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Laborous computer data

Hope your Labor day was great! Ours was nothing special, but it was mostly relaxing.

I just can’t believe that on Thursday evening we were sitting outside in 90 degree temps with major humidity and now it’s only in the mid 60’s as a high. Where did summer go?

I also can’t believe that my mini vacation is over, but I am sort of ready to go back to work and to a routine.

Before heading to the gym this morning, I had the Chocolate flavor of the Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer. This was not my favorite flavor and I kind of expected it to be because I love chocolate anything. I definitely like the Vanilla Chai flavor better!

Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer

Vega chocolate Whole  Food Health Optimizer

I have to say that this did fill me up though! I’ll admit that I missed eating something though and am not sure I am someone who likes drinking things for breakfast instead of eating cereal or oatmeal.

I had to get the gym early because it was closing at 1 today, so I relaxed and then was off! It was packed, but I hopped on the rowing machine, cranked out a good interval workout on the Cybex Arc trainer and lifted machine and free weights.

After the gym, I was on a mission to write a travel recap that I entered in a contest today. The voting for it starts tomorrow and since my full name is on the entry, I’ll probably keep it private, but if you are on my friend on my regular Facebook page, please vote for me! 🙂

It felt good to get that done and now I have one more entry to accomplish this week too. Hate that it’s still hanging over my head, but I did start working on it yesterday.

Lunch was just a black bean Morningstar veggie burger and then I got a craving for something sweet. Once I saw these grilled bananas on a blog, I decided I would use up our ripening bananas and make them!

website for grilled banana

making grilled bananas

I used some of the Tropical Traditions coconut oil to make them.

making grilled bananas

I didn’t grill them though, just cooked them on the stove. Craig thought I was making bratwursts.

grilling bananas

Mmm…these were a great way to use up brown bananas! Craig liked them too!

grilled banana and strawberries

I read my book for a bit and relaxed some more before I began what my title refers to: I labored over cleaning up some of my old computer contents, deciding what to keep from my external hard drive, then Craig wiped off my old hard drive, and now I have a big file of old photos and documents on my new computer to go through. Not a fun task! If your computer is not organized or properly backed up, this is a lesson for you. Get it organized ASAP. Luckily my husband is very computer savvy and helpful, but it was stressful getting old stuff put onto my new computer and realizing that if I didn’t clean it up, that is just more stuff taking up room on my nice laptop. The good thing is that I can now use time machine and my new computer will automatically backup anything new onto my external hard drive.

Once I was sick of working on that project, it was time for some well earned dinner!

I was on a mission to use this KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce that the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program sent me to use over the holiday weekend.

KC Masterpiece Southern Style barbecue sauce

I baked the tofu in the stove.

tofu with barbecue sauce

I also baked kale chips with olive oil, nutritional yeast, and I coated a few with some Northwoods Penzey’s spices. These turned out perfect! Much better than the last time I made kale chips.

kale chips with nutritional yeast, olive oil and Penzey's spices

Loved this meal and can’t wait to have some of it for lunch tomorrow at work. I really enjoyed the flavor of this barbecue sauce and I appreciate the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program sending it to me.

tofu with barbecue sauce, kale chips, pumpkin beer, tomatoes

Back to the grind tomorrow. Just happy it’s a four day week!

A lonely but productive Sunday

I tried lots of new products today, but have no time tonight to write separate reviews on all of them, so those posts will have to come at a later date.

I tried Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest for breakfast this morning!

Hemp Hearts Manitoba Harvest

Nutritional stats hemp seeds Manitoba Harvest

Thanks to Manitoba Harvest for sending me some to try out. 🙂

They smell nutty in the packaging, but didn’t taste that way at all. I’ll keep adding these to foods this week and do a full review later.

I put some hemp hearts on top of the fluffy pancakes I made for Craig and I this morning! Not sure why, but the pancakes turned out really good. I did add some soy protein powder and had never done that before.

