but the meowing cats and my energetic husband distracted me. I read about 10 pages and then my eyes got really sleepy. I woke up this morning feeling much better–still tired, but more rested than I normally am. I’ll definitely be aiming for that bedtime from now on.

Breakfast today was Stonyfield blueberry yogurt with fresh blueberries and pom arils on top. I had a half of a plain bagel with Philadelphia spinach and artichoke cream cheese.

blueberry yogurt with blueberries, pom arils; bagel with spinach & artichoke cream cheese; coffee

Mid-morning, I had the opportunity to snack on a free cup of coffee, fruit and a danish. Couldn’t pass that free food up and I was hungry! I also had a few truffles that a co-worker brought in. They just melted in my mouth and were so delicious.

Lunch was a whole wheat tortilla with pinto beans and a slice of pepper jack cheese. I had an applesauce on the side.

whole wheat tortilla with pinto beans and pepper jack cheese; cinnamon applesauce

I left work early to go to the dermatologist. On the way there, I hit a slushy patch of snow going downhill and could not stop at a yellow light. I actually ended up in the middle of the intersection and a dump truck was about to come through from the other direction. Luckily, I was able to back up and compose myself. Once I was at the doc, I was relieved because I had a mole that needed to be checked and it was fine.

When I got out, it looked like a blizzard outside. The roads were really bad. After what had happened before, I drove really slowly and still had some slushy patches give me trouble, but arrived home just fine.

Now, I am at home and resting before I head back out to babysit my nephews. I hope the snow stops and the roads are ok. I hate driving in the snow, especially because my little car isn’t great in it.

Have a good Tuesday evening!

Fitness goals achieved since October 1st

Happy hump day (evening)! The work week is nearly over!

Breakfast was a Christmas themed cup of coffee, TJ’s non-fat plain yogurt, greek non-fat yogurt, almonds, the rest of the Door County Cherry Jam (sad face), honey and chia seeds.

Snack was one of the 100 calorie Craisin packs I got at the walk on Sunday. I love the pomegranate ones compared to these, but in general, they have too much sugar! Oh and I had a cup of Earl Grey to warm me up. I had chills at work this morning!

Lunch was this:

A veggie sandwich on a plain bagel with spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, hummus and a little bit of mayo. I had some grapes for dessert, plus half of the pita chips featured in the photo. For an afternoon snack, I had the gala apple pictured yesterday.

After work, I was still not feeling great but then that cleared up and it was time to hit the gym. I stretched (still a bit sore from Monday, but not too bad), did 17 minutes on the treadmill, some running and mostly walking. Then I did 22 minutes on the elliptical and pushed myself extra hard on that. Next it was lifting weights with the Fitlinxx program tracking me. When I was all done, the Y employee who trained me on the Fitlinxx had left me an e-mail in the system saying that I was keeping up with my fitness goals of 1-3 times of strength training with Fitlinxx per week. Yay! I have been doing about 3-4. He recommended 3 times a week for toning up. I have gained a little weight from strength training, but that is to be expected.

Kind of a boring post today–sorry! Not too much exciting around here on my hump day.