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Lovin’ my rest day

Even though I loved having a runner’s high yesterday, I’m loving my “rest day” from the gym. Sometimes it just feels good to come home, take my time making dinner and rest by reading and plopping my butt on the couch. I won’t lie though–I am really looking forward to yoga tomorrow night. It may mean that I switch my 25 minute run to Friday, but it’s way worth it because my body needs yoga badly this week.

I am so excited that tomorrow is my Friday! This week flew by! 🙂

Breakfast–cereal and coffee. Same old stuff you’ve seen on here for weeks!

cereal and coffee

Lunch was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, lots of carrots, red peppers and a peach chobani. I finally got some veggies in my lunch box and they tasted so good. I couldn’t believe I polished off all of those carrots. I think it was a total of three chopped up? Crazy, huh!

carrots, red peppers, peach chobani, pb&j

I ran to Aldi after work and stocked up on lots of produce so I could make a yummy dinner!

Oh and I got some string cheese, so I had to snack on that when I got home. Seeing string cheese in the fridge tonight made my husband so excited. Our cat Karma also loves it when we open string cheese wrappers. He’s crazy and will run up to smell the wrapper and hope we drop some cheese on the carpet.

string cheese

When I meditated tonight, I had to add five minutes onto my 20 minute routine and breathe before my actual meditation session. 25 minutes twice a day sure adds up, but hopefully it will help me in the long run.

Dinner was a salad with grape tomatoes, sunflower seeds, tofu and a bit of mozzarella shredded cheese.

I marinated half of the tofu in Frank’s red hot sauce and some Penzey’s spices.

tofu marinating

Beautiful and delicious salad!

tofu and salad

Dessert was a Moser Roth english toffee milk chocolate bar from Aldi. Do you like to shop for produce at Aldi? I realize I have to watch what I buy there in terms of packaged foods (hello, high fructose corn syrup), but I love their prices on produce. I didn’t have luck with fruit tonight in terms of quality, but there were some good veggies to choose from.

Going to keep this post short and sweet! Night!


Feeling lucky

I guess it has been my lucky week! I just logged onto WordPress to write this post and saw that I had a lot of referrals from Clean Eating Chelsey. Some of them said winner in the link and I clicked over to discover that out of 200 people, I won her blog giveaway for Jessica’s Natural Granola! I am super excited to try it!! I’ll definitely post reviews of all of the yummy flavors I get to taste. Love that Jessica’s is a Midwestern company based out of Michigan!

image source

Yesterday, I went into work late in the afternoon and logged onto my work computer to find one lonely e-mail in my inbox (believe me, this is rare and this occurred because I had checked e-mails from home before going in, so I cleared a bunch out). The subject said that I won a book from a blog giveaway. It is a blog that is specific to my field and the author of the book writes the blog…she’s one of those people that is doing great things in my field, so I am excited to learn more through reading her book!

So, I guess a super busy week that flew by and seemed exhausting at times ended up being really lucky for me. 🙂

After working the last two evenings in a row and then babysitting on Tuesday, it feels so good to be home, sitting in my sweats and blogging from the couch.

This morning, I woke up pretty tired after about only 7 hours of sleep last night. Breakfast today was cereal and much needed coffee.

coffee and cereal

At work, I had another cup of coffee, half of a granola bar and a delicious brownie that someone brought in for us to munch on during our event.

Since I worked part of the day on Sunday & additional hours during the evening events, I was able to leave work at 12:30 today and that was so nice! I wish I could do that every Friday. 🙂

I ate lunch at home–a Boca cheeseburger on an Arnold’s Thin with pepper jack cheese, tomato, chipolte mayo and a bit of Frank’s Red Hot.

I also had some Stonyfield Blueberry yogurt with fresh blueberries on the side. I am trying to use up the blueberries before they go bad!

blueberry yogurt with blueberries, boca burger

Dessert was one of the chocolate chip cookies I made earlier this week.

me with chocolate chip cookie

After washing some dishes, throwing in a load of laundry, and a brief nap with the cats piled on top of me, it was off to Kohl’s to use this bad boy:

Kohl's coupon

Alas, I wasn’t lucky finding anything there. It always seems to be that way when I have the 30% off! I was hoping to find some cute shirts to wear on our upcoming trip to Florida. Oh well.

I got some fresh veggies and fruits from the grocery store, headed back home and made white cheese and noodles for dinner.

Ate it with a side of lots of veggies because my body needed them today.

veggies and white cheesy noodles

Oh and I picked up some raspberry Kefir at the store to make my tummy happy.

Kefir raspberry

Time to turn on the Wii and do some EA Active 2. I figured I have neglected it lately and have been to the Y so much in the last two weeks. After that, it’s time to catch up with blogs in my google reader because I am behind on reading them. And finally, since I am a nerd and a homebody on the weekend, I’ll read more of my Stieg Larsson book. It’s getting good! Just a nice chill Friday night here.

Have a wonderful Friday evening and a great weekend.

Lisa Pizza

I am turning into a pizza, hence my title of Lisa Pizza, which is also what my brother used to call me (besides mona Lisa). I have had pizza the last three days. Is that weird? At least I have had small quantities. Blame it on the free food, which occurred on Saturday night and tonight.

