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Well, I have been so tired after two days on my feet at work. Sorry for not blogging, but I just felt so tired the last couple of nights.

On Friday, I walked 15,919 steps, which included about 12,000 at work and then 3,000 more when Craig and I went to the mall to get his eyeglasses ordered.


That totaled 6.76 miles and about 600 calories. I also burned some more calories at the gym on the elliptical and lifting weights on Friday night.

Last night was another story. No gym time for me. My body needed to lay on the couch and watch a movie, so that’s what I did. We watched The Girl Who Played with Fire and it was really good. Confusing for Craig because of all of the characters, but I could explain who was who most of the time.

This morning, I had a huge cup of coffee and a bowl of Stonyfield plain yogurt with chia seeds, a banana, and some strawberry jelly.

coffee Jonathan Adler cup, yogurt with banana, chia seeds, strawberry jam

I was feeling really weak and tired today, but I met Angie at the Y to walk around the track, catch up, and head to Body Pump.

Weakness dominated throughout Body Pump too. I haven’t done it in a while and my body is still just needing to recover from two tough days of work and a one day weekend. Thank god we are heading on vacation to warm Florida this week and I only have to work three days.

I was ravenous when I got home from the gym and had this for lunch.

milk, attune, burrito with pinto

And finally, GO PACK GO in the super bowl tonight. I don’t think I have watched the super bowl in about ten years.

go pack go cow

My father-in-law is coming over because we have a huge TV. He’s bringing sandwiches, soda and chips. Time to indulge with my monthly soda. Sometimes it just hits the spot, but I am glad I don’t drink one coca-cola a day like I used to five years ago.

Hope the green and yellow sweatshirt I am wearing is lucky for the Packers!


My husband is a saint

I was certainly tired this morning, as predicted. Woke up, fed the kitties, and went back to bed for a while. My legs hurt, but I tried something new last night with switching shoe types halfway through the night and I think that helped. In the end, the event I coordinated went very well and these events always have the potential to be stressful if one little thing goes wrong, so I was relieved.

For two hours or so this morning, my husband worked on a house project. Seriously, I know someone might be reading this thinking, that’s no big deal. The guy stood on the couch and figured out how to hang these pictures perfectly, despite d-rings not hung the same on the big picture, etc. We could have ended up with completely crooked pictures that would have bugged me for years, but thanks to his precision, we didn’t. I can’t do these kind of projects, so therefore, he is a saint to me.

Craig measuring

We went from having this depressing photo above the couch.

lighthouse picture brown

To these three pictures from Target.

new pictures from Target

living room scene


Believe it or not, we ran around to all of these hardware stores last weekend, only to find that the pictures already had d-rings and the little zig zag picture hangers on the back (they were covered up with cardboard and we were scared to rip it away for fear that we would destroy something on the back of the picture). Craig finally pulled one back this morning and discovered the picture hangers already there. ARGH! We laughed about it in the end, but the instructions on the picture just weren’t that clear.

Breakfast was a big cup of coffee in my Jonathan Adler Starbucks cup and some Jessica’s granola. Are you sick of seeing it yet? I am not sick of eating it!

Starbucks Jonathan Adler cup, Jessica's gluten free granola

Lunch was iced coffee and about half of this bowl of the quinoa dish. My husband had the other half. He was starving from working so hard all morning. I also had the rest of the Blueberry Stonyfield yogurt with the last of the pom arils. I finished up lots of items from our fridge today.

iced coffee, quinoa dish

After lunch, I snacked on some tangerine and strawberry licorice from Newman’s Own Organics.

Newman's Own Organics licorice

They are very yummy! I haven’t tried the pomegranate and black yet, but will report back when I do. What I like about their products overall is that even candy like licorice doesn’t taste too sweet. I like sweet things, don’t get me wrong, but my palette has changed since eating better.

strawberry licorice-Newman's Own Organics

Newman's Own Organics licorice

Thanks Newman’s Own Organics! 🙂

I just lounged around in the afternoon, did laundry, etc. The usual Saturday, except that I tried to rest my legs as much as possible. I read part of the Sedaris book and wasn’t into it, so I quit it. I’ll put more time into finishing Larsson instead.

Around 3, I finally got out of the house and did some grocery shopping. I meal planned first. I picked out a Vegetable Medley with chiles recipe from Clean Start by Terry Walters.

Clean Start by Terry Walters

It has parsnips in it, which I have never cooked with, so that’s exciting. I might make it for dinner tomorrow.

I also took a look at our pantry to see what to use up and pair with things I would buy at the store. We had two falafel boxes, so I decided to get the ingredients for falfafel sandwiches and make them for dinner tonight.

falafel sandwich

My pita contained about three falafel patties, grape tomatoes, Athenos hummus, a chive and yogurt dill dip that I made from the recipe on the falafel box, & lettuce. Craig didn’t want the hummus and the dip, but that’s the best part in my opinion!

My dessert was one of these. Holy yum! Hadn’t tried this flavor before and it’s delicious. I love these little ice cream sandwiches. Perfect dessert portion to keep me from eating more!

Tofutti cuties mint chocolate chip

I was kind of bummed that I didn’t make it to the gym today. I’ll do a longer workout tomorrow. Maybe I will go when the Packers and Bears are playing because I might be the only person there! 🙂

Hope you all had a great Saturday!

