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Life this past week

I never got around to blogging last week. It seemed that we had something going on every day after work or I was just utterly exhausted.

Here’s what I was up to from Monday to today.

I got a bunch of veggies from my brother. Check out his huge garden!

Dean in his garden!

Dean's garden

I picked up some stuff for my parents and I picked out some tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers and broccoli.

produce from Dean

I am still researching traveling in Europe and where my mom and I will go, which is exciting.

books on Europe

I’ve also been watching lots of these videos on YouTube and they are helping me remember the German language.

I had vegan pizza for the first time this week. It had tofu on it and obviously, no cheese. I really didn’t mind that the cheese was missing at all.

vegan pizza

We got to the new Orange Leaf near us. I wasn’t too thrilled with the two flavors I got and think I like Orange Leaf’s fruity flavors better than their chocolate/peanut butter ones.

orange leaf

It was my husband’s birthday on Thursday! He woke up to a card I made on Tiny Prints and doughnuts.


various july photos 010

We celebrated with cake later that night.

birthday cake

On Saturday, we hung out at my brother’s new pool.



We took a book from a Little Free Library. Now we have to find one to leave there.


We’ve been watching our cat Tanzi slowly destroy a brown paper bag. It’s been pretty hilarious seeing him fashion new ways of sleeping in the bag throughout the week.

Tanzi and destroyed bag


Today, we went to the Dark Knight Rises because some friends had free passes. It was sure action packed and a very long movie!

And as always, the weekend flew by. It didn’t help that I had to work late on Friday night. I am looking forward to a week in which I only have to work four days. Woo hoo!

This Saturday I…

…played tennis against Craig and lost again! It was another good workout and we happily skipped the gym and traded it for an awesome outdoor workout.

I washed my car by hand when we got home and then I mixed up Fitmixer amino acids in Fruit Punch for the first time!

Fitmixer amino

The taste was delicious and I felt a bit full from the drink.

Fitmixer fruit punch

I also went online and did this today, so now I have a 1500 calorie meal plan to follow if I want to.


I played with Karma for a bit. He was asking for pets all afternoon.

Karma asking for pets

My July Birchbox arrived today! Spoiler alert up next.

Birchbox July

I liked all of the items I received this month. Can’t wait to try out the new goodies.

Birchbox July 2012

I was so excited when I saw that I got headphones in my Birchbox. I needed a new pair to keep in my gym bag and these actually match my iPhone case and the iPod nano I use at the gym. I tried them out already and the sound quality isn’t as good as the headphones that come with Apple products, but I adjusted the equalizer and they do sound a bit better.

Birchbox headphones

I also researched trips to Europe because my mom and I might go next spring. She’s never been to Germany, Austria or Switzerland and my dad and Craig don’t really want to go, so I’ll happily travel with my mom.

I get the travel bug and then start to excitedly research a bit early. We need to decide if we’re going to go on a guided tour or if I will just organize the whole thing, which I have done many times before. It kind of would be nice to sit back and let someone else do the work this time. Plus, we’d get to more destinations with a tour.

Here is my favorite route so far. It even includes a night in Lugano, which would allow me to show my mom where I lived for 6 months!

Europe route

And then I made a Target run for the $1 Chobani before the sale expires tonight and I was pleased to find some new jean shorts that are better than the ones I purchased last weekend.

We’re just staying in tonight. I think I am going to watch Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and just chill out on the couch. Hope your weekend is going well!

Wordless Friday

I’m at work tonight and on a 15 minute break right now. I didn’t have time to write anything with these photos, but this is what my Friday looked like. The day also included getting high speed internet installed at our house, a doctor visit this afternoon and a walk around the neighborhood. Finally got my Vitamin D tested, so that number will be interesting to see when the labs come back.





Have a lovely Friday night!

Ankle sprain

I took a sick day today so I could get to the doctor for an x-ray.

While waiting to get my ankle checked, I sipped on some coffee and read about introverts (which is a subject that has been fascinating me lately, more on that another day).


