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Guest post and fruit

Happy Friday everyone!

I wrote a guest post over at Kimberly’s blog, Sunny State of Mind, so check it out today! If you’re feeling stressed on this Friday, it will especially help you out as the topic is on “Tips to Help You Stress Less.” I know I have a lot of work to squeeze in before a three day weekend, so I am going to listen to my own advice. Oh and yesterday was my one year anniversary of meditating, so it’s only appropriate that one of the things I wrote about in my post for Kimberly is meditation.

If you’ve clicked over from Kimberly’s blog, please say hi and introduce yourself!

Switching topics to the #marchphotoaday project…

Here’s my photo of fruit taken this morning before I jetted off to work. Our fruit bowl is typically full of pink lady apples my fav) and bananas (which I often have to force myself to eat). What’s in your fruit bowl?

You’ve got some time yet to enter my Chobani giveaway if you haven’t yet! I’ll pick a winner tonight! There are only 25 entries, so your odds are pretty good. 🙂

Have a wonderful Friday!

One more post

After no posts yesterday, you get two from me today!

So, yesterday seemed to be my lucky day. I came into work to find an Amazon gift card in my e-mail inbox for $10. I filled out a survey related to my work and was rewarded with the gift card. Score! Now I can buy some fitness books, Carrots N’ Cake, and some books for the kindle. In total, I think I have about $85 to spend on Amazon in gift cards now.

Later on in the day, I got an e-mail that implied I won a giveaway from Lucky magazine and could pass discounts for the site onto family and friends. Well, I e-mailed back and asked if I had won and I did. I scored a $150 shopping spree to Lucca Couture from Lucky! I have won other things from their giveaways, but never anything that big! I am already picking out cute dresses and tops, but having a hard time deciding what to buy. The dress I like is currently out of stock too.

I didn’t take pictures of my food yesterday and it was kind of freeing. I sometimes get sick of posting all of my eats, but I do find them helpful to look back on when I do feel ill.

I did take pics of some of my food today. After yesterday’s food discussion, I ate a lot of fruits and veggies at work! It helped that I had both offered to me for free twice today.

Breakfast was Chobani with wild blueberry preserves.

greek yogurt, preserves, coffee

Snack was an apple mid-morning.

Lunch was a salad from my work cafe and then I was able to add some grilled veggies that I got for free from a leftover event.

cobb salad

The salad left me needing something sweet and then I grabbed a whole bunch of delicious fruit from the leftovers too. I couldn’t get enough pineapple!

Dinner was just a quick meal–pb & j. I didn’t feel like eating much.

I didn’t go to the gym tonight because I decided it was a rest day. I hadn’t had an official one all week. Even though I “rested,” it was beautiful out so Craig and I took a quick 15 minute walk outside. No bunnies seen tonight, which worried me because I had spotted a little fox in our neighborhood while I was picking weeds.

My sister-in-law came over tonight and dropped off this cute scratching post toy for the kitties. Karma loved it and took to it right away while Tanzi hated the smell of it

I couldn’t resist taking cute pictures of Karma in it.

Karma scratching toy

Karma new scratching toy

Can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow! This week flew by. 🙂

Bottomless pit

Yay, only two more days of the work week! So glad I don’t have to work this weekend!

Just a typical Wednesday for me. Worked, had yoga class at work, and rested tonight. My body, especially my abs, really hurt after yesterday’s HABIT class. I am glad they did because that means I did something right! It just hurt to do any ab exercises in yoga today.

Breakfast was the usual.


I actually bought my lunch today because I didn’t feel like preparing anything before work. I also was craving a big salad and eggs, so I knew I would just grab a chef salad at work.

chef salad, newman's own salad dressing

After yoga, I was still hungry! Rather than eating treats, I went for a fruit cup at my work cafe. It hit the spot and tasted so good!

fruit cup

When I got home from work, I found a package with one of the things I ordered with my blog profits! I decided to treat myself to a knitted apple holder from etsy. I know you probably think this is ridiculous, but the germ phobia I have makes me currently bring apples wrapped up in a paper towel when I go to work. That’s not eco friendly and I try to be as green as possible. So, I saw one of these on another blog a while ago and finally treated myself to one.