Last family Christmas celebration

I was off of work today and wanted to go to Target, Kohl’s, etc. to see what Christmas stuff was leftover in the stores. Unfortunately, I woke up sick with what I think was the flu. I slept most of the day away and struggled with a horrible headache that usually comes on when I don’t have coffee. I am starting to feel better now, but not 100% because I didn’t eat much all day. It just sucks that I caught something over the weekend and then it hit on my one totally free day where we didn’t have to go to someone’s house to celebrate the holidays.

We had the last of our Christmas celebrations with my family yesterday. Per usual, my parents’ house was full of people and this didn’t even include three of my siblings in the mix (I am the youngest of seven kids).

Food I ate before going to my parents’:

Breakfast was a blueberry Chobani yogurt, a piece of a Danish kringle, and coffee.

Breakfast on 12-26

I went to the gym in the late morning and did 35 minutes on the elliptical, 15 on the bike and lifted a few weights.

Shredded cheese in a whole wheat tortilla and a clementine for lunch. I originally put pinto beans in this, but I think they were bad because they tasted awful. Maybe this is where I got sick from, but that was such a tiny bite.

Lunch on 12-26

At my parents’ house, Craig and I opened our gift from my parents right away. I opened one bag that had Bath and Body Works soap, an Axe shower gel for Craig, Penzey’s baking spices and a holiday towel with “P” on it for our last name.

P towel and Penzey's baking spices

Penzey's Baking spices

I thought that was a great gift and then my mom plopped a very heavy and large package on my lap. I figured out what it was before I unwrapped it and was elated!

We got a Kitchen Aid Classic Plus mixer! Now that I bake more, I really needed one of these and my mom felt sorry for my recent experience of using a very old hand mixer in a non-mixing bowl and how my cookie dough flew all over and didn’t mix well (when I made the peanut butter dough balls). My mom ended up getting an excellent deal on it at Kohl’s and couldn’t pass up the chance to get this excellent present for us for Christmas.

us with our new Kitchen Aid Classic Plus mixer

Craig and I joked that I’d be using the present and he’d be eating the product of it since he doesn’t bake.

Kitchen Aid Classic Plus Mixer

My parents opened up their presents from us. Wine and pistachios for my dad.

dad with wine and pistachios

The Jonathan Adler Starbucks cup for my mom. It coincidentally matched her shirt yesterday!

mom with Jonathan Adler Starbucks cup

And we got them a gift card to the movie theater. With the senior citizen discount, that should last them most of the year!

As Craig said, I did my “Nancy Drew” thing and took photos of and looked at ancestral documents/photos. Since I am getting so into genealogy lately, I need to keep getting as much info compiled so I can add to what I have.

My great grandma’s birth certificate, in German.

my great grandma's birth certificate

A photograph of her husband, Henry. He was a part time policeman, hence the uniform.

my great grandfather Henry

My parents with my older brothers and sisters in the 1960’s.

my family in the 1960's

We used to play Trivial Pursuit every Christmas and then that sort of faded away. That tradition was brought back yesterday. For once, I didn’t play. 😦

Trivial Pursuit playing at Christmas

Phew and Christmas is all over!

Adventures in toilet shopping

After getting some stuff done around the house, Craig and I headed out to Home Depot to look at toilets. My goal was to also walk away with a spice rack and that happened! I also posed by this HUGE snow plow. I wish we had this to plow our driveway!

Huge snow plow and me

We wanted a new toilet because ours is currently using twice the amount of water that the newest ones on the market use (typically 1.28 gallons per flush). Ideally, we could have also found one with a dual flush, like Craig was impressed by in Europe. Unfortunately, we were limited because our bathroom is kind of small and our toilet just happens to be right by the bathroom door. The dual flush toilets on the market are just too long for our small bathroom.


Craig at Home Depot toilet shopping

After narrowing it down to two, we left Home Depot and went to Starbucks right next door to purchase the two-for-one holiday drink deal. We both got the Caramel Brulee Latte. It was good, but not quite the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.

Starbucks Caramel Brulee

Me at Starbucks

Craig researched the two toilets we liked on his Droid.


I bought two of these adorable Jonathan Adler ceramic cups…one for my mom for Christmas and one for myself for Christmas. I saw them online the other day and was so excited to find them at my local Starbucks today! My mom and I sort of have an obsession with coffee cups.

Starbucks Jonathan Adler ceramic cup

Starbucks Jonathan Adler ceramic cup

The research led us to conclude that the Kohler (yay, local company) toilet was rated best.

Wellworth Kohler toilet

Kohler Wellworth

Luckily, when we went back to the toilet aisle, the really smart Home Depot worker was there. He had helped Craig before with pipes for our dryer. We asked how the toilet was rated and he said it was a really good model for the price. It was a best seller for a while and has even been improved since that time. This made Craig and I feel much better about our choice!

Here’s my spice rack. Nothing fancy, just a nice wire one to attach to our pantry door. So excited to organize my little spice bottles and other random small things. This will be so nice to use while cooking and baking.

spice rack

Off to watch The Talented Mr. Ripley. Craig has never seen it and I am a huge Matt Damon fan, so I don’t mind watching it for probably the fourth or fifth time.