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A Milwaukee blogger brunch

Karis hosted a lovely brunch at her house on Sunday morning. Two other Milwaukee area bloggers, Erica and Alysha also attended!

Milwaukee bloggers at brunch

I loved the sign on her front door! I laughed as I approached her house.

Karis' front door welcoming us bloggers :)

Karis is a typical Virgo and very organized (I am not a typical Virgo since I am not as organized at home). She had a menu written out with ingredients and the source. It was also sort of a joke and you can read about it on her blog post.

brunch menu

Karis’s husband, Chris, opened the prosecco for our mimosas.

Chris with champagne

We started with fresh homemade cinnamon-sugar donuts, which were delicious! My husband saw the picture I took of them and couldn’t believe Karis made homemade donuts. He wouldn’t let me get a donut pan though, however. Silly husband, as he would benefit directly from it more than I would.

donut, yum

While Karis cooked, I enjoyed watching her cats, Merlot and Chianti, be mischievous.

Karis cooking

Merlot at the back door

Chianti reminds me so much of our cat, Tanzi.

Chianti sitting at the table

The other fantastic brunch items we had were Vanilla Chobani greek yogurt with berries, nuts, coconut and granola.

granola, berries and greek yogurt

A fritatta with kale and onions.


Here is my plate…we also had some fresh cantalope and red potatoes.

yogurt, frittata, potatoes

After we were done eating, we went outside for the photo and admired Karis and Chris’s container garden, which is doing quite well.

Karis's kale

Karis's garden

I proceeded to admire her cats. I love that her cats have a little area to sit outside in. Ours don’t go outside and they would probably beg to go out all the time.



It was a great morning and afternoon spent with fun and friendly bloggers! I am so thankful for blogging as it has connected me with new people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Head on over to Karis’s blog to check out the recipes she used.


Feasting for Fido

On Thursday night, Karis, her friend Jen and I went to Feasting for Fido at the Milwaukee Humane Society.



Jen and Karis

Jen and Karis

Karis and I

Karis and I at Feasting for Fido

We paid $50 in advance for our tickets (they were $60 at the door) and they included unlimited wine and water, two tickets for beer and/or soda and all the samples of delicious vegetarian foods and desserts you wanted.

Restaurants that offered samples included: Blue’s Egg, Cafe Manna, Cafe Perrin, Honey Pie Cafe, Juniper 61, Le Reve, Tess, Sven’s European Cafe, Ristorante Bartolotta, Simma’s Bakery, The Fast Foodie, The Green Kitchen, The Rumpus Room, Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar, Umami Moto, Meritage, Mr. B’s and Maxie’s Southern Comfort.

The event took place indoors and outdoors. After trying some Stone’s Throw winery Merlot, we headed inside to check out the eats and the animals.

Feasting for Fido 2012

Le Reve was offering an array of beautiful and appetizing desserts.

Le Reve at Feasting for Fido

I chose this passion fruit one and it was to die for!

Le Reve passion fruit dessert

If I could have chosen two kittens to bring home with me, it would have been these two guys (or girls). I have a thing for gray and white kitties with blue eyes, especially when they look this adorable sleeping.

cute kitties

I am definitely a cat person. The dogs were adorable, but I melt when I see the kittens or even the really fat cat available for adoption.

Outside, we found the eventual winner of best food sample, Meritage. I really enjoyed their watermelon, strawberry and feta salad.


Cafe Manna had some of my favorites available–limonade, a lentil burger and they had bone shaped cookies for humans!

Cafe Manna

We all ended the evening with beers. Karis and I tried the Hinterland Door County Cherry Wheat and it was tasty! Jen had the Glacial Trail IPA.


I’m so grateful to Karis for asking if I wanted to go to this event! I really loved everything about it–giving money to help animals, the vegetarian food and the setup.


Up next is a Feasting for Felix at the Ozaukee campus on August 9th. I think we’ll attend that one next year!

Geek in the Midwest

I guess you could call me “geek in the midwest” today because I geeked out at the fact that I can finally borrow books for the kindle from the library! Craig and I knew the announcement was supposed to come out sometime this month and it finally did today, which totally made my afternoon. I already requested The Paris Wife and Eating Animals. If you’ve read either of these titles, let me know what you thought!


