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Life lately

I usually don’t post on Saturday nights, but we are just relaxing at home and I was in the mood to blog. We’ve been enjoying our weekend so far and I hope you have too!

Earlier this week, I shot this photo while walking to the bus stop. I had just finished an interview on the radio (taped, not live, luckily) and I was so relieved to be done and heading into work. The leaves under my fantastic and comfortable Tsubo boots were just too pretty not to capture.

fall leaves and boots

I go through phases where I become obsessed with cottage cheese. This week, I put it on everything and also ate it plain. I really enjoyed it on toast as an after work snack and in my lentil soup.

cottage cheese on bread

Last night, we walked around the mall after enjoying a dinner out. I almost always take stairs vs. the escalator when I can, so I loved how Aurora Healthcare encouraged people to be well and take the mere 30 steps to the top with their “30 steps to a healthier you” slogan.


This morning, we woke up and packed our gym bags for a trip out to Mukwonago. We met my parents at the beautiful new YMCA and enjoyed working out by doing cardio and weights and then hitting the pool. I am not much of a swimmer, but I did love their walking pool, the water slide, chilling in the whirlpool and swimming with the kick board. We had a lot of fun with my parents and I hope it’s something we can do more often.

Mukwonago YMCA

Once we got home, I wanted to chill on the couch and read My Berlin Kitchen. I am only 55 pages in so far, but I like Luisa’s story and recipes. There is a recipe that really sounds delicious and uses quark–it’s called quarkauflauf. I had actually just read about it in Alysha’s article on quark that was featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Entree section on Sunday. I hadn’t read Luisa’s blog, The Wednesday Chef, before picking up this book, but I am following her site now because I like the way she writes and I love Berlin.

My Berlin Kitchen

I think reading about Germany made me crave pretzels. Luckily, I had picked up this Deutsche Kuche pretzel dough at Aldi a couple of weeks ago.

Deutsche Kuche Pretzel

This is the pretzel I was most proud of, although I realized after that the ends didn’t need to extend down so far.

Pretzel in dough shape

The verdict? They turned out pretty good. They didn’t taste like the “bretzeln” we adored in Germany and reminded us more of bread.


Well, I am off to listen to Spotify, drink some wine and keep doing laundry. Night!


Ankle sprain

I took a sick day today so I could get to the doctor for an x-ray.

While waiting to get my ankle checked, I sipped on some coffee and read about introverts (which is a subject that has been fascinating me lately, more on that another day).


Turns out my ankle is sprained, luckily. The doc could see my old fracture from 2007 on the x-ray, but didn’t believe that my injury from yesterday was related to that injury at all. He said the bones and ligaments would have healed by now.

While waiting to get a brace, a little (well big in the eyes of a bug hater) visitor came under the door. It was a centipede! I HATE centipedes, even more than spiders. I haven’t even seen one in our house yet, thank god. I hopped up to higher ground and then the radiologist came in and I told her why I looked so terrified. The doctor had a good laugh at my fear, but he understood.

I was fitted with a figure 8 brace.


And given some pain pills before being sent on my way. On Monday, I need to see the physical therapist, even though ankle therapy is something I know by heart by now.

pain pills

I was starving when I got home and made myself a turkey wrap with provolone, spinach, frank’s red hot sauce and sweet peppers. I had some cottage cheese on the side. I’ve been obsessed with cottage cheese lately. I have to buy the 4% milkfat to really love the flavor. Living in Switzerland spoiled me with wonderful cottage cheese and anything besides the 4% milkfat tastes fake to me.

turkey wrap and cottage cheese

All wrapped up. I love wraps and never get sick of them.

turkey wrap

Dessert was blood orange Ciao Bella sorbet. I saw it on Healthy Tipping Point the other day and knew I had to try it. I am also obsessed with anything blood orange lately, thanks to Chobani!

Ciao Bella Blood Orange sorbet

Karma wanted to try some too.

Karma and Ciao Bella Blood Orange Sorbet

I’m going to rest on the couch and maybe read for a bit. Catch you later! Have a great Friday.

Friday Favorites

I’ve seen other bloggers do the Friday Favorites thing, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon.

1. My new Speck candyshell iPhone 4S case. Since I love teal, I picked out the Pirate’s Cove Teal color. I did like the white too since I have a white phone, but that one was temporarily out of stock. I will do a review on the product once I have used it a little while longer.

I found a coupon for 15% off the product (I always search the company name and coupon on google and come up with something most of the time). And, I ordered the case on Tuesday and it arrived this morning. Great customer service–another favorite!

speck iPhone 4S candyshell case


2. QR codes/tags in magazines for entering contests. I like entering contests and sometimes I even win them from magazines (I have had the most luck with Lucky magazine).


I’ve been wanting to try them out for a while and now that I have a smart phone, I can. I used the Women’s Day magazine tag codes and the microsoft tag app that was recommended.

3. The stair stepper and rowing machines at the gym. Love how fun rowing feels and how I get a total body workout. Like that the stair stepper works my butt and leg muscles hard and I burn a lot of calories in a short period of time.



4. Taking the bus. I’ve only been doing it for a couple of weeks, but I like how relaxing my commute is now and how I’ve been able to read a lot on my Kindle and magazines during my ride.


Spring 2011 magazine pictured because someone gave me a bunch to read and I am that far behind on them but the bus is helping me get rid of them!


5. This Coconut Creme Pie Larabar. I hadn’t tried this flavor before and I loved it. I am a big coconut fan and I know a lot of people either love it or hate it.


6. A free trial of lollihop. I’ll do a review of the products and the company in a later post. Just got the package this morning and love the concept and the products they include!



7. The movie “The Artist.” Haven’t seen it yet, but I like the concept of releasing a silent movie in 2011. I think we all could use some silence for two hours and let the facial expressions and actions do all the talking.

8. Cottage cheese. Craig suggested we buy some to eat as protein after the gym and I picked up a container today. Rediscovering that I like it is a good thing. I prefer the flavor of the higher milkfat one like this simply Kraft one. I won’t eat it if I buy the lower milkfat. I got accustomed to the higher milkfat flavor while living in Switzerland.


Have a wonderful Friday! I’m off to work in a bit and have to be there until midnight. Definitely not a favorite. I’d much rather be home or going out to eat with Craig on a Friday evening.