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Feeling Productive

I spontaneously took today off of work. I didn’t have any meetings on my schedule and I got what I needed to get done yesterday. Plus, once I saw that we’d be getting some snow today, I told my boss that I was most likely going to take off. I banked the MLK holiday and would much rather have a Friday off than a Monday!

So, I made my list of what I wanted to get done and also thought about it on my bus ride home.

Here are some scenes from my bus ride.

Milwaukee Art Museum sort of blocked by the street lights.


Pretty church and Allen Bradley. My dad worked at Allen Bradley for 35 years and I’ve been wanting to get a shot like this for a while. The sun was shining perfectly on it last night.


It’s nearly 11:30 and I’ve felt pretty productive on my day off so far.

I woke up, ate this for breakfast. Fage yogurt, wild blueberry preserves, chia seeds and coffee. Then I meditated and got to the gym.


I had a really good workout at Y today. I spent 42 minutes on the elliptical (blame HGTV for a longer workout on the machine than I initially anticipated). I lifted weights, etc. You know, the usual.

I made a protein smoothie when I got home. It included pumpkin ice cream (my husband will be happy about this because I needed to finish it up months ago), whey protein powder, almond milk, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, ginger and chia seeds.

I opened a new container of almond milk and marked it with the opening date because I tend to need a reminder to use it up.




I have some reading to get through today. Magazines that I started and never finished and a book that falls in the same category. Blame the kindle for taking me away from this reading material for a while.


The other exciting thing I did this morning was download the free version of Angry Birds and play it. Yes, I was an Angry Birds virgin before today. I hope I don’t become addicted.


I also downloaded the iTunes U app and some “classes” on nutrition, German language, history, etc. Very excited to learn some new things through this awesome app.


I have so much more I want to get done today: laundry (currently doing), dishes, baking, organizing, calling a laboratory to get an appointment for the celiac sprue test I need, blogging and more! I am sure I will have to put off some of these tasks and try to accomplish them over the weekend.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

One down, two to go

My title refers to the fact that I am done with one work day and only have two more to go for the week! Wahooo! I am already making lots of lists for what I want to get done on my four days off, including updating my blog, writing and scheduling some posts, cleaning, shopping (maybe the outlets, we’ll see), and hitting the gym with my mama on Thursday morning.

Rewind to last night–we made homemade salsa that had cilantro from our garden and the standard ingredients. It didn’t impress Craig, but I liked it and it tasted fresh. Not sure how to change it to make it better next time. Maybe less jalapenos because our mouths were on fire?!

homemade salad, blue corn chips

I watched “Life As We Know It” and it was just ok. Another movie that didn’t really impress me. I guess I am more of a foreign film and documentary fan than anything. Anyone seen good, new movies from either type of genre that they can recommend?

Breakfast this morning was Chobani 2% plain yogurt with Bonne Maman wild blueberry preserves, fresh blueberries and chia seeds. It was my first time trying the 2% plain and I couldn’t really tell much of a difference between that and the non-fat. When I can find the non-fat at Woodman’s again, I’ll get it instead.

coffee,  yogurt, chia seeds, blueberries

I had my “usual” of iced coffee with almond syrup and half & half at work.

iced coffee

Lunch was a big salad filled with mixed greens, feta cheese, grape tomatoes, red onion, and red peppers. I also had a date and a vanilla Activia yogurt.

Vanilla Activia yogurt, salad, dates

After work, I found the book I won from Kitchen Conundrum in my mailbox, which excited me. I paged through it and the recipes looked awesome. Can’t wait to make some of them soon!

Green Market Baking Book

I meditated and then snacked before heading to the gym. I had a bit of Starbucks ice cream. Love coffee ice cream and especially this flavor!

Starbucks Java Chip frappucino

I also snacked on some TJ’s cheese & Jalapeno Jack Sun Chips. I needed something in my belly, but didn’t want to eat too much before going to the gym.

My workout was 22 minutes on the elliptical while watching HGTV, 18 minutes on the bike while reading Glamour, I lifted some weights and I did some ab work on the ball and on the mat.

Dinner was a TJ’s veggie masala burger without a bun and some grapes. You’ve seen it all before, so that went unpictured.

Better be off to read some blogs and then get to bed in about an hour! Tomorrow, I am waking up earlier than normal to go to the 5:30 a.m. Body Pump class with my friend Laurie. She just joined my YMCA and I am excited to be able to go to some classes with her. She’s never done yoga either, so we’ll have to hit up one of those classes soon to show her how great it is!

Free ice cream on date night!

Hooray for four day weeks because tomorrow is already Friday!