I have a lot of other reading to do, but I am sure I can fit in reading those two titles when they are available for loan.

One of the books I was most excited to start today was Catching Fire, the second book in The Hunger Games series. It already sucked me in and since I am taking a rest day from the gym tonight, I’ll have plenty of time to relax and read it.



After work, Craig and I drove to meet Karis, aka my cake pop dealer. 🙂 Karis delivered the cake pops I bid on and won from Jessica’s Team Challenge for CCFA bake sale.

Aren’t Karis’ business cards cool looking? I like the clean and modern font she used. I need to get business cards for my blog yet.

Karis' cake pops

I declared that I wouldn’t try a cake pop until Friday, when I can officially eat chocolate again. However, I was surrounded by chocolate all day and I just had to give in. Besides, I have done my lactose free diet for 6 days now and the doc said to aim for 5-7 days lactose free.

So, I was naughty and enjoyed one when we got home. It was delicious! Craig loved the taste of them too and said they looked so professional. They did–Karis did a great job.

cake pops

After hearing how difficult they are to make, I doubt I’ll be making them anytime soon. I’m not sure I have the patience!

Have a good night!

Pizzeria Piccola and Yo Mama! in Wauwatosa

Last night, Craig and I met Karis and her husband Chris for dinner at Pizzeria Piccola in the Wauwatosa Village. Karis’ birthday is coming up this Sunday and mine was on Wednesday, so we celebrated being Virgos by eating out with our husbands!

Karis and Chris at Pizzeria Piccola

It was really hot and humid out, but we dined al fresco. I really liked the patio space next to the indoor section of the restaurant. It had beautiful lighting and was a comfortable space to eat in (despite the heat).

Chris outside of Pizzeria Piccola

Pizzeria Piccola nighttime

Food blogger in action! (Photo courtesy of Karis)

Craig and I at Pizzeria Piccola

Karis and I both had the veggies on our pizza and I really enjoyed the flavor of it. It reminded me of the pizzas I had in Italy.

Vegetarian pizza Pizzeria Piccola

Craig had the sausage and enjoyed that flavor too.

Craig with sausage pizza

Craig's sausage pizza

I was glad Craig and Chris had some things in common, like Karis and I do. We talked about our travels, silly cat children, and our jobs.

Us at Pizzeria Piccola

After talking for a while, we headed to Yo Mama! up the street. This was my fourth visit and Karis’ and Chris’ first to Yo Mama! and I am not tired of going there at all. 🙂 This time, I didn’t have cake batter and I missed it. Craig and I shared a Peach Mango Tart and Very Raspberry cup with some colorful mochi on top.

me getting fro yo at Yo Mama! Tosa

Yo Mama! Raspberry and Peach Mango Tart, Mochi

Yo Mama! Tosa

Chris and Karis Yo Mama! Tosa

It was a fun night spent with friends and a great way to celebrate our birthdays!

Blog crush

Karis recommended two blogs to me recently and I am especially loving one of them: daily nibbles.

It’s been addictive to hop over to see what she is up to because Sarah is traveling in England right now. Her pictures are gorgeous and they make me long to go back to England to travel soon. Pop over to her site to check it out!

In the meantime, I’ll just read the book Karis brought me last week and dream about traveling to far away places like London.


Here I am at the Tower Bridge in 2006.


I have this need to figure out where our next trip is and I prefer that it’s somewhere overseas because we are young and life is short! 😉 HINT HINT Craig. I guess I need something to look forward to all winter long and having our next travel destination in mind is always helpful for the depressing, snowy days of winter.

Of course, I also love Karis’s blog because she is always trying out new recipes and uses fresh vegetables from her CSA, so check Karis’ Kitchen out as well!

Which blog(s) are you loving lately? Any new discoveries you just have to share? I am finding myself deleting a few blogs from my reader and adding more fashion and travel ones because they inspire me.