IMG_5659 pancakes

Craig left the house to go to his sister’s and finish setting up the alarm system. That left me to take care of the garbage, water the garden, clean up in general, and finally get ready for the gym.

I have to get to the gym early on Sunday mornings, otherwise I’ll never want to go the rest of the day, especially when it’s beautiful out like it was today.

I went on the Cybex Arc trainer for 15 minutes, biked for another 15, and lifted a full circuit of weights. I also did some ab work and then got really hungry, so I knew I would have to head home.

I made a strawberry banana protein smoothie using Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder when I got home.

Tropical Traditions coconut oil, chobani, Sunwarrior Protein Raw Vegan Vanilla

It was my first time trying it and I really liked the flavor/texture. It wasn’t as chalky tasting as my soy protein powder.

protein smoothie

I also added coconut oil to my smoothie for the first time. I had seen that idea on Voracious and wanted to try it out for myself! It added a nice flavor as well.

I didn’t feel like having a proper lunch after filling up on the smoothie. I did feel like a nap though, so I laid down on the couch with Karma for a half hour.

I finally told myself to get up and be productive. I turned on Craig’s computer and got to work on finishing the Kodak photo book! I decided that creating the book was a lot like blogging. It took being picky about the layout, captions, and selecting certain pictures to tell our honeymoon story best. I ordered the book tonight and I can’t wait to get it!

I ate lunch at last and had sesame tempeh in a whole wheat tortilla with red onions, spinach, tomatoes, and some shredded cheese. I topped it with some Sesame Goddess dressing from Whole Foods.

tempeh in whole wheat tortilla wrap

My loneliness ended when Craig finally got home in the late afternoon! Yes, I am pathetic and I miss my husband’s company when he’s gone on a weekend day.

For dinner, Craig cooked us another item I will review in better detail later: Birds Eye’s Voila! Three Cheese Chicken dinner.

cooking Birds Eye meal

three cheese chicken Birds Eye meal

Birds Eye Voila! Three Cheese Chicken

It was tasty! Craig picked out most of the veggies and had only the chicken and noodles. I liked all of the ingredients.

Time to go for a Sunday night walk with my husband. Tomorrow is our 2nd wedding anniversary!

Happy Anniversary two birds

Bloggers are taking over the bookstore!

I’m off to my in-laws’ house today for a family party, so I thought I would recap Saturday before the busy day begins. I still have to get in my workout, shower, and then we need to be at my in-laws’ house by about 12.

For lunch yesterday, I had a 6 inch Subway ham and cheese sandwich and a Godiva Iced Vanilla Bean coffee. I received the Godiva coffee from the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program and I’ll do another separate post on the coffee soon.


We headed out of the house to get Craig’s free birthday drink at Starbucks. Since he doesn’t like coffee, we got a Venti Strawberries N’ Creme.

Starbucks Strawberries N' Creme Frappucino

Craig and Strawberries N' Creme frapp

Weird look on my face captured by Craig. I was sporting the cute starfish necklace I had received in the mail yesterday from a giveaway I won over at Stop and Smell the Wildflowers. Thanks again Amber! Love the necklace! 🙂

me with strawberries n' creme frappucino

Next, we were off to Barnes and Noble to look around.

That is when I decided that bloggers are taking over the bookstore! Yay!

peas and thank you on Barnes and Noble table

peas and thank you book

Carrots N' Cake by Haupert at Barnes and Noble

While at Bed Bath and Beyond, I was beginning to think that we’d never find a toaster that had good reviews or wasn’t cheaply made.

This one seemed cheap.

toaster cuisnart

I liked the look and durability of this one, but Craig scanned in the barcode on his phone and found it didn’t have great reviews on Amazon.


Anything is better than the toaster we currently have which turns itself on! I hate having to remember to unplug it every time we use it. If only we had enough counter space for the toaster oven we own.

Enough ranting about toasters. We didn’t buy one and may just have to go with the Kitchen Aid one that is rated best on Amazon.