Breakfast was the usual.

coffee, yogurt, blueberries

Snack was a decaf coffee and an Apple Crumble Vita Top. Now I am on a Vita Top kick.

Lunch was the leftover quinoa dish I had for dinner last night and red grapes.

red grapes, vita tops apple crumble, quinoa

I had a rough afternoon at work. This may be TMI, but most of my readers are females, so I guess it doesn’t matter. It is that time of the month and my stomach was cramping up. I was not comfortable at my desk! I was wishing I could go home early, but I stuck it out.

When I got home, I warmed up a heating pad right away and it felt so good! I meditated with it on my tummy and back.

Oh and seeing this package in the mail cheered me up. Thanks Lindsay! Can’t wait to try the breakfast cookie.

Living Lindsay giveaway--Erin Baker's Breakfast cookie

Craig had to return some DVDs to the library tonight, so I went with him. I love libraries and never miss an opportunity to visit them. I looked around at cookbooks and nutrition books, but didn’t check anything out since I already have to look through the cookbooks I checked out last week.

Then we decided to have another Thursday date night by eating out at Ferch’s Malt Shoppe in Greendale.

Ferch's Malt Shoppe

I already knew what I was getting, but Craig looked over the menu for a while until deciding upon a Pepper Jack burger.

Craig deciding on dinner

I got the Buffalo Chicken Wrap with french fries. I was craving salty and sweet foods today, so the fries satisfied the salty.

buffalo chicken wrap, fries

And we lucked out because my sweet tooth was satisfied by free ice cream (custard) included with our order! SCORE!

Ferch's coupon

ice cream Ferch's Greendale

I enjoyed chocolate cake batter with brownie bits. Yum!

chocolate cake batter custard Ferch's

Craig had strawberry with m&m’s.

strawberry custard

After our date, I went to the gym to walk on the treadmill and lift weights. I watched a full episode of My First Place on HGTV and that managed to suck me in for a full 30 minutes. I also saw that I made the top 30 women who logged fitlinxx points for May! I was number 23, hooray!

Well, it’s late and almost bedtime, so I am off.

Sunny day, at last

I was so happy to see the sun shining this morning! It really improved my mood. Well, and it helped that it was Friday.

I had a great day at work and it flew by. I started my day with Chobani, preserves, chia seeds, coffee…same old thing that I never get tired of.

yogurt, coffee

Due to the sunny skies and warmer temps, I was able to eat lunch outside today and it felt great. I took my kindle out there and read the newest book that I borrowed from a stranger through booklending.com. I was able to get Water for Elephants! Very excited to read the book and then eventually see the movie. I plowed through a good portion of the book at lunch and it is a great read so far.

lunch 5-20-11

I was able to leave work around 3 because I have to work 10 hour days on Monday and Tuesday of next week. I love being able to leave early on a Friday so I can run home and get the house cleaned before the weekend officially starts. Instead of going to the gym, I burned calories while washing dishes, doing multiple loads of laundry, and picking up around the house in general. I forced myself to go outside to read some more of Water for Elephants. I sat out in our lawn chair while birds were buzzing around my head and I loved every minute of it.

The cats enjoyed sitting together and watching the birds too.

cats at window

cats at window

If the world doesn’t end tomorrow, I will be trying to make it to the gym in the morning for some cardio and yoga, meeting friends at Starbucks for coffee mid-morning, shopping around Brookfield and then heading to my parents’ house after that.

Have a wonderful start to your weekend readers!

Afternoon at the museum

I am behind on posts because I didn’t have time to blog last night–so here is my Thursday recap and then I’ll move onto today’s.

Breakfast was a big bowl of vanilla Dannon yogurt and chobani plain non-fat with a combo of the rest of the Bonne Maman preserves and some Hero (German) preserves. I really do prefer Bonne Maman.

yogurt, preserves, coffee

I tried So Delicious Hazelnut coconut milk creamer for the first time and it was really good!

So Delicious Coconut Milk creamer

Lunch was the rest of my Qdoba vegetarian burrito from dinner last night, a Strawberry Chobani yogurt and a big chocolate chip cookie that I baked on Wednesday night. They turned out really good!

cookie, chobani, burrito

Baking photo from Wednesday night. I really love to bake and need to do it more often.

baking, kitchen aid

After lunch, I went to the art museum to see the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit.

Milwaukee Art Museum ticket

I am cheap and I wanted some exercise, so I parked by Veteran’s park and walked to the museum. It was nice and foggy out along the pond.


I enjoyed seeing the drawings and architectural models in the exhibit. I would love to live in one of his houses! Definitely inspired wanting to take a trip out to Tallesin this summer.