I also am slightly addicted to plain greek Oikos yogurt with sliced almonds and honey. No variety in my diet lately!

Breakfast today was Banana Nut Cheerios and coffee.

banana nut cheerios and coffee

Snack was almond poppyseed bread and stollen with another coffee. I think winter is causing me to crave carbs.


Lunch was what else, leftover pizza from yesterday. The rest had a very orange theme and I didn’t realize it until I laid out my lunch for my photo: baby carrots, peach Chobani yogurt and clementines.

lunch 12-20-10

I couldn’t resist having this adorable snowman cookie for an afternoon snack. I went to a meeting at work and they had different holiday cookies out, so I grabbed Mr. Snowman.

snowman cookie

I knew I would need a little snack before boot camp class later in the day.

My friend Angie and I tried a new Boot Camp class tonight. We met through Boot Camp class with the recreation department. I think we took about 4 consecutive boot camps together until we called it quits with the rec dept. classes last Monday. Since I belong to the YMCA and she will soon, we tried out the Bodyblast Boot Camp this evening. It was a great class and very similar to what we did in our other boot camp, except that we ran for 10 minutes straight, which I liked a lot. I missed running. I haven’t done it much since I sprained my right ankle this fall. The teacher was nice and also a former Blugold (my alma mater is the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and they have this weird, fake mascot, the Blugold). I’ll definitely go back to the Y boot camp. Too bad the nice teacher is leaving though and there will be a new one. I am sure he’ll be fine.

Post boot camp snack was a banana and NuttZo for protein.

banana and NuttZo

Dinner was dare I say it, pizza. My husband got it free from work. Seriously, this is why I blog because I notice these strange eating habits of mine. When I was a kid, I did this with yogurt and other foods. My parents would always say, “aren’t you sick of that?!” but I would tell them when I got sick of a certain food.


I am not feeling so great tonight. I hope I am not coming down with a cold before the holidays. I keep getting the chills, have a headache and was coughing most of the day. Time to lay down on the couch under a blanket and rest.

Bad day turned good

For various reasons, I didn’t have the best day. 😦 I won’t go into details because after about 4:30 p.m., my bad day turned good.

I was finished eating dinner, sitting with Craig at the table and went on my iPod touch to see who won fANNEtasticfood‘s Stonyfield yogurt giveaway and I saw my name announced as the winner! I thought I was imagining things. I couldn’t believe it and yelled with joy. I cannot wait to get my coupons and try all of those yogurts! Yogurt has been my favorite food since I was about 6. As a kid, I used to beg my parents for it and say “I want yogurt”–I know, I am a weird person. I eat it every day and find it helps my tummy troubles a lot. Thanks Anne and Stonyfield for the awesome giveaway. 🙂 You truly made my day.

Eating a healthy, yummy dinner and going to yoga with Craig also made my evening excellent.

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Peppers for immunity

It was just a pretty normal Wednesday for me today. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday tomorrow!

Breakfast was Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal with skim milk and a coffee.

cereal and coffee

My snack was about 8 almonds and a chai tea, which was from a packet, so it was kind of too sugary for me.

Lunch was basically what I had for dinner last night, minus the tomatoes. That Swiss Rye cheese made the sub taste so good! I also had a Brown Cow Maple Yogurt, which is ultra creamy and dessert like. I know the nutritional label doesn’t display the best stats, such as that it’s higher in calories coming in at 170, but it’s such a nice treat to have a creamy yogurt once in a while.

Last night, I chopped up some green and red peppers and put together a little container of hummus to dip them in. That made grabbing my lunch and getting ready to go this morning so easy! I just had to make my sandwich, which is less complicated than chopping veggies. The peppers really filled me up! While at the gym tonight, I read that red peppers are better for immunity boosting than an orange. They contain more Vitamin C. I feel like I may be getting a cold, so I needed the pepper to help fight off anything that may be coming on in my body.


I left work a little early to go to the eye doc to check on my trial contacts. All clear with the new pair and I ordered a few boxes. Love getting that kind of stuff over with.

Dinner was just an egg sandwich with Swiss Rye cheese on a whole wheat English Muffin. I wasn’t that hungry before hitting the gym. I think lunch filled me up today.

egg sandwich

At the Y, I did about 30 minutes on the elliptical and then 6 minutes on the rowing machine. I also lifted arm weights, but no legs. I figured my legs could still use some rest from the pain they have been through this week. I wanted to stay there longer to do more, but then again my workout ended at 7:30 and that was just too late. I need to get up earlier tomorrow and didn’t want to be lying in bed tonight all wired!

Once home, I followed the advice of my co-worker’s personal trainer. My co-worker and I discuss healthy food and habits. She’s 60 something and in great shape and eats so healthy. Today, she gave me a post-it note with the following post-workout snacks recommended by her trainer.

  • soy nuts & fruit
  • hard-boiled egg whites (3-4)
  • 1/2 cup cottage cheese or yogurt
  • apple wedges with almond butter
  • 2″ square-baked oatmeal (my co-worker is going to give me the recipe for this and I’ll share it with you too)

I had one of her recommended snacks after my workout tonight.

Almond butter and an apple. This was delicious!

I can’t believe it’s already 9:20, I better get off of here and get ready for bed!