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Lucky Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! This week went by quickly! I hope the weekend goes by slowly. Tomorrow, I must clean the house, go to Craig’s grandma’s b-day party, grocery shop and then relax and read my book. On Sunday, we have to devote the day to taxes and I plan to start by 10k training.

Breakfast was strawberry waffles and coffee.

coffee, waffles

At work, I needed a Friday pick me up, so I got an almond latte. I can’t get used to drinking those fancy drinks and I need to go back to my peppermint tea.

Lunch was applesauce and a pb&j sandwich. I had a cookie for dessert.

pb & j, applesauce

I always read blogs on my lunch break and was so excited to see that I won Food Snob STL’s “favorite things” giveaway! I won justin’s almond/chocolate butter packets (which I also love), KIND bars (love and eat all the time), a meal/grocery planner notepad (totally need this badly) and raw honey (will definitely use).

It was definitely a lucky day! I came home to find a lovely package in my front door! Vitalicious was kind enough to send me some of their products.

vita tops

Yum, can’t wait to try these! I put all but one in the freezer. I am saving that one for tomorrow morning!

vita tops


Vita Brownie

When I get home from work, I often just want a little snack. Today, I had a few cheese curds.

cheese curds wisconsin

My workout was 10 minutes of rowing, some weight machines and 25 minutes of biking while reading Health magazine.

I wasn’t too hungry for dinner, so I just had a mini bagel with an egg white and cheddar cheese and some red grapes on the side.

red grapes, egg, mini bagel

Now Craig and I are geeking out. He likes watching Shark Tank and we both are being geeky and watching a PBS show called “Electric Dreams” where a family goes back in time with the technology in their house and they see how things change from the 1970’s to current times. It’s the history nerd in me that loves this type of show! It’s so interesting to see how technology really does isolate the family members over time. I hate that it does that, but then again, here I am blogging away for the last hour on a Friday evening when I could be reading a book I have to finish by Wednesday. 🙂

Do you embrace technology or have you found it has isolated people at work and at home more over time? What is your favorite piece of technology? Mine definitely is my iPod touch. I don’t have a fancy phone, but I love playing with my iPod touch and surfing the web when I don’t feel like pulling out my laptop.

Go Pack Go! (from your fair weather fans)

I was able to sleep in a little bit this morning and it felt good. The key was to feed the cats their breakfast and then head back to bed. I had thought about going to yoga, but then our driveway was covered in snow and I didn’t feel like shoveling.

I was hungry when I woke up so I made myself a big breakfast. Fried egg on a plain bagel with Philadelphia Spinach & Artichoke cream cheese & a bit of Frank’s Red Hot. I had a few grape tomatoes too. The addition of the cream cheese was a smart choice. I wasn’t sure how it would all blend together, but I loved it.

bagel with fried egg, cream cheese, hot sauce, grape tomatoes, coffee

I cleaned around the house, did more laundry and then just relaxed by getting stuff done online. I read some of the Larsson book and a magazine. All of that reading made me sleepy and I ended up falling asleep on the couch for almost an hour! Oh well. That’s what Saturdays with no formal plans are for I guess. When I woke up, I made up for the nap by reading 75 pages or so of my book and cleaned some more.

I slept through lunch, but my breakfast filled me up, so I wasn’t hungry until about 2.

I also snacked on some Stacy’s pita chips with Sabra greek olive hummus. Love that flavor! It’s so good.

Stacy's pita chips and Sabra greek olive hummus

For lunch, I made the last of the gardein buffalo wings and had a peach Chobani with canned peaches on top.

gardein buffalo wings & peach Chobani

Craig and I finally left the house and decided to go to Half Price Books and then to Red Robin for dinner. I knew I wouldn’t eat a burger, so I scoped out the menu ahead of time for some healthier choices. That is pretty typical behavior from me before going to a restaurant though. I was disappointed they didn’t have their nutritional information posted on their site.

At Half Price Books, I was on the hunt for The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Pollan, but they didn’t have it. I want to get it to read during our upcoming trip to Florida. I guess I’ll have to order it from Amazon instead.

At Red Robin, I chose a BBQ chicken wrap and a cup of French Onion Soup. It was cold out so I was in the mood for soup. I am not normally a big soup person, but I love French Onion. The wrap was really good. It had tortilla chips in it, which was a nice addition, and a great flavor overall. I only ate half, because then I have a wrap to look forward to for lunch tomorrow.

BBQ chicken wrap, french onion soup, melon

The Packers are in the playoffs, so we’re watching the game now. We actually don’t watch football normally, so we didn’t even know if the game was on today or tomorrow. 🙂 Hence my title. Go Pack Go, love your biggest fair weather fans.



Last night, I did end up doing Wii Fit before heading to bed. I hadn’t done it in ages and two good things came from not doing it for a while–the program told me I lost weight and that I was amazingly balanced! I think my time at the gym has definitely paid off. I am more excited about the being balanced news than anything else. Last year, I dealt with spraining my right ankle and finding out my left ankle had a small break in it. I felt off balance all year, even with physical therapy. From going to the YMCA regularly and strength training more, I have gained strength in my legs and core and it has helped tremendously.