I looked around in the gift shop and liked these pouches.

MAM store items

I think food bloggers would like the one that says “I Eat Art For Breakfast.”

I Eat Art For Breakfast

I went to the permanent collection and ran into some old co-workers, so it was fun to catch up with them for a bit.

Love this Theibaud picture and any by him.

Thiebaud pies MAM

Then I ran home and got to the gym because I knew I wouldn’t have the opportunity to go after dinner. I ran/walked 2.20 miles on the treadmill and lifted weights at a few stations. I pushed myself to run fast on the treadmill and I was sure sweaty by the end of my workout! I think I need to running shoes soon though because the cushion in mine seem to be non-existent now.

Dinner was pizza at my in-laws as we were celebrating my father-in-law’s birthday last night. I had two pieces of pizza, a few breadsticks and a small piece of yummy cheesecake with strawberries on top.

Here is my father-in-law opening his presents. My silly husband wrapped up some candy in a Victoria’s Secret bag just to tease his dad.

A busy day and we didn’t get home until almost 9 last night. Now onto Friday’s post.

Happy April Fools Day!

Anyone else catch the WordPress April Fools joke!? I saw my stats showing a really high graph mark for today and then a post called “April Fools.” Very creative WordPress!

It’s kind of hard to see, but the graph makes it look like I got over 600 hits today.

My husband played an April Fools joke on his co-workers today. He a computer guy, so he sent an e-mail around at work saying the copiers were now voice activated and people should test them out. People really went over and tried to make it work by talking to it. It made for some good laughs around his office. Here is what he posted at the copy machines.

April Fool's joke my husband played at work

Did you play any April Fools pranks on friends or family today? I saw quite a few bloggers playing jokes when I glanced at my Google Reader earlier! My favorite was Caitlin’s.

I started out my day with meditation and then made french toast for Craig and I using the Nature’s Pride bread I received from Foodbuzz. The bread was nice and thick and perfect for french toast! I had strawberries on the side and so did my husband.

french toast with Nature's Pride bread, strawberries

I got to the YMCA early this morning for 10 minutes of biking while reading Health magazine. Look at the article I came across! What perfect timing!

Health magazine 10k article

health magazine

Then I went to yoga class for an hour. It was a teacher I had never tried before and she’s a pretty new yoga instructor, but she did a great job. I like trying new teachers out to see what poses they choose.

Once home, I did some dishes, laundry and general cleaning and then got ready to get out of the house. I had an 11 am snack of plain Chobani with wild blueberry preserves. I knew I would need some protein before shopping and didn’t feel like eating lunch at this point in my day.

coffee, chobani, wild blueberry preserves

I went to Kohl’s first to use a 30% off coupon on presents for Craig’s cousin’s wedding shower in a couple of weeks. I bought her lots of great food network tools that I know I would have loved to receive at my shower!

I tried on a bunch of clothes there, but nothing was great. I still had the itch to go clothes shopping and satisfied it by going to Marshall’s/Homegoods. Again, I tried on a bunch of things but nothing fit right until I got to a purple dress that was only $19.99. I saw that they also had gray in my size, so if the purple fit, I promised myself I would buy both. The dress fit me perfectly and flattered my body type just right. Love when that happens! I bought both and considered two dresses for $40 a great snag!


They are Mercer and Madison brand in case anyone was wondering.

Mercer & Madison dress brand

I also went to Wal-mart for our Turbotax software that we got cheaper through site to store. I picked up some other things there and was tired of shopping after all of that, so I headed home.

I had lunch kind of late, but tried the Boca mushroom veggie burger.

Boca savory mushroom mozzarella veggie burger

It was just ok. Not my favorite. I put it on an Arnold’s Thin with some provolone cheese.

skim milk, boca mushroom veggie burger

The rest of the afternoon, I read my book, a magazine, and took a little nap because I could!

It was a great day off of work! Now I need to go eat dinner–it’s a Gardein tuscan meat-free breast with rice and sauce. Craig’s preparing it and it’s almost done!

Lunch and a workout with a friend

Happy Sunday everyone, even though it’s nearly over. 😦

Breakfast this morning was vanilla yogurt with the Wild Blueberry Bonne Maman preserves.

coffee, yogurt

I met my friend Danielle for lunch at Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe in Menomonee Falls.

Camille's Menomonee Falls

I laughed because she had the exact same sweater on that I did in the morning, that is until I discovered there was a hole in the seam still (my mom fixed it, but it keeps coming apart). Danielle and I used to always match in high school and it wasn’t on purpose.