After a short nap on the couch, I got to the gym for a pretty good workout. I biked while reading Self magazine, pushed myself on the Cybex Arc Trainer, lifted weights, did abs with the ball, and tortured myself with various planks.

The rest of the night, I just relaxed, made a very late and random dinner, then did dishes and put laundry away since I knew I wouldn’t have much time for it today.

Dinner was a poached egg, provolone cheese, mushrooms, jalapenos, Frank’s Red Hot sauce, tomatoes, and I put Nutritional Yeast on top of the egg and tomatoes. I really couldn’t taste the yeast.

poached egg, mushrooms, tomatoes, nutritional yeast, jalapenos, cheese

Dessert was nice and healthy–strawberries from our garden & blueberries, topped with some raw sugar.

berries and raw sugar

I’ll be back tonight with a post about weird things and strangely named things families eat. One of the things we are having at the party today is not weird, but has a strange name that I had never heard of until I met my husband. Hearing the name cracks me up every time! Does your family eat anything particularly odd at parties or call certain recipes weird names?

Gym time with mom

(I was trying to post this last night, but had some issues with Flickr and I figured it wasn’t meant to be. So here is my post from yesterday).

Day 1 of my 4 days off was a nice one. I love the ability to take off of work in the summer vs. the winter. A lot of my co-workers take off in winter and I think they’re nuts! I’d much rather be home with the windows open and have the ability to be outside when I want to.

I cleaned around the house and then around 9:45, my mom came over. We headed to the YMCA together and she signed up for a free membership. She’s in a really nice program called Silver Sneakers through Humana insurance that allows senior citizens to get free memberships at certain gyms. The program also offers a class at their main gym and the Y. Once she was all signed up, we hit the gym.

We started with stretching, which my mom didn’t want to do. I told her how important it was and I showed her how to do downward dog and the other various yoga and non-yoga stretching moves I do before and after a workout.

We lifted some weights, walked on the treadmill, used the Freemotion weights, and concluded with the Cybex Arc Trainer, which made both of us sweaty! It was fun to spend time with my mom at the gym and I wish she lived closer so we could do it more often.

Next, we went to Sam’s Club so I could load up on the things I like to get from there. I picked up more chobani, tortilla chips, pita chips, string cheese, french baguettes, Food Should Taste Good cheddar chips, raspberries, strawberries, deli meat, & Bolthouse Farms Strawberry Banana smoothies. I never look at clothes at Sam’s, but my mom encouraged me to look down those aisles with her. I picked up some socks and a really nice pair of yoga/workout pants from Green Tea brand. They fit great and are “supersoft” as the tag claims they are! Felt like pajama pants instead of workout pants.

I suggested that we have lunch at my house instead of at a restaurant and we could use the baguette and deli meat to make turkey sandwiches, so that’s what we did. Much healthier than eating out!


Mom’s “I don’t want my picture taken” look.


Smiley mom.


And to conclude our day together, we checked out what was still left at the World Market that is closing soon in Greendale. Not much was left and the percentages off items hadn’t increased since I was last there. Boo.

When mom left and I was feeling a bit hungry again, I had one of these delicious bars.


After I took a shower, I headed to my favorite mall, Mayfair. I had a coupon for a free item at Aveda I wanted to use up before it expired. Banana Republic was supposed to have a good sale. But, I quickly found out that the Gap was where it was at for the sale. Their sale priced items, which was most of the store, were all an extra 50% off. I found a pretty red t-shirt that is dressier because it has a silk trim around the collar and I got a black short sleeve sweater. Both items only came to around $20. Awesome!

I wasn’t too hungry for dinner and Craig wanted more homemade salsa. So, this is what I ate. The bread’s purpose was to dull the jalapeno spicy flavor and it worked.


My first in four days off flew by pretty quickly. I hate when that happens!

