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Feasting for Fido

On Thursday night, Karis, her friend Jen and I went to Feasting for Fido at the Milwaukee Humane Society.



Jen and Karis

Jen and Karis

Karis and I

Karis and I at Feasting for Fido

We paid $50 in advance for our tickets (they were $60 at the door) and they included unlimited wine and water, two tickets for beer and/or soda and all the samples of delicious vegetarian foods and desserts you wanted.

Restaurants that offered samples included: Blue’s Egg, Cafe Manna, Cafe Perrin, Honey Pie Cafe, Juniper 61, Le Reve, Tess, Sven’s European Cafe, Ristorante Bartolotta, Simma’s Bakery, The Fast Foodie, The Green Kitchen, The Rumpus Room, Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar, Umami Moto, Meritage, Mr. B’s and Maxie’s Southern Comfort.

The event took place indoors and outdoors. After trying some Stone’s Throw winery Merlot, we headed inside to check out the eats and the animals.

Feasting for Fido 2012

Le Reve was offering an array of beautiful and appetizing desserts.

Le Reve at Feasting for Fido

I chose this passion fruit one and it was to die for!

Le Reve passion fruit dessert

If I could have chosen two kittens to bring home with me, it would have been these two guys (or girls). I have a thing for gray and white kitties with blue eyes, especially when they look this adorable sleeping.

cute kitties

I am definitely a cat person. The dogs were adorable, but I melt when I see the kittens or even the really fat cat available for adoption.

Outside, we found the eventual winner of best food sample, Meritage. I really enjoyed their watermelon, strawberry and feta salad.


Cafe Manna had some of my favorites available–limonade, a lentil burger and they had bone shaped cookies for humans!

Cafe Manna

We all ended the evening with beers. Karis and I tried the Hinterland Door County Cherry Wheat and it was tasty! Jen had the Glacial Trail IPA.


I’m so grateful to Karis for asking if I wanted to go to this event! I really loved everything about it–giving money to help animals, the vegetarian food and the setup.


Up next is a Feasting for Felix at the Ozaukee campus on August 9th. I think we’ll attend that one next year!


Sadness to Joy

It’s been a crazy week so far and it’s only Wednesday. I am just so happy that I took off of work from Wednesday through Friday and can relax and recharge now.

I went to Trader Joe’s on Sunday and bought some of these mints. I need to move to sugar free and sweetener free mints and gum. It will probably help my digestion problems. Love the taste of these by the way!


On Monday, I had one of those non-stop days of talking and meetings at work. I was exhausted by the end and then I went out to dinner with a co-worker after, so I couldn’t just go home and veg on the couch. It was a great dinner though and one that I found to be very helpful.

My co-worker has a wonderful personal trainer who has really found success in the health and wellness field, and not just as a trainer. So, we met up with her at Cafe Manna (I knew she’d be cool because she loves the restaurant like I do) and we chatted about my options. I didn’t have a revelation by the end, but I do think that I could succeed in the field like she has if I get some education under my belt. I am thinking about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition program and also still possibly getting my personal training certification to understand that aspect of the field. It’s all still very tentative right now. In fact, I am going to watch a webinar on IIN tomorrow morning and that excites me.

Oh and I had leftovers from my Cafe Manna meal, so I thought I would snap a photo. I had a new to me dish called the Mediterranean Couscous salad and it was simply delicious and made me feel so good after. I need to recreate it at home!


Tuesday was an awful day for many reasons. Let’s just say a meeting I went to ended up with me in tears because I was a) PMSing big time b) not in control of my emotions as a result c) simply frustrated with my work situation and really ready to say “you know what, I’ll give my two weeks now.”

So this happened. So did a headache, a nap and trouble falling asleep later that night from the stress. No job is worth this and I need this post to keep reminding me to get out.


Oh and I found a great job at a successful company, applied for it on Monday and found out it is probably already filled. Bummer. I’ll keep trying though!

It was my mom’s 73rd birthday today and I drove out to my parents’ house to surprise her. The surprise worked because she was shocked when I was talking to her on the phone, pretending to be at work and the next thing she knew, I was pulling up in my parents’ driveway.

While my parents were at the gym, I read this magazine at the library. I forget how great the articles in Psychology Today are.


This article sort of helped me realize how I need to move forward in the future.


I really enjoyed spending time at the library and not having to rush while reading and browsing books. Can I retire now?

My mom and dad love Panera, so that’s where we headed for lunch. Mom and I both had the Cuban Chicken panini, which tasted so good and different. It would be easy to recreate at home.


Mom got a free pastry with her Panera card and she shared with my dad and I. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like bear claws just as much as she does.


Back at the house, mom and I baked this cake.


I took a nap on the couch next to the master napper, my father. We both can sleep in the middle of the day and be totally out of it. Pure bliss.


I picked Craig up from work and he got to setting up wi-fi in my parents’ house. Yay!


And then he patiently taught her the iPad, which is what she bought for her birthday.


Of course it was time for cake after that and the triple decadent was divine.



Happy Birthday Mom! So glad I got to spend the day with you and celebrate. Love you lots!


So, my week went from sadness and frustration to joy with today’s celebrations. And now I get to spend the next four days off of work with my husband, who also is on vacation. It will be great, even if it’s just a staycation.

I’ll end my rambling now and hope that you are all having a good week.

