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HRA and a haircut

Wow, can’t believe Tuesday is over! Now I just need to get over the hump tomorrow and the week should fly by. 🙂 My day really went fast because I only worked about 5 hours and then had to leave to go to my husband’s workplace.

We had our Health Risk Assessment appointments this afternoon. My stats were really good. Kind of bummed to hear that even though my cholesterol is excellent, because my mom has high cholesterol, I could be predisposed to have it someday. The cute lady that was my nurse today asked, “now how is your diet” and then proceeded to say things like, “what percentage of milk do you drink?” (Skim). She even drew me a little picture of a plate and said that half of my plate should be filled with veggies and they should be two different colored veggies. Has anyone else heard that fact about the colors? I guess I often get two different colors in throughout the day, but not in the same meal.

Breakfast was cheerios and almond milk with a cup of coffee. I kept my breakfast kind of light because I knew I would need to eat again soon.

cheerios, coffee

I had to eat a snack around 9:45 a.m. because I had to fast for four hours today. I could only eat half of the cantaloupe pictured here, the whole wheat bagel thin with strawberry cream cheese, and the yogurt. The clementine and rest of the cantaloupe will be part of my lunch tomorrow.

cantaloupe, clementine, yogurt, bagel with strawberry cream cheese

On my way to my husband’s work, I grabbed our lunch because I knew that by 2:30, we would be starving after a four hour fast! Lunch was a ham and cheese Subway sandwich.

Craig at work eating lunch

subway black forest ham sub

Also a Fanta & a cashew cookie larabar because I was still hungry.

larabar, fanta

After leaving my husband’s work, I went right to get my haircut and a partial foil done. I have to say that my husband is too cute when he said this before I left, “thanks for coming out here, wish we could have lunch like this at least once a week.” It would put me in a really good mood if I could see him in the middle of a work day. Love that I married such a sweet man who I enjoy spending time with and he feels the same way about me.

Pre-haircut/highlight/lowlight (in my opinion, needed a good cut with layers thrown back in and was too blond from the last highlight I had in January).


After (layers bumped up, hair thinned and highlight/lowlights for a more chunky effect–this is more visible on the other side of my head).


Feels good to have light hair again! My hair was never what I considered thick until recently and I really do need to get it cut more often to thin it out.

Dinner was the Greek Gods yogurt with raspberries and wild blueberry preserves. I wasn’t that hungry because we ate lunch so late.

greek yogurt, raspberries, preserves

I was so bummed because I thought Food Revolution would be on tonight and then it wasn’t. Boo. Can’t wait for the new one next week though!

Babysitting blues

I didn’t have the best experience babysitting my nephews last night.

little rascals

Let’s just say they were awfully naughty and one of them even ended up in time out twice. I am glad my brother and sister-in-law got out of the house and were able to go to dinner with friends.

Us in happier times, a.k.a. the beginning of my time babysitting them.

Me with the boys

I lost at Jenga.

playing jenga

We also played Sorry, which I was sorry we did because the 5 year old didn’t want to follow the rules.

I guess my attitude wasn’t helped by the fact that I was very sick with tummy troubles.

I had a banana to eat there. I traded my usual placemat for eating at my nephew’s. 🙂


I also had a Dannon vanilla yogurt and a peanut butter sandwich later on at night when the 5 year old wanted to eat at 9 p.m.

This morning, my stomach still hurt, so breakfast was somewhat simple. Just Honey Nut Cheerios and coffee.

honey nut cheerios, coffee

Then I hit the stores for some food. I went to a very busy Sam’s Club and ended up with some good deals. I picked up Chobani yogurt, Bolthouse Farms Strawberry Banana juice, chicken and beef fajita strips for Craig, feta cheese, Stacy’s pita chips, tortilla chips, strawberries and raspberries.