Oh Goody!

oh goody! amazon

…the Kindle arrived today! I now have my own Kindle and we are a two Kindle household. I have always been a big reader since I was about 6 and I think having an e-reader will even encourage me to read more. I got the 3G version so I will have internet anywhere (basically, where cell service comes in). If we travel to Europe again soon (yes, please), I can use the Kindle in most countries there. I should do a proper review on the Kindle soon for anyone who is more curious about it.

Lisa and Kindle 3G

Kindle 3G

I worked this morning until about 12:30 and then it was off to Trader Joe’s. I spent almost $100 there, but I bought double of a lot of things that we love. I always tell myself this, but I need to shop there more often. I just have to time my trips right because coming home from there on a work day, I would hit major freeway traffic.

When I checked out, the cashier said to me, “this looks like a vegetarian’s cart.” I replied, “yeah, we are about 90% vegetarian in our household.” He shared some of his favorite vegetarian finds from TJ’s, including soy chorizo, which sounds delicious. I’ll have to pick that up next time. Aren’t the cashiers at Trader Joe’s just so friendly and helpful?

After watching Food, Inc. for the second time tonight, I feel like becoming a vegetarian and not eating 10% meat in my diet. I seriously cry every time I see the baby chicks and then the chickens. I can’t even write about it and describe it without wanting to tear up. Since I was young, I didn’t like the thought of eating animals and my parents had to force me to eat any type of meat.

Dinner was comprised of some of the products I picked up from Trader Joe’s. I made my traditional quinoa meal of roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, feta cheese, chickpeas, and artichoke hearts. I paired it with TJ’s pomegranate green tea. So filling that I didn’t have room for any dessert, which is a good thing because I snacked on too many dark chocolate covered almonds in the afternoon. 🙂

quinoa with veggies, pomegranate green tea

After two days of resting, I got to the gym for a long workout. The gym was dead, so I took full advantage of that and spent more time lifting weights. I did a full circuit with more reps than usual, biked for 25 minutes, did the Cybex Arc trainer for 15 minutes, and did some abs on the ball with my body weight and hand weights. It felt good to be back there. My ankle was not aggravated by the bike or Cybex at all. I stretched very well before and after my workout.

Be back tomorrow with a mother’s day post dedicated to my lovely mom. 🙂 Since I spent last Sunday with her for her b-day, I won’t be spending tomorrow with her. 😦 What are you doing with your mom?

Lunch and a workout with a friend

Happy Sunday everyone, even though it’s nearly over. 😦

Breakfast this morning was vanilla yogurt with the Wild Blueberry Bonne Maman preserves.

coffee, yogurt

I met my friend Danielle for lunch at Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe in Menomonee Falls.

Camille's Menomonee Falls

I laughed because she had the exact same sweater on that I did in the morning, that is until I discovered there was a hole in the seam still (my mom fixed it, but it keeps coming apart). Danielle and I used to always match in high school and it wasn’t on purpose.

Danielle at Camille's

I ordered a Paris Bistro Grilled Hot Wrap which consisted of a Honey-wheat tortilla, ham, Brie, green apples, spinach, tomatoes, and honey mustard. It can come with red onions, but I asked for those to be left off because I find that they make me really thirsty and that flavor never leaves my mouth the rest of the day.

Paris Bistro Grilled Hot Wrap, side salad at Camille's

It was really good and reminded me of a Cooking Light recipe I made a couple of months ago, except that didn’t have ham on it, which was a nice addition.

After we let lunch settle for a while and discussed life, we headed to the YMCA in Menomonee Falls. We hopped on the Cybex Arc Trainers together and Danielle announced to me that she was expecting another baby (her daughter will be 2 at the end of July). I was excited for her and had lots of questions, naturally.

We also lifted some free weights, I stretched out my sore right hip, and I did some squats on the bosu.

Since I was in the area, I went to Woodman’s to stock up on Choabni, spinach, orange juice, Nutella, Boca burgers, etc. It was packed in there, so I grabbed $50 worth of food and got out as fast as possible.