This is from early girl on etsy, obviously. Cute packaging, huh!? I am a sucker for that kind of stuff!

early girl knitted apple holder

I am also a sucker for anything with bird prints on it. 🙂


Here’s the holder in my favorite color, teal! No apples to model it with, but when I buy some, I’ll show you what it looks like or you can click over to early girl’s etsy site to check it out for yourself!

apple knitted holder from etsy--early girl

I had a bottomless pit today and felt like nothing satisfied me! I lost some weight and I think my body is trying to gain it back. I snacked when I got home from work–had some pita chips, some dark chocolate covered almonds, and some pomegranate green tea.

Dinner was a vegetable masala burger from TJ’s. I called it a chana masala burger earlier this week and I saw the package just calls it a vegetable masala burger. Oops. Must have had chana masala on my brain!

vegetable masala burger Trader Joe's

I finished my first book on the kindle last night. I loved The Secret Holocaust Diaries and encourage others to read it. I have a confession though. I balled when I read a part of the book and just couldn’t control my tears. Her story was so sad and the thought of all of the awful things that happened during the Holocaust rushed into my head, causing me to cry for all of those who lost their loved ones during that horrible time in history.

Off to read some blogs!

New kitchen tools!

Hope all of you mothers had a great day and were pampered!

I had a breakfast of Stonyfield plain yogurt with wild blueberry preserves and a cup of coffee.

coffee, yogurt with preserves

This morning, Craig, his mom Kathy and I went to Perkin’s for brunch. It was crowded, naturally. I got the Florentine eggs benedict with a side of fruit because it had ingredients I loved and the nutritional stats posted on the menu and were pretty decent. It had egg beaters, canadian bacon, spinach, diced tomatoes, and swiss cheese.

Perkins florentine eggs benedict

It didn’t disappoint!

I was tired after brunch. I took a little nap and then had to get going so I could run errands. First, I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond because I had a number of things to get and was able to get $10 off my total with two coupons.

Here is everything I got on my errands today, but from BB&B, I picked up OXO mixing bowls, an OXO silicone pastry brush, and a cookie sheet because one of ours is in bad shape.

results of shopping

Tanzi sniffing my purchases.

cat and shopping trip items

Can you believe we didn’t have proper mixing bowls before I bought these!?

OXO Mixing bowls

I was just using a serving bowl to mix things in and that no longer worked.

Then it was off to Penzey’s for my free spice of choice. I picked out one of the most expensive (this jar was worth $14.59) and I knew that after my Indian cooking class, I would be using curry powder more often.

Penzey's Maharajah Curry Powder

Got this pretty summery cardigan from TJ Maxx. I had been looking for a lighter cardigan like this last summer and never found it. This one was really flattering too. Perfect with a summer tank!

top from tjmaxx

Once home, I relaxed a bit. By the time I was done drooling over pretty things on etsy, reading blogs, and reading the Sunday newspaper, I didn’t feel like going to the gym and it was getting late. I convinced Craig to go on a walk with me because it was still pretty nice out and I felt like being in nature this evening. We saw 5 bunnies and tons of birds, which always pleases this animal lover!

On the walk, Craig brought up making one of our four formaggi Trader Joe’s pizzas so I was game. I was going to eat my quinoa leftovers for dinner, but those can wait for lunch tomorrow.

Trader Joe's four formaggi with artichokes pizza

I added artichokes to my half. They gross Craig out but they really don’t taste like much.

Per usual, Amazing Race is on and it’s close to the end of this season. I need to go watch and pay attention!

Full moon craziness

Does anyone else believe that the full moon brings out the crazies? I didn’t know why today was so horrible and nuts until at the end of the day, a few people in another department had told me that they experienced the same craziness and it was a full moon tonight, so that explained everything. Let’s just leave it at this: I didn’t have a good day. I know that I need to change the way I react to issues and be more positive. I also know other things that I cannot say on here, but wish I could.

My day started off right…I made a glorious and filling bowl of stovetop oats for breakfast this morning.

stovetop oats

I added Libby’s pumpkin (about a 1/2 cup), all spice, cinnamon, a whole banana, frozen berries, vanilla extract, honey and a few raisins for some chewiness. It was very tasty and satisfying! Much better than my cereal and milk breakfasts. It did take more time to make, so it’s for those mornings when I have the time.

stovetop oats, coffee


Snack at work was another cup of coffee with some Newman’s Own Organics mini pretzels.