Cooking Class at the Milwaukee Public Market

After work tonight, I headed over to the Milwaukee Public Market for the first in a series of three Summer Harvest Cooking classes. I only signed up for the first two, but I may sign up for the third if I like what the teacher is making.

Before class, I got a small dinner at the market because I knew eating samples in class probably wouldn’t satisfy my hungry tummy. I picked up an egg salad sandwich was that just right and a fantastic juice from The Green Kitchen that contained beets, apples, limes, and strawberries. I started to read Carrots ‘N’ Cake the book and then I noticed my blog friend Karis (or “blend” as some bloggers say) had arrived and sat down nearby.

Carrots N' Cake book, juice from the Green Kitchen, egg salad sandwich

Here are Karis and I after class was over.

Karis and Lisa

Me and Karis edited photo

Milwaukee Public Market

I liked the teacher’s style and the stories or advice she would give to us while she was cooking. She realized her recipes are somewhat based in traditional French cooking, but that is only natural since she has been to France 12 times and trained in French culinary schools.

We enjoyed Pizza with Onion Confit, WI Chevre (goat cheese) and Walnuts. This was delicious! The teacher used plain naan from Trader Joe’s as the “dough” and it was so easy and tasted great!

Pizza with Onion Confit, WI goat Chevre, Walnuts

Next was the Creamy Spinach/Kale Soup with Coconut Milk and Garaam Masala. I thought this looked and sort of tasted like a green monster smoothie. The flavor was just ok at first and I heard a couple of other classmates say that it needed something else. I actually thought the soup tasted better with every bite. All of the different flavors kept coming out the more I ate it.

Creamy Spinach/Kale Soup with Coconut Milk and garam masala

And finally, for dessert, we enjoyed Creme Anglaise (English Custard) and Strawberries. It was light and the perfect summer dessert!

Creme Anglaise (English Custard) and Strawberries

Can’t wait for the class in July! I always seem to leave cooking, food related, or fitness classes & lectures with tons of energy. I get this high from learning about the topics I love.

I forgot to ask the teacher if I can publish her recipes on my blog, so maybe I can ask her in the July class and share them with you then. Or, you can google those recipe names I listed above and see what you come up with on your own!

Dinner and book discussion

Last night, I didn’t blog because I went from work, home to meditate and then to meet Karis for dinner at Noodles and Company. This was our first time meeting in person after writing e-mails back and forth over the last couple of months. How fun to meet another blogger in person, especially because we are interested in a lot of the same things! She even was sweet enough to bring me two books I am really looking forward to reading: A Year of Sundays and A Homemade Life.

After a great dinner discussion, we headed over to the New Berlin Public Library for their book discussion on Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

It was fun to hear what others, especially those coming from a different demographic, had to say about their impressions of the book. What I took away from the book was that growing as much food as you can helps the environment, your budget, your piece of mind and it’s a fun process. I am looking forward to hopefully expanding our patio container garden a bit this summer. Oh and I can’t wait to try some of her recipes inspired by what she grew on their farm.

I wasn’t too hungry this morning so I had Post Great Grains Cranberry Almond Crunch cereal and some coffee.

coffee, Post Great Grains cereal

I was tired again today so I had an almond latte and some raw almonds for a snack mid-morning.

blue diamond almonds; almond latte

Lunch was a pb & j sandwich. I used Smart Balance peanut butter and it’s really yummy.

clementine, pb & j, chobani peach

After work, I meditated and snacked on half of this KIND bar.

KIND plus bar

Then I met up with my friend Angie at the gym for some weight lifting and the elliptical. It was nice to catch up with her and chat while working out. So different to be working out without music blaring in my ears too.

I was so hungry by the time I got home at 7! I quickly chopped up some stuff and added to quinoa that was already cooked. It was basically the same quinoa combo I made the other day.

quinoa tomatoes, feta, red peppers, kalamata olives

And now I just lost to my husband in Wordfeud. It’s so addictive to play and I keep saying it’s my “Alzheimer’s prevention” because I don’t play enough word games. I am surprised my hubby likes it because he doesn’t like Scrabble. It’s fun to compete against him, even if I just lost to him big time. Oh well–there’s a new game starting now and I better get my thinking cap on.