Once home, I headed guzzled some chocolate milk, ate some Haribo Frogs and went back out. Craig and I had a few errands to run–me to Victoria’s Secret for some free underwear (score) and the both of us to Half Priced Books to use the 50% off coupon that everyone else in our area wanted to also use. It was busy there! Craig found a book. Too bad because I saw a really nice vegetarian recipes book. I guess I can always get it next time they have a 50% off coupon.

Dinner was a whole wheat tortilla with rice, pinto beans, salsa, Frank’s Red Hot and cheddar jack shredded cheese.

wheat tortilla, rice, salsa, pinto beans

Now I am watching Amazing Race and fancying some of the peppermint tea I bought yesterday.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening.

Trying Kale Chips, at last!

Even though I had to work today, I had a great Monday. I was really tired when I first got up, but perked up with an afternoon coffee.

Breakfast was two Eggo whole wheat waffles with skippy crunchy natural peanut butter, syrup and earth balance spread.

coffee, eggo whole wheat waffles, peanut butter

No mid-morning snack for me because I was in a meeting that went longer than I expected it to. 😦

Lunch was a ham sandwich with spinach, tomatoes and Frank’s Red Hot on whole wheat; applesauce; and red grapes.

applesauce, red grapes, ham sandwich

I snacked on half of an apple pie larabar an hour before I left work, so my tummy wouldn’t be so hungry at the gym. I had the other half at home, right before going to the YMCA.

larabar apple pie

After work, I picked up these two books from the library.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle & Crazy Sexy Diet

I had started Animal, Vegetable, Miracle years ago, but never got into it, because at the time, I was not as interested in food and nutrition as I am now. I am reading it to prepare for a April 13th book discussion at the New Berlin Public Library. All of you local foodies–Karis and I are going to attend if you want to join us. She put it out there on her blog too.

I am also excited to read crazy sexy diet. I have heard good things about both books–if only there was more time to read! I’ll have to make time during my lunch breaks and before bed.

At the gym, I did a warmup of 10 minutes of biking at a quick pace. I then lifted a few weights and went on the Cybex Arc Trainer because it was the only cardio machine available. I wanted to run on the treadmill, but they were all full.

Recovery included a blueberry, frozen banana, milk, ice cubes and soy protein powder smoothie. I needed some protein to fill my tummy temporarily while I cooked dinner.

smoothie--blueberries, banana, milk, protein powder

Dinner was delicious! I finally made kale chips and used Kath Eats Real Food’s recipe. I also had some herbed tofu.

kale chips and herbed tofu

kale chips 1

The kale chips were really good. I had Craig try one and he was grossed out. Oh well. I topped them with various Penzey’s spices, sea salt and olive oil. I definitely learned my lesson because I should have made more, but I figured I was trying it out for the first time anyway, so I didn’t want to make too many in case they didn’t turn out well.

Fun fact for those of you watching Dancing With the Stars tonight (we don’t watch it). On our honeymoon in Europe, we happened to walk past (and later “stalk” to get pictures of) the model and now Dancing contestant Petra Nemcova on the Charles Bridge in Prague. It’s embarrassing, but I am the one who recognized her and not my husband. I remembered her as a supermodel and from about five years ago, when she was on Oprah talking about losing her fiance in the tsunami.

Here are my stalker pics of the model.


Oh wait, that’s me in Prague. Ha ha.

Here’s Petra.



It looked like she was filming an ad on the bridge because she had a big group of people with her and they had video cameras and other equipment.

After we saw her in person, I had to take a picture of Craig next to this ad just for fun.


Time to go read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle!

Hope you had a swell Monday too!

Fridays make me happy

Recap of my Friday…

Breakfast was Cheerios and coffee. I dreamt about having bags underneath my eyes and boy did I have them today.

cheerios, coffee

So, I headed over to Starbucks for a little Friday treat of a non-fat grande latte. I had half of a cherry pie larabar as a snack.