Lunch was gardein’s santa fe good stuff, a cinnamon applesauce and a lot of carrots. An unpictured dessert consisted of two strawberry laffy taffies.


When life hands you lemons, go home and bake chocolate chip cookies.


Dinner was frozen pizza. I was so tired that cooking was the last thing on my mind. I needed to bake comforting cookies, not cook.


Yoga was at home with Craig instead of at the Y. I left work late and then Craig said we could do yoga at home, so that settled that. I really missed my Y yoga class, but will do it this Thursday evening.

I guess on my really bad days, I just freeze and don’t want to do anything. Anyone else do this? Or any good tips to get out of a funk when you are in one?

Sleep success

I successfully got to bed at 9:45 last night. I tried to read my book in bed, but the meowing cats and my energetic husband distracted me. I read about 10 pages and then my eyes got really sleepy. I woke up this morning feeling much better–still tired, but more rested than I normally am. I’ll definitely be aiming for that bedtime from now on.

Breakfast today was Stonyfield blueberry yogurt with fresh blueberries and pom arils on top. I had a half of a plain bagel with Philadelphia spinach and artichoke cream cheese.

blueberry yogurt with blueberries, pom arils; bagel with spinach & artichoke cream cheese; coffee

Mid-morning, I had the opportunity to snack on a free cup of coffee, fruit and a danish. Couldn’t pass that free food up and I was hungry! I also had a few truffles that a co-worker brought in. They just melted in my mouth and were so delicious.

Lunch was a whole wheat tortilla with pinto beans and a slice of pepper jack cheese. I had an applesauce on the side.

whole wheat tortilla with pinto beans and pepper jack cheese; cinnamon applesauce

I left work early to go to the dermatologist. On the way there, I hit a slushy patch of snow going downhill and could not stop at a yellow light. I actually ended up in the middle of the intersection and a dump truck was about to come through from the other direction. Luckily, I was able to back up and compose myself. Once I was at the doc, I was relieved because I had a mole that needed to be checked and it was fine.

When I got out, it looked like a blizzard outside. The roads were really bad. After what had happened before, I drove really slowly and still had some slushy patches give me trouble, but arrived home just fine.

Now, I am at home and resting before I head back out to babysit my nephews. I hope the snow stops and the roads are ok. I hate driving in the snow, especially because my little car isn’t great in it.

Have a good Tuesday evening!

From tired to energetic

The end of the week laziness set in last night, so I didn’t blog or make it to the gym. I just laid on the couch. I swear that my body shuts down on Friday nights and it’s impossible for me to do anything. Guess the week wore me out more than I thought it did.

I made up for the Friday night case of the lazies by having tons of energy today. I got up around 8, ate this breakfast:

English muffin with strawberry jelly and a Whole Soy & Co. Cherry yogurt, plus coffee of course.

english muffin with strawberry jelly, yogurt, coffee

Whole Soy & Co. Cherry yogurt

I didn’t love this cherry flavor. I think I got strawberry last time and it was better. This tasted more soy like. I like my dairy yogurt I guess and if I was vegan or had lactose intolerance, I would choose soy yogurt over having no yogurt at all.

I went to the Y and hit the 8:45 yoga class. It was mostly flow, with some pretty difficult poses thrown in. It’s funny how much more difficult it is for me to do yoga in the morning vs. at night. My hips hurt and don’t feel warmed up at all in the morning. Some of the difficult poses really struck my hip area with pain.

After an hour of yoga, I still had tons of energy, so I hit the elliptical for 10 minutes, the rowing machine for a bit and then did a full circuit of weights.

I got home and still had more energy than I knew what to do with. Threw in some laundry, showered and ate lunch, which was a Morningstar black bean veggie burger, Irish cheese, tomato on an Arnold’s Thin. I also had a cup of cinnamon applesauce.

applesauce and Morningstar black bean burger on arnold's thin

Dessert was Newman’s Own Organics dark chocolate with some all natural peanut butter chips.

Newman's Own Organics dark chocolate and pb chips

Then, I went to about 6 stores in an hour and fifteen minutes. They were all quick trips. I picked up a silicone swim cap so I can hit the pool soon and protect my hair.