Doing some yoga, balance exercises and a little boxing on the Wii seemed to have help my stomach, because I felt better this morning.

My first meal of the day was Kashi Autumn Wheat and coffee.

coffee and autumn wheat kashi cereal

Snack was a small piece of Danish and coffee.

Lunch was spinach salad with baby carrots, tofu, red sweet pepper, a tiny bit of Greek style feta dressing and Irish cheddar to add a nice kick to the meal. I also had an applesauce and Stonyfield Oikos honey yogurt. Dessert was Newman’s Own chocolate chip cookies.

Lunch-salad, oikos, applesauce

The cookies are so addictive! I had to put them down and tell myself to stop at one point!

chocolate chip cookies Newman's Own Organics

I didn’t know what to make for dinner, so I settled on having a fried egg sandwich with provolone cheese on an english muffin. It hit the spot!

egg sandwich

After work, I opened up a pomegranate and got the arils out, so I topped a Strawberry Pomegranate Stonyfield yogurt with arils.

Stonyfield Strawberry Pomegranate with pom arils

I went to my Thursday night yoga class and we had a substitute teacher. We started class with Tai Chi, transitioned to more flow yoga and then did some traditional poses and abs. I was proud of myself–my core is the weakest part of my body and I stuck with staying strong on all of the tough ab exercises and felt the burn. It was a good class, but I really missed our regular teacher.

After class, I snacked on an Arnold’s Thin with NuttZo Peanut Free and some all natural pb chips.

NuttZo on an Arnold's Thin

Glad tomorrow is Friday, even if my weekend is cut short because I have to work a half day on Sunday! Hope you had a good Thursday.

Sunday funday

Sunday is my excuse to be lazy. I sat on the couch off and on all morning and early afternoon.

Breakfast was a poached egg on an English muffin with Swiss cheese.

egg sandwich and Stonyfield

I had a Mango Honey Stonyfield yogurt too.

Egg sandwich and stonyfield

Stonyfield Organic Mango Honey yogurt

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Food, cultures and dancing

I went to the Holiday Folk Fair International with my mom this afternoon to experience different ethnic food, cultures and performances. I had never been to it before and part of my job involves coordinating different cultural groups to dance and participate in programs. It was good to especially see the different ethnic groups dancing.

Breakfast this morning was a fried egg on a whole wheat English muffin. I also had some Laughing Cow light Swiss cheese smeared on, which made it creamy tasting.

I saved room in my tummy so I could eat lunch at the fair.

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First Body Pump Class Recap

I did the usual Sunday routine this morning–watched TV, looked through the ads, and ate breakfast–coffee and an egg sandwich with cheddar cheese on a whole wheat english muffin.

Coffee with an egg sandwich

We only watched half of the movie last night, so we finished the rest this morning. I liked the movie a lot, but Craig was confused since he hadn’t read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. We watched it with the English dubbing and it wasn’t too annoying that the actors’ lips were not moving with the English words. We both couldn’t figure out why Hollywood has to release their own version, but we know it should be a big money maker.

Then, I did something new and outside of my normal Sunday routine-I went to my first ever Body Pump class this morning!

After class, my muscles were pumped!

I got to the YMCA a little early and told the teacher it was my first class. She told me to start with light weights (2.5 lbs. on each side of the barbell) and asked if I lifted weights currently, so after saying yes, 3-4 times a week, she told me I’d be fine. I am really glad I chose the lighter weights, but could have gone a little heavier for some of the exercises. For the squats, I took her advice and did a told of 7.5 lbs. on each side of the barbell. I really wish I would have known that the link above, the Les Mills site, has an introduction to Body Pump video. Oh well! I will watch it for some extra tips to use next time I go to class.

For my station, I just copied what other people had at their area–a step, an exercise mat, a towel and some hand weights. Most people had the exercise mat on top of their step and I assumed we would be laying down on the step to lift, which was the correct assumption.

Body Pump is a lot of fun and I think it’s a nice weight lifting class to attend if you get sick of the weight machines at the gym. We did squats, bicep curls, chest presses, triceps, abs, lunges, etc. Since I didn’t know the routine very well, I found it easiest to copy the girl two in front of me and mock her moves. After class, I thanked the teacher and told her I did that. She said that it takes 8-10 classes of Les Mills type of classes to get everything down pat. That seems like a lot, but I guess it sort of makes sense. Next time, I just know I want to be facing the mirror so I can see how my poses look. I’ll definitely try it again! I just hope my body doesn’t hurt for Boot Camp tomorrow. And, on November 3rd, I want to go to the Body Pump/Body Flow combination class. Should be fun!

This afternoon, Craig and I worked on some blog stuff (looking at SEO optimization) and now I have some more ways for people to find information on my blog. I am still clueless about a lot though, such as how to shorten my overall page so people don’t have to scroll all the way down and how I will ever customize my own header (Photoshop would work, but I don’t have it).

Tonight, we’re going to have dinner at the Indian restaurant and run a few errands. I need to get to the grocery store yet and I really don’t feel like going. It feels good to be home and relaxing. I don’t want the weekend to be over! 😦

Back later with a recap of the Indian Restaurant and probably complaints of a full (yet satisfied) belly.