I was really disappointed because I went to a Pick N’ Save (grocery store) that didn’t carry any organic yogurt. I asked a store person if I was just missing the separate section and she said they didn’t carry any. How weird that most Pick N’ Saves separate organic dairy from the rest anyway. I told her “probably this market, huh” and she agreed. Guess West Allis isn’t an organic market yet! I had some Stonyfield coupons from an Earth Day e-mail I got yesterday and I went to the store all excited to buy some yogurt. Oh well! Guess I won’t be going to that location too often.

Whenever my colitis acts up, I am super hungry for days. I was ready to have lunch right away when I got home, so I made a salad with cucumber, red pepper, tomatoes, & feta cheese. I also had a strawberry Chobani and added fresh strawberries, Bonne Maman wild blueberry preserves, and Kashi Summer Berry granola to it.

chobani; salad

Summer Berry Kashi Granola; Chobani strawberry yogurt

Time to get something done here. Or I should really force myself to read a magazine and relax! I have been going non-stop the past two days. I plan to go to the gym later and then to watch Eat Pray Love tonight.

Have a great Saturday!

Fridays make me happy

Recap of my Friday…

Breakfast was Cheerios and coffee. I dreamt about having bags underneath my eyes and boy did I have them today.

cheerios, coffee

So, I headed over to Starbucks for a little Friday treat of a non-fat grande latte. I had half of a cherry pie larabar as a snack.

Starbucks non-fat latte, cherry pie larabar

Lunch was another wrap-this time with ham instead of turkey so I won’t have heavy eyelids after lunch. I also enjoyed lots of red and green grapes plus it was my first time trying Stonyfield’s cherry flavored Greek yogurt.

ham and cheese wrap, Stonyfield Greek style cherry yogurt, grapes

The verdict? Pretty darn good!

I came home from work early, did some loads of laundry, cleaned a bit, meditated and then headed to the gym. I ate the other half of that larabar before going there so I wouldn’t get too hungry, because I went around dinner time.

I did 20 minutes on the Cybex Arc Trainer, biked 10 minutes and lifted a full circuit of weights. Everytime I do the Cybex, I totally think I could keep going for a full hour. Maybe I’ll try that sometime because the machine always says I would burn about 760 calories in an hour. Sweet!

Dinner was at Cici’s pizza. It was a buffet. Not healthy, but something different (and a mere $4.99 per person) and we didn’t feel like cooking. I am not a big buffet person because I overeat and I did do that. I had some salads to get my greens in and tried various types of pizza and a few breadsticks. Dessert was a brownie and a really yummy dessert pizza thing.

Cici's pizza-salad, pizza, breadsticks

Then we just went to Home Depot, walked around and came home to relax.

Monday blues

How was your Monday? Mine was ok. I was really tired today, but had to power through and get a lot of work done and pay attention in meetings.

Luckily, I am off tomorrow and get to do enjoyable things before the mad rush at work hits. I call this month March madness every year now, but it’s not because I follow basketball or care at all about basketball, but because my work literally gets insanely busy in March.

Breakfast was boring cheerios and a big cup of French roasted Starbucks coffee.

I like dark roasts best and in the March 2011 Natural Health magazine, there was an article talking about how “dark-roasted coffee contains N-methylpyridium (NMP), a chemical generated during roasting that reduces the production of irritating acid in the stomach.” The article goes on to say that “French and espresso roasts contain up to twice as much of this stomach-friendly substance as lighter roasts.” No wonder I like the darker roasts! Since I have such stomach trouble already, I need all the help I can get!

cheerios, coffee

No snack at work due to a busy meeting schedule. Boo, my stomach was hungry too!

Lunch was a ham and pepper jack cheese sandwich, carrot sticks, an Activia peach cobbler dessert yogurt and one chocolate chip cookie (not pictured).

carrots, activia, ham and cheese sandwich

I had a cup of hot cocoa at work for a little afternoon break while I worked on some editing.

