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New magazine and a visit to Taj Mahal

I received this new magazine called Experience Life in the mail yesterday and I am in love already. I won a subscription and I couldn’t be more excited to have something fresh to read. I am quite the magazine collector, but I am determined to read these cover to cover and pass them onto my mom or health conscious co-worker.


I read a few articles while waiting for my smart husband to fix a server last night. We had to drive the forty minutes out to his work so he could fix it. Poor guy. That’s when I am glad my job doesn’t require such things.


I had physical therapy after work today and I got the clearance to have this be my last session! I biked for 8 minutes, used the rubberband to move my ankle to the right and then to the left, went up on my tip toes a bunch of times and I balanced pretty steadily for a while. I guess all of my resting this week paid off. Oh and she left me with the pain patch below, which I have to wear for six hours.

Since I stayed on my butt most of the week, I was ready to hit the gym after therapy! I was still very careful with my foot though and kept it safe by walking on the treadmill, lifting weights and balancing on the bosu. I can’t wait for some longer gym sessions this weekend.


And because I was craving Indian food earlier this week, Craig suggested we go out for Indian food tonight and I can never pass up that opportunity! Did you think we really went to the Taj Mahal because of my title? I wish! That is one place I have always dreamed of traveling to. The restaurant we went to was called the Taj Mahal (local readers–it’s in Hales Corners and always very good).

We shared a Mango Lassi. I let Craig drink most of it because I didn’t want to get too full from the drink.



I got “the usual” which is Paneer Tikka Masala. The menu now calls it Paneer Butter Masala though and it was quite buttery tasting.


Yum! We can never get Indian food without ordering naan too. So good! If I was able to choose my last meal on earth, this would be it.


The night is still young so I’m going to sign off! I’ll be back sometime over the weekend. Have a lovely Friday evening.


Indian cooking class recap

The Indian cooking class I took last night was fun. It was more of a demonstration than a hands-on class. I definitely feel more empowered to cook Indian food now that I watched her make the recipes. I honestly felt a bit intimidated by cooking Indian food prior to this class, so I am glad my goal of feeling more comfortable was met.

The teacher made many vegetarian recipes over the course of 2.5 hours: apple chutney, vegetable korma, walnut and coriander raita, dal makhani, and basmati rice. She bought onion naan and warmed it in the oven while everything else cooked.

We were served a generous portion of food at the end too. My favorite was the apple chutney. I went back for more of that and the vegetable korma.

Indian food from Indian cooking class

The teacher gave us a nice list of ethnic grocery stores in the area and I can’t wait to check some of them out. Her favorites seemed to be Best Foods. Her favorite Indian restaurant is Royal India, which is also becoming our favorite, along with our other fav, Taj Mahal in Hales Corners.

As everyone was leaving the class, I felt really bad because no one asked the teacher if she needed help cleaning up. Sure we paid for class, but I thought the least someone could do was help clean up. I felt this need to help out and I stuck around another 25 minutes or so to wash all of the dishes. The teacher was so appreciative and gave me a big hug at the end. If I were her, I wouldn’t have wanted to cook for two and a half hours and then clean up for another hour, plus unload all of those ingredients back at home.

For the sake of time, I won’t post the recipes from class tonight. Instead, I’ll make some of them soon and post as I make them!

Do you like Indian food? If so, what is your favorite dish? Mine is still paneer tikka masala with a mango lassi.

Indian food bliss

Yesterday was the opposite of my previous Saturday. Last Saturday, I felt like the day went by slowly and was productive.

On Saturday morning, I woke up late and my legs were aching from walking 6.65 miles at work. I didn’t want to do anything all day. I got home at about 1 a.m. on Saturday morning and I did not have the best night at work.

I am just going to throw this out there even though I know co-workers could be reading this post (well, one of them knows how I feel about this subject, so she won’t be shocked). As a result of this constant cycle of unhappiness with my career, I keep coming back to the fact that I feel like my current job isn’t what I am passionate about. I really want to pursue something in the nutrition and fitness fields sooner rather than later. Now how to go about doing that, I am not sure. Maybe certification in nutrition? Personal training too? My husband would say that I should learn how to deal with my unhappiness at work first and then I could move on to a new career. He is partially right, but I am still not happy with the daily duties of my job, nor am I fulfilled by them. I feel like this is a common theme among the blogs I read. Many bloggers earned their degrees in fields they thought they were passionate about, started working and realized sitting behind a desk and doing administrative type tasks just wasn’t what they wanted to do the rest of their life. Can any readers out there relate to my situation and if you can, are you switching careers currently or thinking about it?