Lunch and Costco with mom

I haven’t hopped on my laptop much this week, so that means I’ve been slacking on the blog front! Sorry about that!

It was a busy week at work, so I have been consuming lots of Yogi Green Tea Kombucha, which comes along with some lovely positive messages.


Tried a new Luna bar flavor this week. Loved it!



Mid week, my flat iron broke. The plates no longer heated up. As a result, I was left with some pretty awful hair. I didn’t realize how much I depended on the flat iron to make my hair flat and frizz free.

I did lots of research on ghd and was pretty close to purchasing one. We’ll see as further along in the post, you’ll discover why I might wait.


It was a beautiful sunny Saturday here! Makes me so happy to see the sun (and some cumulus clouds) when I barely see it throughout the week.


I met my mom for lunch at Cafe Manna today. I started with limonade and we munched on the crackers and hummus.


Mom got the Cafe Manna burger (made of lentils). Her only complaint was that it was messy to eat.


I tried something new and got a raw vegetable wrap, which was delicious. Here’s the restaurant’s description of it: A soft dehydrated veggie tortilla filled with crisp fresh vegetables, creamy avocado, nut cheese, pepitas and sunflower seeds. Served with raw dill โ€œpotatoโ€ salad.


After lunch, it was off to Costco with mom. I spent way too much money, but a lot of what I bought will last us a while or they were bigger things, like this Conair curling wand and flat iron.

I originally went to Costco thinking I would buy a curling wand like this if they had it. I had seen it on Janetha’s blog last year and her curls looked so pretty!

I was very excited to see that it also came with a flat iron! I’ll try it out and see if it works well.


Here are pictures of my food purchases. I also picked up some Cetaphil, tan Kenneth Cole pants, tortilla chips, Fage yogurt and Ecos laundry detergent. We tried lots of yummy samples too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love Costco!



Apparently the idea of aging is scary to me because I bought so many products that are high in antioxidants!


On my way home, I drove through a subdivision to check out some new houses. It has a model home that I admire the pictures and floorplans of in the Sunday newspaper. Turns out, my mom likes the houses in this subdivision too and I had no idea until I told her I stopped in there to look around. I wish we could buy a brand new house and move soon. We really could, but I think we’ll stay in our current house a couple more years to save some money.

Isn’t she a beauty? All I want in a new house is a dishwasher, bigger kitchen, walk-in pantry and a garage to put my car into! That’s not asking too much, is it?


This one was pretty too.


I had to try out my new toy when I got home! I think I curled a little close to my roots, but I’ll experiment and figure out what works. I like the curling wand style so far though! It’s so weird not to clamp down, but it’s great because I don’t have those crimped ends to worry about.



Gotta go meditate and then watch part of Midnight in Paris!

Lunch at Cafe Manna, Brookfield

This afternoon, I met Karis for lunch at Cafe Manna in Brookfield. It was her first time eating there and my fifth or sixth.

It’s one of the only 100% vegetarian restaurants in the area and it was the first of its kind in Southeastern Wisconsin. Due to the fact that I can choose anything on the menu and am guaranteed to like the ingredients and flavor, it is one of my favorite restaurants in the Milwaukee area. Karis felt the same way since we both eat a mostly vegetarian diet and don’t love meat.


I had the Tu-No melt which according to their website is “a tasty blend of tempeh, celery, cashews, red pepper and dill. Topped with nut cheese and grilled on rye bread. Served with fresh fruit.” I loved the flavor of the sandwich and the fruit salad on the side was refreshing.

Karis had the Cafe Manna burger, which I recommended to her and she ended up loving it too. We both had limonades, which is what I always drink when I go there because I love the ingredients in it and the flavor. Their description of that is as follows: “A nutritious lemonade-style drink made with fresh limes, kale, swiss chard, pear, agave nectar and purified water. This refreshing drink contains live enzymes and a healthy supply of vitamins and minerals for natural energy.”


I always look forward to returning to Cafe Manna and trying something new or going back to an old favorite, like the Cafe Manna burger. The restaurant never disappoints!

After I left Cafe Manna, I was feeling nostalgic, so I drove through my old hometown of New Berlin and past the house I grew up in for half of my life. I decided since I wasn’t too far away from it, I would stop by Target in the area and see if they still had Chobani on sale and the new flavors in stock. My friend Laurie tipped me off because I haven’t been able to find the new flavors in any other stores. Turns out they had the new flavors, but only Apple Cinnamon in stock, so I got a couple of those to try. I am really itching to try Blood Orange.


I brought home some new books to read courtesy of Karis. She is always nice enough to pass on ones she has recently read and share them with me. Like she said, she’s been in a very French mood lately. I loved Paris and enjoy reminiscing about the trip I took there through books.


I found this free sample in the mail when I got home. I’ll try it tomorrow before the gym and let you know what I think.



As for the rest of the weekend, it’s all relaxing at home from here on out, which is fine with me. I’ll probably start a new book that I just got via the digital library. Craig and I are going to play boggle on the iPad tonight and try to find a movie on Netflix to watch instantly via the Wii.

Hope your weekend has been enjoyable so far!

Dinner at one of my favorite restaurants

I am behind on blog posts so I will recap yesterday.

It snowed overnight, so I shoveled a bit before heading to Body Pump at the YMCA with Angie.

snowy backyard

I had coffee, cheerios and half of a Balance Almond Brownie bar before class.

Balance Almond Brownie bar

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