Dinner was mac and cheese. I seriously cannot eat it without Frank’s Red Hot sauce. I think I have a problem.

macaroni and cheese

I was so full after dinner so I laid down on the couch and fell asleep. That meant that I skipped the gym. This new schedule with meditation is tough. Basically, I get home from work & meditate at the time I used to go to the gym. Before meditating as of last week, I did well with getting home, changing and heading right to the gym. I guess I just have to remember that I am supposed to do something active after meditation, so I’ll have to get to the gym right away. I’ll definitely have to eat something as a snack before the gym because I always seem to get hungry right around the time I am at there. Like anything new, it just takes some time to figure out the new schedule.

I had a cup of the Dieter’s Tea Cleanse & Trim that I received for free from Swanson Health Products.

It’s getting late, so I’ll wait to do my review on this product until tomorrow or later this week.

tea time

For now, I’ll just say that it tasted great!

Time to go read my book and try not to fall asleep on the couch again!

Be back tomorrow with my recap of my day off. I plan to hit the gym in the morning, maybe even for a class, hang around the house a bit, have lunch here and then go to the mall in the late afternoon. I have to time my shopping right because I have to drive out to this location further away from my house for the guided meditation class we’re going to. Should be interesting to compare the type I have been doing to the guided type.

Getting over the hump

Happy hump day! Only two more days and it’s the weekend. Is it wrong that I am already thinking about the weekend? It kind of stinks that I have to work on Sunday afternoon, but I’ll make the most of my Friday night and Saturday then.

Breakfast–plain old boring Cheerios and coffee. I didn’t feel like anything else.

cheerios, coffee

Snack at work was Nescafe instant coffee that I got free samples of through Thunderfap.com or one of those sites. I also had an Aldi trail mix bar. This bar is a bit sweet for me. I think I better look at the ingredients before buying again too.

nescafe taster's choice

millville trail mix bar

Lunch was a whole wheat tortilla with refried beans, shredded cheddar cheese and of course, Frank’s Red Hot sauce. I also had a strawberry Chobani yogurt and added fresh blueberries to it. Dessert was a toffee Moser Roth chocolate bar from Aldi.

tortilla w/refried beans, strawberry Chobani, blueberries, chocolate

I meditated when I got home from work. Today, I practiced without my husband and I did well. I started out better than I did in the middle with controlling my thoughts. Don’t worry–I won’t talk about my meditation every day. I may just blog about any affects I have noticed from it over time.

Dinner was a banana with some nutella and breakfast taquitos. Blame my husband who buys those and was making them–I couldn’t resist the quick meal tonight.

breakfast taquitos

banana nutella

I was going to go to the gym tonight, but decided I could really use a rest day to relax my body and also do dishes, organize coupons and read my book. I also had planned on (finally) leaving work early and then 3:30 hit and multiple e-mails came in that demanded my immediate attention. I wanted to go to Zumba, but that didn’t happen because getting out of work once again affected my workout schedule. And I wonder why I am counting down the days till the weekend.

When I was organizing my coupons, I realized I really need to find a good (cute) coupon organizer. Using the envelope system isn’t working so well right now. I think I am going to keep searching on Etsy.

So, it’s the part of the evening where Bill Bryson’s book is calling my name. Hope I don’t fall asleep while reading because I feel super tired right now.

hot coccoa and Bill Bryson At Home


Running out of blog titles title

Tonight is a good example of why morning workouts are probably superior to afternoon ones. I got home from work later than I wanted to, made myself dinner, sat on the couch, then laid down on the couch and eventually took a little nap that turned into an hour of sleep. No gym for me tonight, boo. I guess I will save all of my energy for tomorrow morning’s workout and work twice as hard then.

Breakfast today was plain old honey nut cheerios with skim milk and a coffee.

cheerios, coffee

Lunch was the rest of the noodles from last night’s dinner mixed with some fettucine alfredo sauce. I also had a pretty big salad of spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, sunflower seeds, pepperoni slices, feta cheese, and olive oil/balsamic vinegar mixture for a dressing. The apple pictured was a wonderful Pink Lady type that I saved for a 3:30 snack.