Turns out my ankle is sprained, luckily. The doc could see my old fracture from 2007 on the x-ray, but didn’t believe that my injury from yesterday was related to that injury at all. He said the bones and ligaments would have healed by now.

While waiting to get a brace, a little (well big in the eyes of a bug hater) visitor came under the door. It was a centipede! I HATE centipedes, even more than spiders. I haven’t even seen one in our house yet, thank god. I hopped up to higher ground and then the radiologist came in and I told her why I looked so terrified. The doctor had a good laugh at my fear, but he understood.

I was fitted with a figure 8 brace.


And given some pain pills before being sent on my way. On Monday, I need to see the physical therapist, even though ankle therapy is something I know by heart by now.

pain pills

I was starving when I got home and made myself a turkey wrap with provolone, spinach, frank’s red hot sauce and sweet peppers. I had some cottage cheese on the side. I’ve been obsessed with cottage cheese lately. I have to buy the 4% milkfat to really love the flavor. Living in Switzerland spoiled me with wonderful cottage cheese and anything besides the 4% milkfat tastes fake to me.

turkey wrap and cottage cheese

All wrapped up. I love wraps and never get sick of them.

turkey wrap

Dessert was blood orange Ciao Bella sorbet. I saw it on Healthy Tipping Point the other day and knew I had to try it. I am also obsessed with anything blood orange lately, thanks to Chobani!

Ciao Bella Blood Orange sorbet

Karma wanted to try some too.

Karma and Ciao Bella Blood Orange Sorbet

I’m going to rest on the couch and maybe read for a bit. Catch you later! Have a great Friday.

Feeling unlucky

This happened today. Bleh. Hate cars. At least I discovered it when I got home from running my errands, not while I was out. I must have run over a nail or something at the grocery store. So, it’s off to the car dealership instead of the gym tonight. They don’t even have a replacement tire for me, so it’ll be a day or two until I get my car back.


Yesterday’s March photo a day was bedside. iHome, hair ties and hand lotion.


And today was a smile. I was smiling before the flat tire and have been pouty and mad ever since. At least Karma is kind of smiling. 🙂


Luckily, I got some more Chobani at the grocery store. Eating this put me in a good mood.


Besides the flat tire, I fell last night and am still hurting as a result. Total dorky Lisa move, but I had finished watching Season 2 of Downton Abbey, got the disc out of the DVD player, turned around to walk it to the kitchen table and ran smack into the vacuum that we had set out in the living room. I fell with the vacuum cleaner and my right side hit the hard bits. I somehow hurt the left side of my foot and it’s still painful. My toes hurt, but I don’t think they are broken because I doubt I could walk at all if they were. It just hurts to walk. I am so clutzy. It sucks.

Not really looking forward to this week either. I was off of work today because I work on Saturday. Have responded to tons of work e-mails off and on today. Mostly from people who haven’t read the material I sent out three weeks ago. Life lesson: if someone has worked hard on organizing something, read what they send you! 🙂 End rant.

Let’s hope this week gets better. I still need to recap my friend’s wedding! That’ll be a positive and pretty post.

Weekend scenes

I can’t believe the weekend is almost over! I need an extra day off of work soon.

Here’s my weekend through less text and more pictures for the sake of time.

Was happy to get a package from White Girl salsa yesterday. I won some last year and it finally came. I was so sad to pick up the box and see stuff was leaking. Even more mad when I sliced my finger on a piece of glass, even though I was very careful opening the box.


This came as a sample in our newspaper. I had it after the gym and thought it was pretty tasty.


After a shower and lunch, I was just as tired as my three boys. I read my book and fell asleep for about five minutes.


Traded in an empty bag of Starbucks beans for a hot cup of coffee. I was one of the few who didn’t get a love cup around Valentine’s day, so I was happy to randomly get one. I tried the blonde roast for the first time and I liked it. I usually like darker blends of coffee, so the taste of the lighter bean was different at first.


Grocery shopped. Just needed a few things to get us through the week.


Shopped at one of my fav local grocery stores, Sendik’s.


Got these for free using a coupon sent to me by the company. Will let you know how they are!


