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My husband is a saint

I was certainly tired this morning, as predicted. Woke up, fed the kitties, and went back to bed for a while. My legs hurt, but I tried something new last night with switching shoe types halfway through the night and I think that helped. In the end, the event I coordinated went very well and these events always have the potential to be stressful if one little thing goes wrong, so I was relieved.

For two hours or so this morning, my husband worked on a house project. Seriously, I know someone might be reading this thinking, that’s no big deal. The guy stood on the couch and figured out how to hang these pictures perfectly, despite d-rings not hung the same on the big picture, etc. We could have ended up with completely crooked pictures that would have bugged me for years, but thanks to his precision, we didn’t. I can’t do these kind of projects, so therefore, he is a saint to me.

Craig measuring

We went from having this depressing photo above the couch.

lighthouse picture brown

To these three pictures from Target.

new pictures from Target

living room scene


Believe it or not, we ran around to all of these hardware stores last weekend, only to find that the pictures already had d-rings and the little zig zag picture hangers on the back (they were covered up with cardboard and we were scared to rip it away for fear that we would destroy something on the back of the picture). Craig finally pulled one back this morning and discovered the picture hangers already there. ARGH! We laughed about it in the end, but the instructions on the picture just weren’t that clear.

Breakfast was a big cup of coffee in my Jonathan Adler Starbucks cup and some Jessica’s granola. Are you sick of seeing it yet? I am not sick of eating it!

Starbucks Jonathan Adler cup, Jessica's gluten free granola

Lunch was iced coffee and about half of this bowl of the quinoa dish. My husband had the other half. He was starving from working so hard all morning. I also had the rest of the Blueberry Stonyfield yogurt with the last of the pom arils. I finished up lots of items from our fridge today.

iced coffee, quinoa dish

After lunch, I snacked on some tangerine and strawberry licorice from Newman’s Own Organics.

Newman's Own Organics licorice

They are very yummy! I haven’t tried the pomegranate and black yet, but will report back when I do. What I like about their products overall is that even candy like licorice doesn’t taste too sweet. I like sweet things, don’t get me wrong, but my palette has changed since eating better.

strawberry licorice-Newman's Own Organics

Newman's Own Organics licorice

Thanks Newman’s Own Organics! 🙂

I just lounged around in the afternoon, did laundry, etc. The usual Saturday, except that I tried to rest my legs as much as possible. I read part of the Sedaris book and wasn’t into it, so I quit it. I’ll put more time into finishing Larsson instead.

Around 3, I finally got out of the house and did some grocery shopping. I meal planned first. I picked out a Vegetable Medley with chiles recipe from Clean Start by Terry Walters.

Clean Start by Terry Walters

It has parsnips in it, which I have never cooked with, so that’s exciting. I might make it for dinner tomorrow.

I also took a look at our pantry to see what to use up and pair with things I would buy at the store. We had two falafel boxes, so I decided to get the ingredients for falfafel sandwiches and make them for dinner tonight.

falafel sandwich

My pita contained about three falafel patties, grape tomatoes, Athenos hummus, a chive and yogurt dill dip that I made from the recipe on the falafel box, & lettuce. Craig didn’t want the hummus and the dip, but that’s the best part in my opinion!

My dessert was one of these. Holy yum! Hadn’t tried this flavor before and it’s delicious. I love these little ice cream sandwiches. Perfect dessert portion to keep me from eating more!

Tofutti cuties mint chocolate chip

I was kind of bummed that I didn’t make it to the gym today. I’ll do a longer workout tomorrow. Maybe I will go when the Packers and Bears are playing because I might be the only person there! 🙂

Hope you all had a great Saturday!


Swimming + me = disaster

I hit the gym this morning and went swimming (if you want to call it that). You see, swimming and I don’t have the best history/relationship. I used to have a major fear of the water when I was a little girl. I still am not a good swimmer and today’s attempt at doing laps proved that. At first, I tried to do laps and get my head in the water. After all, I bought prescription goggles and I thought I better use them. After I sucked at that, I did the backstroke a couple of times. I finally got out and looked for a kick board. That didn’t even help. I gave up, got out of the lap lane and settled on running in the pool. Oh well, I tried for a full half hour to do something in the water. Don’t think I will be putting my swimsuit on for a while. I’ll stick to weights, cardio machines and classes.

Breakfast was Special K Protein Plus cereal with fresh blueberries.

Special K protein plus, fresh blueberries, coffee

I bought this particular flavor after reading a recent post from A Better Bag of Groceries. She said that it rated a 60 (out of 100) on the NuVal system, which is really good for a cold cereal. Haven’t heard of NuVal? Check out their site–I love the concept and wish we had Nuval scores in Milwaukee area stores.

Before swimming, I had half of a banana and finished the other half when I got home from the gym. I tend to get very bad charley horses when swimming, so I figured some potassium right before might help.

Lunch was my leftover wrap from last night, a pink lady apple, which I dipped in almond butter, and a few pieces of Super Dark Newman’s Own Organics Chocolate.

blue diamond almond butter, pink lady apple, Red Robin chicken wrap

Newmans' Own Organics Super Dark Chocolate

After lunch, we ran to every hardware store possible looking for the appropriate d-rings and hooks to hang our pictures above the couch. We finally found some and realized that not every store carries d-rings, where they might have the hooks, etc. What a pain! I ended up with some cute new place mats at Target though and they were even better because they were on clearance! One was a mere 98 cents and the other was only $1.98.

Target place mats

Oh and while out shopping, we got a grande Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate at Starbucks to share. YUM!

Dinner tonight was at my mom and dad’s to celebrate my brothers’ birthdays this past week. One of my brothers (below) turned 40 and the other turned 51. I am 30. Quite the age difference, huh?

birthday celebration

For dinner, I had salad, German potato salad, a piece of rye bread and some jello salad thing with fruit in it.

dinner 1-16-11

Dessert was chocolate cherry cake and two types of custard-Kopps red raspberry and Culver’s vanilla. Love custard!

cake and custard

It was a good, productive Sunday for us!

Ooh, my main man Matt Damon is on the Golden Globes, must pay attention.

Now I have to get ready for bed and try to fall asleep by 9:45. Back to another week of work!