Plus, I had a sweet tooth today so I went to the cafe and got a baklava. It was almost too sweet for me and I only ate half.

Oooh, look at all of those yummy, gooey layers. Love baklava!


Dinner was a whole wheat tortilla with refried beans, tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, and Frank’s Red Hot sauce. I normally don’t buy refried beans, but love to eat them on nachos at restaurants. I received the can that I used for tonight’s meal from my mom because she got it free and doesn’t eat refried beans. Now that I had them, I know they’ll end up in my grocery cart more often because I love the flavor they offer in this kind of meal.

tortilla with refried beans, cheese, tomatoes, hot sauce

I picked up a new Bill Bryson book at the library tonight, so that book is calling me. It is called At Home and covers the history of domesticity. Should be an interesting read and I’ll share my thoughts on it as I go. I am a big Bill Bryson fan. I’d have to say my favorite authors are him and David Sedaris.

Time for this tired blogger to go read before bed! Good Night!

From warm to icy

What another nasty day in terms of the weather. Before we left the house, I had to move my car out of the driveway and scrape off all of the many layers of snow and ice. It is not fair to transition from Florida’s warmth to this crap! That is especially true because it was unseasonably warm while we were gone. I swear that always happens when we are on vacation.

Breakfast was coffee, honey nut cheerios and toast.

cheerios, toast, coffee

The burial was nice and had to be quick because it was so cold and snowy out. We’ll have to go back to the grave site and visit Grandma and Craig’s Grandpa when we can see their headstone.

We then went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. For once, there wasn’t much of a budget because the funeral money had been set aside for a meal and the meal we were supposed to have yesterday had to be canceled due to the weather.

So, with not much of a budget, we all indulged a bit. I had a Pomegranate frozen Margarita.

Pomegranate Margarita

My husband had a yummy berry (non-alcoholic) smoothie.

Craig and berry smoothie

My lunch was half of this plate. The rest can be my lunch at work tomorrow.
It was Evelyn’s Favorite Pasta and was penne tossed with Broccoli, Oven-Dried Tomato, Roasted Eggplant, Peppers, Artichoke, Kalamata Olives, Garlic and Pine Nuts. Totally my kind of meal!

Evelyn's Favorite Pasta-The Cheesecake Factory

The eggplant tasted so good. I really need to cook with it more often. I forgot how much I like it.

We all ordered cheesecake slices to go. When we got home, I had a few bites of my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake-Cheesecake Factory

My husband Craig should have ordered his namesake off of the menu, “Craig’s Crazy Carrot Cake Cheesecake,” but doesn’t like carrot cake, so he got Snickers instead.

Craig's Crazy Carrot Cake Cheesecake

Well, time to get back to my work e-mails, of which I worked on for the last hour and then took a little break from to blog. Then I need to scrape off my car some more and get to the gym. A long workout is in order to burn off that big lunch!

Hope your Monday has been swell!

Happy eve before Christmas eve

Hooray, my mini Christmas vacation has begun! I am happy to be leaving this scene for four days straight.

office desk

Breakfast was Banana Nut cheerios and coffee.

coffee and Banana Nut cheerios

I wasn’t feeling great today. I had a headache in the morning and a tummy ache all day. I grabbed a latte and that helped my headache.


For lunch, I got out of the office and had Quizno’s. My stomach hurt all day, so just to be safe, I avoided meat and ordered a veggie sub on wheat. It felt good to take a little walk and not eat at my desk. I didn’t take a picture at Quizno’s because there were a lot of people around. I often think that if I had an iPhone or something, you wouldn’t even be able to tell I was taking a picture of my food. When I whip out a little camera to take a picture of a normal sub, I always think that people will wonder why I am taking a photo of something so mundane!

