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Glad today is over

I am just glad the day is over. We still have one more aspect of the funeral tomorrow, the burial, but funerals are really hard to go to. I know it is this way for everyone in life and I need to accept that I will have more to go to in the coming years, some of which will be very difficult for me. It was nice to see old pictures of Craig’s grandma and hear stories about her I hadn’t heard before.

I started out the morning with Honey Nut Cheerios, fresh blueberries, and coffee.

cereal, blueberries, coffee

Before washing dishes, I snacked on some toast with Earth Balance and Danish Strawberry Rhubarb jam. I also had another cup of coffee.

toast and coffee

Lunch was a Black Cherry Chobani yogurt and a ham and cheese sandwich. I liked the Black Cherry flavor but think I prefer Strawberry Banana more because of my own personal preference for that flavor.

Black Cherry Chobani and ham sandwich

Haribo gummies followed.

Haribo gummy bears

Dinner was pure comfort food–frozen pizza and skim milk.

pizza and milk

I also had a few Mint Oreos for dessert.

Not the best food day I guess, but that’s what you get for a stressful day with a funeral (and checking my work e-mail late tonight and responding to a bunch of messages).

I think I need to introduce meditation into my life to deal with the work aspect of stress I seem to have such trouble with. I actually am going to attend a free class on meditation and have Craig come along as support. With an already busy schedule, I am not sure how to fit meditation into my life, but I will try to. Anyone have a good balance down with meditation, gym, working full-time and have any advice to offer?

So, I didn’t discuss it on here yet, but you may have noticed I didn’t mention exercise habits during our trip. Basically, I went to the hotel gym on the first day we were there and never returned accept for their filtered water. Honestly, after walking probably over 7 miles most days, I didn’t feel like coming back to the hotel and working out. Also, working out in the morning could have been an option, but again, I was exhausted and we had to be at many places quite early. How do you deal with working out on vacations which already involve lots of walking the entire day?

Returning to the gym yesterday felt very good. I need to keep up the those good habits and make time for exercise. This week, I will need to work out in the morning two days because I am working late. I know I need to fit them in and will hold myself accountable to my workout plans.

Ok and now I am rambling. Time to log off and get ready for bed.