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Busy Friday afternoon off

Breakfast today started out with more free food, courtesy of work leftovers. I had an orange and a chocolate chip mini bagel topped with butter.

breakfast on 11-12-10-mini bagel, orange, coffee

I had lunch pretty early, around 11 a.m., because I was hungry and because I had to leave work around 12:15, otherwise I would be over on my hours for the two weeks. I had the pb & j sandwich, blueberry chobani and strawberries that I packed for lunch yesterday. I added the strawberries to the yogurt and it was really excellent tasting.


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Fall back

It felt good to “fall back” today. Not only was it bright and sunny when I stepped outside to get the Sunday paper, but by the time I was halfway through my errands and looked at the clock, I couldn’t believe it was only 1:15. The only bummer is that when I left the gym tonight, it was dark and will be from now on.

Breakfast today–I had a quick meal of Kashi Island Vanilla and coffee. I am trying to use up some of our cold cereal.


I drank my coffee out of my “Class of ’98” mug. Boy, I am getting old! I have been out of high school for 12 years.


I lounged around a bit, looking through the newspaper and the ads, then decided to get ready for the day. I had a bunch of errands to run, so I wanted to get them over with.

I braced my ankle (I used ASO’s ankle brace–it was recommended by my physical therapist and works well)…

Aso ankle brace

…and hit the stores. Walgreens for a prescription plus lots of great deals on various things, but mostly baking supplies like 99 cent Libby’s Pumpkin in a can. Then Target to return a gym bag I no longer needed, meds, vitamins, looking around at their lovely clothes, searching for a secret santa gift for my co-worker, etc. Everyone was buying Christmas stuff already! I know I want to get my shopping done ASAP too.

While I ran errands, Craig winterized the house. He cut the grass for the last time, brought our bikes downstairs 😦 and removed other items from outside.

I had an Apple Pie Larabar before heading into Target–it was lunchtime and I needed a little fuel to avoid getting cranky at the store.

Larabar Apple Pie

Larabar Apple Pie

I couldn’t resist the Autumn Mix that was 75% off. They had so many bags. Am I the only person who likes this stuff?

Candy corn

The final store I headed to was Sam’s Club. Turning into the parking lot gave me an icky feeling in my tummy. All I could think of was my crazy trip there on Friday. Luckily, this time I was not filling my car up with food nor spending $660. I bought things for Craig and I instead of for work: two containers of Chobani flavored yogurts, tortilla chips, pita chips, more Gummy Vitamins because they were a bit cheaper than Target’s, strawberries and a big bag of Gala apples. Oh and I sampled a tiny piece of Pumpkin Pie. Yum, I couldn’t resist! Can’t wait to have more at Thanksgiving.

Upon returning home, I eyed up the strawberries and made a little late lunch. I just warmed up some Muenster cheese on an Arnold’s Thin, added hot sauce and a tomato, plus had some strawberries for dessert.

Lunch on 11-7-10

The rest of the afternoon, I rested my foot a bit while reading a book and a magazine. I also headed to the YMCA and lifted a circuit of weights and biked 6.57 miles in 32 minutes. I wore my ankle brace there too and my foot felt fine the whole time.

Dinner was South Indian Pumpkin Soup topped with greek yogurt and sunflower seeds (wish I had pumpkin seeds like the recipe suggests as a topping, but I don’t) and two freshly baked cornbread muffins. I love cornbread! Sadly, I did not make this from scratch, but used an instant mix.

Cornbread muffin and pumpkin soup topped with sunflower seeds and greek yogurt

Amazing Race is supposed to be starting now, but football delayed it. 😦

Time to look up some items I want for Christmas, like prescription goggles for swimming at the gym. I think I need to do some more swimming when my ankles act up like they have been. I am blind without my contacts, so it’s time for some prescription goggles. Anyone have any they would recommend?