I started my Saturday with boring old Honey Nut cheerios and coffee.

coffee, honey nut cheerios

I purposely ate this light breakfast because I knew we were going to an Indian restaurant for a buffet lunch.

We went to Royal India restaurant on the south side of Milwaukee for their lunch buffet. Now, I don’t like buffets at all, but I love them at Indian restaurants. I was so pleased at the selection they offered and I usually am at Royal India. I got grilled seasoned veggies, naan, a veggie samosa, something similar to paneer tikka masala (my fav) and for dessert, delicious mango ice cream. For once, I actually limited what I ate and didn’t feel overstuffed, because then I usually feel sick the rest of the day.

yummy Indian food, Royal India restaurant Milwaukee

mango ice cream

The rest of the afternoon, I lounged around, napped, did laundry, etc. I went to Kohl’s to use some Kohl’s cash and got new Nike shorts for a mere $4.00. Craig and I came home from the mall and watched Inception. We had seen it in the theater last summer, but wanted to watch it again.

Now, I am just watching CBS Sunday Morning, ate this for breakfast…

coffee, Great Grain Cranberry Almond crunch

And I have to get ready for a bridal shower in a little bit. It’s a shower for Craig’s cousin who is getting married over Memorial Day weekend.

I’ll be back later to recap my Sunday afternoon. I hope to get to the gym today because I didn’t yesterday and then I’ll be mourning the fact that the weekend is over and I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

No pain, no gain

The perfect title for today is “no pain, no gain.” It isn’t creative, but describes exactly how I am feeling due to Body Pump yesterday! I think the squats and lunges made my thighs and quads hurt the most. I hurt all day long. Thinking about it, I don’t believe we stretched our legs after class. I will have to do that on my own from now on, because the abs and tiny bit of arm stretching won’t cut it.

Our Indian dinner was yummy yesterday. My pictures are horrible, but I will share anyway. The lighting in the restaurant was not conducive to no flash photography!

Naan and paneer tikka masalaIndian food 

I had two pieces of naan and two helpings of rice and paneer tikka masala. Craig got chicken tikka masala. We also had a Mango Lassi and a Mango milkshake. We had never tried the milkshake before and it was a little lighter than the lassi. I think we both concluded that we like the lassi more. I was so full at the end and bloated. It was well worth it for yummy food that I am not sure I could duplicate in my own kitchen. Plus, I had leftovers for lunch today!

I snacked on some Halloween candy while I watched The Amazing Race.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and Candy Corn


I made overnight oats for breakfast this morning. I mixed canned pumpkin, non-fat organic TJ’s yogurt, skim milk, chia seeds, flax seeds (for the overnight portion). This morning, I added dried currants, almonds, topped with a bit of greek yogurt and honey. I warmed it up in the microwave, since I seem to like that better than cold oats, especially as the temperatures outside drop and I am seeking warmer, comforting breakfasts.

Overnight oats

Overnight oats and coffee

Lunch was Indian leftovers with red grapes and a Reese’s peanut butter cup.


I also snacked on some almonds, candy corn and had a green earl grey tea to wake me up a little in the afternoon. Monday afternoon sleepiness hit me at about 3 p.m. and I remember that happening last Monday too. I need more sleep on Sunday night!

I napped after work and then forced myself to eat early, even though I wasn’t that hungry. I had to get some food in me well before heading to boot camp.

Pinto beans with whole wheat tortilla, shredded cheese and Frank's Red Hot

Boot camp tonight was tough at first with my painful legs. Luckily, we didn’t do many leg exercises. We did chest presses on the swiss ball, jumped rope, ran the basketball court, scooters (for abs), balancing on the bosu and passing the weighted medicine ball to each other, scoops with resistance bands and things in between and at the end. The end was lots of arms with resistance bands. I bet I will be walking like a freak tomorrow with sore arms and legs!

It’s 8:40 and I need to get off of this computer and do something else. I also want to get to bed a little earlier tonight so I don’t feel so sleepy tomorrow.