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A very active day

Wow, what an active day! I am spent. You’ll see why, but maybe this much activity is normal for most of you.

At 1 a.m., Karma the cat woke us up with his meows and from that point on, I tossed and turned. When I did fall asleep, I was dreaming that I slept through my alarm or that I went to the YMCA for Body Pump and the gym was closed again. At 5 a.m., my alarm went off and I realized I hadn’t experienced what I had been dreaming about. It was really time to get up and get dressed for the gym!

I quickly got dressed and grabbed some cereal plus half of a banana for some fuel.

I met my friend Laurie at the 5:30 a.m. Body Pump class. I was tired, but once class started, I woke up. It felt good to get a workout in by 6:30!

I fueled up some more with cereal and the other half of the banana plus a bit of coffee and coconut water. The TJ’s cereal was just ok–not mine or Craig’s favorite.

It was my first time trying coconut water and I liked it. I figured I needed something like that after Body Pump to get some electrolytes into my system.

cereal, coffee, coconut water

I am glad I got my clothes ready for the day & my yoga gear packed last night, because then I had to meditate for 25 minutes after I showered, dried my hair and put on makeup.

I didn’t get to work until 8:30 and right away, I hit up the free coffee upstairs and found an unexpected piece of cake made by a volunteer at work. She was so cute–she said “since you’re one of the first ones here, I’ll give you this too.” She put the flag in my cake for flag day!

coffee, cake and flag day flag

Lunch was a turkey and provolone sandwich, a peach chobani, and lots of red pepper and carrot slices.

chobani peach, carrots and red peppers, turkey sandwich

After lunch, it was time for my second exercise session of the day–yoga! However, we had a substitute teacher and she combined tai chi, yoga and pilates. Oh man this killed me. The pilates work got me sweating! I am sure the stretching helped my post body pump aches and pains.

I also foam rolled at work just to be safe.

foam rolling

And after work, I cut the grass for about 45 minutes. Luckily, this was my last activity of the day and now I am plopped on the couch and relaxing!

Dinner was a strawberry smoothie with soy protein powder, Chobani strawberry yogurt, frozen strawberries, and skim milk.

strawberry protein smoothie

That wasn’t enough for my very hungry tummy, so I cooked up something quick and made the gardein thai trio I got the other day.

Gardein Thai Trio

I liked it and would buy it again. I only ate half, so I’ll have the other half to look forward to for lunch tomorrow.

We’re watching Master Chef and I kind of have a crush on Max. 🙂 I hope he stays on the show for some eye candy!

After such an active day, I am definitely declaring tomorrow a rest day! Looking forward to reading and lounging on the couch.


‘Tis the season for graduation parties

It’s just been a typical Sunday around here. Checking in to say hi and give you a recap of my day.

The movie I watched last night, “How Do You Know?,” was disappointing. I expected it to be and set myself up to not love it. I know a movie is bad when I keep it on, but barely watch it and read blogs in Google reader on my iPod. What can I say–all of your blogs are a lot more interesting than that movie was! I feel bad but due to google reader and how long it takes me to comment using my iPod, I haven’t been leaving a lot of blog comments recently. I’m reading your sites, just not commenting!

Speaking of the blogosphere, that’s exactly what the first story on CBS’s Sunday Morning was today! I was so excited to watch it. They showed The Pioneer Woman’s site (which I actually don’t read, but I am sure many food bloggers do), but didn’t actually feature her directly in the story. The story also included a very successful wedding blog called Style Me Pretty. The blogger from that site, Abby, makes enough money to support her family, she employs her husband, and I think 12 other people! How awesome to have built a business through blogging and be able to do what you love every day from the comfort of your own home!

While watching the show, I had a bagel thin with earth balance on one half and strawberry cream cheese on the other and coffee.

bagel thin and coffee

We finally had a sunny and somewhat warmer day around here, which was perfect for the graduation party we headed to at Grant Park, on the south side of Milwaukee. It was a party for Craig’s cousin who is actually heading to college and the air force academy in Colorado next week. Smart and successful girl!

I had a hot dog (which tasted good with onions and tomatoes), two different types of potato salads, a pickle, and a huge chunk of refreshing watermelon. Later on, I went back for some cake, a rice krispie bar, and some grilled corn on the cob, which was the first time I had corn this season and it hit the spot!

picnic food

Craig had a hamburger and some cheetos. Yeah, not so healthy hubby. 🙂


After settling in and visiting with my in-laws, my sister in-law Lisa, Craig, and I went on a little walk through the woods. We tried to get to the beach, but the bridges were closed.

Craig and I at Grant Park

Lake Michigan

Lisa and Craig at Grant Park

We found this cute little guy hanging out on a wooden post.


After the party, I really wanted to go to Woodman’s for Chobani and for salsa ingredients because I was in need of both and because I just love Woodman’s.


Unfortunately, they were out of my huge tub of non-fat Chobani, but I got a 2% one, a strawberry flavored tub, and about 8 flavored smaller Chobanis (lots of mango and pomegranate).

I picked up some herbed tofu that I loved last time I got it from Woodman’s. When I took this picture, I noticed it appears to be from a local company, so that’s cool. Gotta support those local businesses!

bountiful bean herb tofu

And I wanted to try this Gardein thai trio product.

gardein thai trio

That about covers my Sunday. I also caught up with my brother who lives in the San Francisco area. We hadn’t talked in ages, so it was nice to hear what’s been new with him. I am jealous because he is planting tons of fruit trees in his backyard.

Time to meditate, maybe hit the gym and watch another movie, “Life As We Know It.” I also need to do some veggie cutting and tofu cooking prep work for lunches this week. But, it’s nice to know I only have a three day work week to prepare for and then any leftover prep items can be incorporated into snacks and meals when I am home on Thursday and Friday.

Adios mis lectores (I hope that’s correct for “goodbye my readers”). I have been speaking Spanish at work more trying to teach a co-worker custodian how to pronounce certain words. It’s been fun testing my knowledge of the language again.