Had to get this salad dressing at the store because I love eating salads, but love them even more when this dressing is on top.


Got my ring cleaned. It’s all shiny and looks new now!


Weekend movies/shows. Can’t get enough of Downton Abbey still.


Read a little. Not as much as I would have liked. My eyes keep getting so tired!


Karma is always on my lap when I am curled up on the couch with a blanket.


If you want to enter to win 12 of the new Chobani flavors, come back tomorrow because I’ll have a giveaway!


Hey! Hope you had a good Saturday and didn’t spend it shopping in the madness that is Christmas shopping. If you want to put me in a bad mood, just put me in a store at this time of year. I wasn’t so patient today at Target. I’d much rather shop on cyber Monday and get cash back with ebates and free samples with purchases.

Just call me Oscar! (I kind of want this shirt).


Breakfast this morning was greek yogurt with cranberry orange relish and some pomegranate arils. Great way to use some Thanksgiving leftovers if I must say so myself!

Oh and since it’s only out for about the next month, I grabbed some Eggnog Latte Coffee Mate creamer. I felt like indulging in a less healthy coffee creamer and it was delicious with my coffee. Who needs Starbucks eggnog lattes when you can use a creamer at home?


Karma is cute so I can never resist including him on the blog.


I’m not very adventurous with my hair. I need to watch more videos from The Small Things Blog and learn how to do my hair properly. Adventurous for me today was putting it half up and it looking ok. I still haven’t mastered my side bangs because of my darn cowlick.


Did you see the santa stocking in the background of the picture above? It was made by my mom and I gave it to Craig our first Christmas together.


Here’s my stocking. 🙂


I’ve been craving avocado like mad lately and finally picked up two at the store last night. It tasted delicious in my tofu, black bean, Frank’s Red Hot, and cheese burrito at lunch.


It hasn’t been the most productive Saturday, but there’s still the evening. I should have some gluehwein and put the tree up tonight. That’ll get me in the spirit of the season and maybe I won’t be buying that Oscar shirt from Target after all.

Lunch at Cafe Vino and a trip to Woodman’s

Hello and happy Saturday!

I started my morning off by reading The Snowman and eating Erin Baker’s Peanut Butter mini breakfast cookie. The book is really good so far. It reminds me of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Kind of eerie that it’s set in Oslo after yesterday’s horrific bombing and shootings there.

Erin Baker's Breakfast Cookie Peanut Butter and The Snowman

The breakfast cookie was tasty. Not too sweet and it was all I wanted to eat this morning with my coffee because I knew I would be having an early lunch with my friend.

peanut butter cookie Erin Baker

I headed to Menomonee Falls to have lunch with my friend Danielle at Cafe Vino. I’ve known Danielle since 8th grade and we were best friends in high school. Now that we are busy adults, we try to get together at least once a month. It was nice to catch up with her!


I was able to pick what I wanted on my sandwich, so I got a spinach tortilla filled with grilled portabella mushrooms, provolone cheese, hummus, avocado, and various veggies.

veggie wrap

YUMMY! I need to make something like this for lunch more often.

We took a walk after lunch and then headed back to her house to visit with her adorable daughter.

cat and girl

I loved up Danielle’s cat because she said that her kitties don’t get as much attention as their daughter does. I wish I could take her cats home with me, but four would be too many. With another child on the way, Danielle and her husband really won’t have time to love their cats. Makes me sad. 😦


On my way home, I stopped by Woodman’s to load up on groceries. I got mostly Chobani (three big containers; $10 worth of individual cups), tofu, fruit, tempeh, fish oil, and some portabella veggie burgers.

I called Craig to ask a question and that’s when I heard the news about Amy Winehouse’s death. I could and couldn’t believe it at the same time. While I was writing this post, Craig told me that his cousin, who is studying in England right now, is living a couple of blocks down from where Amy was found. Strange.

Time to meditate, then watch Love and Other Drugs. Hope it’s a good movie! Looking forward to a low key Saturday night.