Starbucks non-fat latte, cherry pie larabar

Lunch was another wrap-this time with ham instead of turkey so I won’t have heavy eyelids after lunch. I also enjoyed lots of red and green grapes plus it was my first time trying Stonyfield’s cherry flavored Greek yogurt.

ham and cheese wrap, Stonyfield Greek style cherry yogurt, grapes

The verdict? Pretty darn good!

I came home from work early, did some loads of laundry, cleaned a bit, meditated and then headed to the gym. I ate the other half of that larabar before going there so I wouldn’t get too hungry, because I went around dinner time.

I did 20 minutes on the Cybex Arc Trainer, biked 10 minutes and lifted a full circuit of weights. Everytime I do the Cybex, I totally think I could keep going for a full hour. Maybe I’ll try that sometime because the machine always says I would burn about 760 calories in an hour. Sweet!

Dinner was at Cici’s pizza. It was a buffet. Not healthy, but something different (and a mere $4.99 per person) and we didn’t feel like cooking. I am not a big buffet person because I overeat and I did do that. I had some salads to get my greens in and tried various types of pizza and a few breadsticks. Dessert was a brownie and a really yummy dessert pizza thing.

Cici's pizza-salad, pizza, breadsticks

Then we just went to Home Depot, walked around and came home to relax.

California dreaming

Happy Tuesday! Can’t believe tomorrow is already hump day. This week is going to fly by! I’m looking forward to warmer temps in my neck of the woods and to some fun this weekend with friends.

Breakfast was an old favorite, Bonne Maman Wild Blueberry Preserves paired with Chobani non-fat greek plain yogurt. I used to eat Bonne Maman with yogurt sometimes three times a day when I lived in California and all of my tummy troubles started. Yogurt was what my body craved and I couldn’t get enough of this combination. Bonne Maman was cheaper at Woodman’s than any other grocery store I have seen it at, so I really should have picked up more than one jar!

jam (wild blueberry preserves), Chobani non-fat greek yogurt, coffee

Snack at work was some of my homemade granola bar and a Numi jasmine green tea. I must have been “California dreaming” today because this flavor of tea also brought me back to my days living in California. I was obsessed with Peet’s coffee and tea’s Jasmine Tea. I also loved running by jasmine bushes on my runs around Berkeley.

Numi Jasmine Green Tea and granola bar

I enjoyed a ham and provolone sandwich on a french baguette with tomatoes, Frank’s Red Hot and spinach for lunch. Basically what I had for dinner yesterday. I also had a Pomegranate Chobani for the first time ever and it didn’t disappoint! Can’t wait to try Mango and Raspberry and then I think I will have tried every Chobani flavor out there. 🙂 Red grapes were my dessert.

lunch 3-15-11

Although that lunch filled me up quite well, I had a craving for something sweet around 3 p.m. so I grabbed a mini chocolate chip cookie dough Larabar from my snack drawer.

mini-larabar chocolate chip cookie dough

Speaking of Larabars, my mom picked up some things for Craig and I at Sam’s Club today (we don’t have a membership) and I asked her to just see if they had Larabars there. They did! I got a combo pack of Apple Pie, Cashew Cookie, and Cherry Pie! 18 bars for $15.88 or something like that–a pretty good deal, huh? I told my mom to grab a flavor to try out for herself, especially since she’d never had a Larabar before, and she enjoyed the cherry pie bar tonight. She said it was different than she expected it to be, but it was good.

I got home from work, meditated, rested a bit and then made dinner.

I had a Morningstar black bean veggie burger with provolone cheese on an Arnold’s thin and some applesauce on the side. Oh and a small glass of skim milk!

applesauce, arnold's thin with morningstar black bean burger, skim milk

After my stomach settled, I hit the gym and worked hard. I rowed, biked and did the Cybex Arc trainer. I like mixing my cardio up like this once in a while. I also did a full circuit of weights. I was stinky when I left there!