Danielle at Camille's

I ordered a Paris Bistro Grilled Hot Wrap which consisted of a Honey-wheat tortilla, ham, Brie, green apples, spinach, tomatoes, and honey mustard. It can come with red onions, but I asked for those to be left off because I find that they make me really thirsty and that flavor never leaves my mouth the rest of the day.

Paris Bistro Grilled Hot Wrap, side salad at Camille's

It was really good and reminded me of a Cooking Light recipe I made a couple of months ago, except that didn’t have ham on it, which was a nice addition.

After we let lunch settle for a while and discussed life, we headed to the YMCA in Menomonee Falls. We hopped on the Cybex Arc Trainers together and Danielle announced to me that she was expecting another baby (her daughter will be 2 at the end of July). I was excited for her and had lots of questions, naturally.

We also lifted some free weights, I stretched out my sore right hip, and I did some squats on the bosu.

Since I was in the area, I went to Woodman’s to stock up on Choabni, spinach, orange juice, Nutella, Boca burgers, etc. It was packed in there, so I grabbed $50 worth of food and got out as fast as possible.

Once home, I headed guzzled some chocolate milk, ate some Haribo Frogs and went back out. Craig and I had a few errands to run–me to Victoria’s Secret for some free underwear (score) and the both of us to Half Priced Books to use the 50% off coupon that everyone else in our area wanted to also use. It was busy there! Craig found a book. Too bad because I saw a really nice vegetarian recipes book. I guess I can always get it next time they have a 50% off coupon.

Dinner was a whole wheat tortilla with rice, pinto beans, salsa, Frank’s Red Hot and cheddar jack shredded cheese.

wheat tortilla, rice, salsa, pinto beans

Now I am watching Amazing Race and fancying some of the peppermint tea I bought yesterday.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening.

A yummy breakfast

For breakfast today, I tried the Nature’s Pride Hearty Wheat with flax bread that I received through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program.

Nature's Pride Hearty Wheat with flax

I enjoyed it’s heartiness with Earth Balance spread and Bonne Maman wild blueberry preserves. I purposely ate this light breakfast because I knew that in about an hour from then, I’d be eating a full breakfast. I just needed something to fill me up in the meantime.

coffee, toast with preserves

I went to an off-site work meeting at my boss’s boss’s house. Her house made me want to move to her neck of the woods, which is where I grew up in the first half of my life. The area is so cute and her house was filled with natural light and just felt cozy.

For breakfast at the meeting, I was delighted to find Stonyfield Vanilla yogurt with Udi’s gluten free granola (yum) and fresh strawberries and blueberries. Eating this combination made me want to have it every day, it just hit the spot. Also enjoyed some different types of breads, more fruit and some orange juice. I obviously didn’t want to take a picture of all of these yummy eats, but I am sure you can picture them in your head.

Lunch is also unpictured. I was so hungry by the time I ate that I just scarfed my meal and forgot to take a picture! I got a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and avocado at my work cafe.

I do have a picture of my dessert–Funky Monkey bananamon dried bananas with cinnamon. So good! Makes me want to try to recreate this combo in our dehydrator.

Funky Monkey bananamon

Dinner was herbed tofu with spinach and topped with poppy Newman’s Own salad dressing.

herbed tofu, spinach, poppy dressing

I went to yoga tonight and it felt good. My body feels “off” because of my time of the month. I even felt really feverish in class, but it went away eventually. I just ache all over and wish I had a massage scheduled for this weekend instead of next weekend.

It’s getting late and I want to get some reading time in! Adios! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! WOO HOO!

Morning at the Winter Farmer’s Market

This morning, I got up, relaxed a bit, made oats in a jar and coffee and then got ready to go to my friend Angie’s house.

oats in a jar, coffee

We headed over to the Milwaukee County Winter Farmer’s Market together at State Fair Park.


It was a fun morning spent sampling all sorts of treats: dark chocolate caramel with sea salt, eggplant Parmesan soup (totally delicious), bread with balsamic vinaigrette, cookies, scones, bread, flaxseed crackers, feta/kalamata olive dip, sorghum syrup, granola, enchiladas, & strawberry preserves (tasted the difference between no sugar and sugar, I actually liked no sugar just as much). Well, no wonder I didn’t want to eat lunch later in the day! The samples were all very little of course.

I can’t wait until the spring and summer markets open up, but this was fun to experience. The only thing I purchased was sorghum syrup. I had never had it before or even heard of it. I sampled a bit before purchasing and think it tastes like molasses. I grabbed a free sorghum recipes brochure and will try making something from that, maybe some cookies.

sorghum syrup

sorhum syrup wisconsin

Here is a sign the booth had posted which did influence me to buy it.

glycemic load sorghum syrup vs. others

sorghum display at Winter Farmer's Market

After the market, I got a tour of Angie’s adorable house, we chatted for a bit and then I headed home. I thought Craig and I were going to get Indian buffet for lunch but after last night’s buffet and all of the samples I had at the market, we opted to save it for another weekend.