Dessert was German candy, yum!

Ritter Sport Marzipan

kinder and santa

When I got back home from work, I was tired again and fell asleep on the couch, so I missed dinner and my usual Thursday night yoga class. I wasn’t that hungry anyway. I had a peach Chobani around 8 p.m. and that was all I needed. I finally know why I have been tired all week (girl stuff if that’s not TMI), but I haven’t been this tired with it in a very long time.

We are headed to different family parties over the next three days. Tomorrow afternoon, my in-laws are hosting my mother-in-law’s very large family, then it’s back to their house on Saturday to celebrate with Craig’s paternal grandma who is in her early 90’s, and finally on Sunday, we celebrate with my side of the family. One of my sisters is coming down with her family from Minnesota and my two brothers and their families will be there, as they live in the Milwaukee area.

Enjoy your holiday celebrations everyone!

Lisa Pizza

I am turning into a pizza, hence my title of Lisa Pizza, which is also what my brother used to call me (besides mona Lisa). I have had pizza the last three days. Is that weird? At least I have had small quantities. Blame it on the free food, which occurred on Saturday night and tonight.

I also am slightly addicted to plain greek Oikos yogurt with sliced almonds and honey. No variety in my diet lately!

Breakfast today was Banana Nut Cheerios and coffee.

banana nut cheerios and coffee

Snack was almond poppyseed bread and stollen with another coffee. I think winter is causing me to crave carbs.


Lunch was what else, leftover pizza from yesterday. The rest had a very orange theme and I didn’t realize it until I laid out my lunch for my photo: baby carrots, peach Chobani yogurt and clementines.

lunch 12-20-10

I couldn’t resist having this adorable snowman cookie for an afternoon snack. I went to a meeting at work and they had different holiday cookies out, so I grabbed Mr. Snowman.

snowman cookie

I knew I would need a little snack before boot camp class later in the day.

My friend Angie and I tried a new Boot Camp class tonight. We met through Boot Camp class with the recreation department. I think we took about 4 consecutive boot camps together until we called it quits with the rec dept. classes last Monday. Since I belong to the YMCA and she will soon, we tried out the Bodyblast Boot Camp this evening. It was a great class and very similar to what we did in our other boot camp, except that we ran for 10 minutes straight, which I liked a lot. I missed running. I haven’t done it much since I sprained my right ankle this fall. The teacher was nice and also a former Blugold (my alma mater is the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and they have this weird, fake mascot, the Blugold). I’ll definitely go back to the Y boot camp. Too bad the nice teacher is leaving though and there will be a new one. I am sure he’ll be fine.

Post boot camp snack was a banana and NuttZo for protein.

banana and NuttZo

Dinner was dare I say it, pizza. My husband got it free from work. Seriously, this is why I blog because I notice these strange eating habits of mine. When I was a kid, I did this with yogurt and other foods. My parents would always say, “aren’t you sick of that?!” but I would tell them when I got sick of a certain food.


I am not feeling so great tonight. I hope I am not coming down with a cold before the holidays. I keep getting the chills, have a headache and was coughing most of the day. Time to lay down on the couch under a blanket and rest.

Eating carrots instead of chocolate…

On my lunch break today, I was eating baby carrots like they were chocolate. The crunching noise and feeling somehow helped me relieve my stress. The vet called me back this morning with more bad news. In the last few days, she wasn’t able to find anything medically that relates to Karma’s symptoms. Basically, there is no diagnosis and treatment for his condition. We will put him on steroids in two days, but she doesn’t have much hope that that treatment will do much for him. Of course, I got this news at work and I instantly wanted to run and hide. I called Craig with the bad news and that was equally as difficult as getting it from the doctor on the phone.

Breakfast was Apple Cinnamon cheerios and coffee with Silk Nog added. I am trying to use the stuff up before it expires.

apple cinnamon cheerios and coffee

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