I went to Sears to check out the Golla camera bag I want to get before our trip to Florida. I had only seen it online, so I wanted to check it out in person.


I liked it a lot–it’s stylish, roomy, and looks like it will be comfortable to carry. I took pictures of how the bag secures with a strap on the side and a Sears worker came over kind of looking at me suspiciously.

Golla camera bag

I explained to the worker that I had been researching the bag online this morning and talking to my husband about the different features. I was explaining how the bag secures magnetically in front and with the side strap, but my husband didn’t think that sounded very secure. He was concerned someone could just come along and open it up when I wasn’t looking. The Sears worker didn’t seem to like the bag I chose and showed me a very standard DSLR case. I explained that I liked the one I chose because it didn’t look like a camera bag and he said “no, it looks more like a lunch pail.” I argued back that it looked more like a purse and didn’t scream “DSLR camera bag” or tourist. It cracked me up that he used the word “pail” and gave my husband a good laugh when I got home and told him about it! I guess my opinion is sure to be a little different than that of a 50 something year old man!

Anyone have a camera case that is stylish and cute to recommend? I am about 90% sure I will go with the Golla, but then I feel bad if it looks to feminine for my husband to carry. I take all of the pictures on our trips, but he often carries the camera because I deal with a purse. The nice thing about the Golla is that it has numerous pockets and areas for me to carry purse items in, so I may not even need a big purse.

And as I wrote this post, I was snacking on some Stonyfield blueberry yogurt with pom arils.

Stonyfield Blueberry yogurt and pom arils

Time to hit the grocery store with Craig for a big shopping trip. We need lots of food!

Quick meal recap from Friday, January 7, 2011.

Breakfast was stovetop oats with ground flax seeds, half of a banana and pomegranate arils. It was kind of blah, but filled me up.

coffee and oats with pom arils

I treated myself to my free lunch at work and got a grilled cheese with avocado, bacon and tomatoes. I had a cup of fruit on the side.

lunch on 1-7-11. Fruit and gourmet grilled cheese

Dinner (no picture)–I had a tortilla with pinto beans, some cheese, salsa and Frank’s Red Hot.

Hope your Saturday has been fabulous! After the grocery store, I want to make a nice dinner for Craig and I and bake some more chocolate chip cookies.

Dinner with the girls

I was out late last night, so I am catching up on Wednesday’s post.

I felt a lot better on Wednesday. I am so happy that illness passed. I had so much more energy at work, luckily, since we were cleaning again and I pretty much got my workout in by walking a lot and lifting boxes.

Breakfast was Kashi Autumn Wheat and coffee.

Autumn Wheat and coffee

Morning snack was coffee, raw almonds and Newman’s Own Organics Berry Blend.

raw almonds, Newman's Own Organics Berry Blend, Jonathan Adler cup Starbucks

Lunch was the rest of my Subway sandwich, a berry applesauce, Stonyfield honey oikos yogurt (really not loving this flavor now) and two clementines. I am still eating more calories to make up for Monday.

applesauce, clementines, subway sandwich, Oikos, kisses

After work, I had dinner at the Wicked Hop restaurant in Milwaukee’s Third Ward with my friends. We finally celebrated Christmas together by eating out.

Our friend Jenny arrived last and had wonderful news! She got engaged on Christmas eve! She has been dating her now fiance Tim for about 10 years plus. We were all so happy for her that we squealed with excitement, were ooing and aawing over her ring and loved hearing about how the proposal happened.

engaged Jenny with her gorgeous ring

My dinner was a Tequila Chicken Wrap with fruit on the side. I also enjoyed a Strongbow. I am definitely a cider or wine girl vs. beer.

tequila chicken wrap with fruit

Me, Loni and Kim

me, Loni and Kim

Laurie, Jenny and Kelly

Laurie, Jenny and Kelly

We had to celebrate Jenny’s engagement with some dessert! It was delicious Red Velvet Cake that the Wicked Hop gets from the C. Adams bakery at the Milwaukee Public Market.

red velvet cake, yum

What a fun evening spent with the girls! Congrats to Jenny and Tim on their big news!

Pomegranate Package

Look what arrived in the mail today (I love free things and getting packages, so don’t get too excited)!

pom package

Thanks to a tip from Peanut Butter Fingers, Craig was shipped a beautiful pomegranate in the mail, for free.

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