I was in my “cleaning mood” as Craig calls it and I did more laundry, hand washed lingerie, brought some things into the basement, did dishes, etc. It felt good to clean up around the house!

I finally had something for a late lunch–just plain chobani with the wild blueberry preserves.

chobani plain yogurt with bonne maman preserves

I rested on the couch and like always, conked out in a nap and so did Craig. By the time we woke up, it was 3:30. Aaah, naps are too common for me lately and then I feel so behind in my plans for the day.

I got up, cleaned some more and ate an early dinner.

I had red grapes first.

red grapes

Then I made pasta with mushrooms, kalamata olives, feta and tomatoes–all drizzled with olive oil and topped with a bit of sea salt.

pasta with mushrooms, kalamata olives, tomatoes, feta cheese

Dessert of cadbury mini eggs were calling my name.

Cadbury mini eggs

After meditating, Craig and I went on a walk around the neighborhood for about 20 minutes. I changed into my gym clothes when we got home and headed straight there, because it was getting late at this point in the day.

I just wanted to do a light workout so I lifted a few weights and biked for a half hour while finishing reading a Fitness magazine and watching HGTV’s dream home show.

Once home, I needed some protein so I had a strawberry Chobani yogurt.

strawberry chobani yogurt

Time to log off and watch Despicable Me! Tomorrow, I am headed to brunch with the girls and then to my parent’s house after to visit and drop off/pick up some things.


Sleepy St. Patrick’s Day

It’s a little after 8 p.m. and hard to believe I have been on the couch asleep for the last two hours. Boo. I ate dinner and then just crashed. Unfortunately, so did my husband and we both woke up at 7:45 after sleeping for a while. Anyone else feel so tired this week? My co-workers have all been telling me they’re unusually tired too. Could it be the time change? Weather change? I even got more sleep last night!

So, no gym tonight. Which meant no yoga and now I am sad. Good thing I have trainer Bob’s Yoga Warrior dvd checked out from the library. Maybe I’ll pop him into the dvd player after this quick post.

Breakfast–I officially want greek yogurt for breakfast every morning this week. I had it again with the wild blueberry preserves. It fills me up just perfectly so my tummy isn’t growling at work. Plus, I just haven’t been in the oatmeal mood lately. Again, probably due to the warmer weather.

Chobani plain greek yogurt, wild blueberry preserves, Jonathan Adler Starbucks coffee

Snack time was the “usual” for this week too. I seem to be in a routine with my eats.

yogi tea, Nutrition Action, granola bar

Loved this quote, which reminded me of a story my co-worker told me today.

yogi tea quote

A sweet co-worker of mine who is also interested in nutrition borrows me the Nutrition Action newsletter. She brought me in their healthy foods bonus section along with the newest newsletter. I read through the healthy foods pamphlet on my morning break and they scored various foods, which reminds me of NuVal. Top food items in each category include:

Fruit: Guava
Veggies: Kale (spinach is right behind it)
Beans: Soybeans (pinto is next)
Grains: Quinoa
Leanest meats: Turkey breast

No surprise with these choices, huh?

Speaking of turkey breast, I had some deli turkey meat on a Flat Out wrap for lunch. I added Frank’s Red Hot, spinach, tomatoes and provolone cheese. Yummy!

I also had a Strawberry Banana chobani yogurt and carrot sticks.

turkey, spinach, provolone wrap, chobani strawberry banana yogurt, carrots

I ate my lunch among co-workers at the library story time session. Today’s story was a love story set in China. Good story, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I swore it was the tryptophan in my turkey, but maybe I was just plain tired (as was evidenced from my long nap tonight).

At an afternoon work meeting, I snacked on the red grapes and a toffee bar. I also had some coca-cola to wake me up. I drink soda about once a month, if that, and it’s in situations like the one today where I was sooo tired and it was offered for free so I couldn’t pass it up.

And for dinner, I totally didn’t feel like eating much. I snacked on some tortilla chips and Herdez green salsa. I then had more of the same meal I had for breakfast. My tummy just wants yogurt lately, so much that I realize I had it three times today.

I guess the blog post evidences that I felt kind of “off” today in general.

With that, it’s time to get this post published and get some stuff done around here so the whole night isn’t wasted.

Did you go out and celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day? I never do, but I was surprised at how empty the roads into work were this morning. I guess a lot of people took off to party!