My husband is a saint

I was certainly tired this morning, as predicted. Woke up, fed the kitties, and went back to bed for a while. My legs hurt, but I tried something new last night with switching shoe types halfway through the night and I think that helped. In the end, the event I coordinated went very well and these events always have the potential to be stressful if one little thing goes wrong, so I was relieved.

For two hours or so this morning, my husband worked on a house project. Seriously, I know someone might be reading this thinking, that’s no big deal. The guy stood on the couch and figured out how to hang these pictures perfectly, despite d-rings not hung the same on the big picture, etc. We could have ended up with completely crooked pictures that would have bugged me for years, but thanks to his precision, we didn’t. I can’t do these kind of projects, so therefore, he is a saint to me.

Craig measuring

We went from having this depressing photo above the couch.

lighthouse picture brown

To these three pictures from Target.

new pictures from Target

living room scene


Believe it or not, we ran around to all of these hardware stores last weekend, only to find that the pictures already had d-rings and the little zig zag picture hangers on the back (they were covered up with cardboard and we were scared to rip it away for fear that we would destroy something on the back of the picture). Craig finally pulled one back this morning and discovered the picture hangers already there. ARGH! We laughed about it in the end, but the instructions on the picture just weren’t that clear.

Breakfast was a big cup of coffee in my Jonathan Adler Starbucks cup and some Jessica’s granola. Are you sick of seeing it yet? I am not sick of eating it!

Starbucks Jonathan Adler cup, Jessica's gluten free granola

Lunch was iced coffee and about half of this bowl of the quinoa dish. My husband had the other half. He was starving from working so hard all morning. I also had the rest of the Blueberry Stonyfield yogurt with the last of the pom arils. I finished up lots of items from our fridge today.

iced coffee, quinoa dish

After lunch, I snacked on some tangerine and strawberry licorice from Newman’s Own Organics.

Newman's Own Organics licorice

They are very yummy! I haven’t tried the pomegranate and black yet, but will report back when I do. What I like about their products overall is that even candy like licorice doesn’t taste too sweet. I like sweet things, don’t get me wrong, but my palette has changed since eating better.

strawberry licorice-Newman's Own Organics

Newman's Own Organics licorice

Thanks Newman’s Own Organics! 🙂

I just lounged around in the afternoon, did laundry, etc. The usual Saturday, except that I tried to rest my legs as much as possible. I read part of the Sedaris book and wasn’t into it, so I quit it. I’ll put more time into finishing Larsson instead.

Around 3, I finally got out of the house and did some grocery shopping. I meal planned first. I picked out a Vegetable Medley with chiles recipe from Clean Start by Terry Walters.

Clean Start by Terry Walters

It has parsnips in it, which I have never cooked with, so that’s exciting. I might make it for dinner tomorrow.

I also took a look at our pantry to see what to use up and pair with things I would buy at the store. We had two falafel boxes, so I decided to get the ingredients for falfafel sandwiches and make them for dinner tonight.

falafel sandwich

My pita contained about three falafel patties, grape tomatoes, Athenos hummus, a chive and yogurt dill dip that I made from the recipe on the falafel box, & lettuce. Craig didn’t want the hummus and the dip, but that’s the best part in my opinion!

My dessert was one of these. Holy yum! Hadn’t tried this flavor before and it’s delicious. I love these little ice cream sandwiches. Perfect dessert portion to keep me from eating more!

Tofutti cuties mint chocolate chip

I was kind of bummed that I didn’t make it to the gym today. I’ll do a longer workout tomorrow. Maybe I will go when the Packers and Bears are playing because I might be the only person there! 🙂

Hope you all had a great Saturday!

Christmas donation

I mentioned this the other day in a post, but we probably will donate money to a needy non-profit every holiday season and cut back on giving material items to each other.

We donated money to our state humane society to sponsor a random cat. Today, I saw the posting of the cat we donated money to. It is appropriately named “Kitty.” We call our cats the kitties all the time, even though they are 4.5 years old. It was a perfect match for us! She looks kind of scrappy and in need.

Here is Kitty and our donation message.

It felt so good to give to someone else this holiday season.

Do you donate to any organizations during the holidays?