Now it’s getting late and there are dishes to do and blogs to catch up on.


Productive Sunday

I started off my Sunday by watching CBS Sunday Morning. I am always impressed by that show and the quality of the stories shown. Today, I was very happy to see the story on The Container Store and how they put their employees first over their customer, because they know that by paying their employees well, training them extensively, giving them good benefits and 401K plans, they’ll treat the customer right as a result. Why can’t more companies be like this? Too bad there is no Container Store in Wisconsin for me to shop at and support. I love their company philosophy.

I ate breakfast during the show–coffee with Stonyfield non-fat vanilla yogurt, strawberries, & chia seeds.

Stonyfield; Chia seeds; strawberries; coffee

I went to the gym in the morning. On the way there, I wasn’t feeling too energetic. Per usual, once I got there and found the March issue of Natural Health magazine to read while working out, I knew that I would have a good workout. Before my workout, I checked out the top 25 women at the YMCA for the month of February and guess who made the list again!? Me at number 21 this time!! I couldn’t believe it, especially because I was off of the gym for a week and a half due to vacation. My friend Angie also made the list! Woo hoo! That news sure motivated me too.

I enjoyed reading Natural Health while biking for 18 minutes. That magazine is becoming one of my new favorites. I really should subscribe. Who knew that the girl who once resisted the “hippie” culture of Berkeley, CA while living there would become a granola girl herself! 🙂 Maybe adopting a more natural lifestyle comes with age?

I followed the bike with twenty minutes on the Cybex Arc trainer. Kanye West’s “Power” and the new Britney song have been fun to listen to at the gym. I was getting sick of some of my old music, so I cleaned up my iPod last night and deleted some boring songs off of it for good.

At the end of my workout, I spotted my friend Angie! We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so it was fun to see a familiar face. I hopped off the Cybex and did a few weight machines, free weights and abs using the Swiss ball.

I was so hungry while leaving the Y, so I grabbed a YMCA peanut butter cookie from my gym bag and munched on it on the way home.

Once home, I toasted some honey wheat bread and topped it with nutella.

Larabar, toast with Nutella

I quickly showered, got ready for work, checked out how weird my cat was lying underneath an upside down box…

cat in a box

had lunch…

carrots & pizza

and finally, dessert was a small bowl of thin mints ice cream.

Edy's Slow Churned Thin Mints

I got to work around 1:30. I only had to stay a couple of hours for an event.

At home, I found my husband in the cleaning/organizing mood. His productive mood also rubbed off on me. I vacuumed, put away laundry, picked up in general and then I got super hungry.

I couldn’t think of what to make for dinner, but thought of the ingredients we had in the fridge and suddenly craved a panini. My husband said that sounded good to him too so I got the ingredients out and got to work on making dinner.

My panini had ham, cheddar cheese, spinach, tomatoes, oregano, sea salt and a bit of Trader Joe’s bruschetta topping. Yum!

We use the calphalon panini pan to make our paninis. I love that pan and still remember that we received it as a bridal shower gift from my sister two years ago.



I was still hungry and in the mood to bake, so I whipped up some chocolate chip cookies.

cookies and milk

They turned out ok. I followed the recipe and then it seemed like there was too much flour. So, I added another egg and then the dough was too sticky when I was rolling out the balls. Oh well. They tasted fine, but weren’t my best batch.

Here are the nutritional stats on the peanut butter and dark chocolate KIND plus bar. This is for Faith and anyone else who was curious after I posted about the bar yesterday.

KIND nutrition facts

And the ingredients:

KIND ingredients

Time to log off and get to bed. Not looking forward to this stressful week or working on Saturday, but am looking forward to when it’s over. I am just glad I have Tuesday off so I can go shopping during the day (I’ll be hitting up Banana Republic, Gap, & Ulta) and to the guided meditation class with Craig that evening.

Hope your weekend was lovely!