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Most boring blog title ever, but I am not feeling the creativity flowing today.

Here’s what my weekend looked like:

Had the passion fruit flavor of Chobani yesterday. Good thing I read warnings of how odd the yogurt looked because otherwise I would have thought it was moldy.

Not my favorite. I definitely liked blood orange best out of all three new flavors.


I worked until midnight on Friday. For my dessert, I mixed this Fig spread into plain greek yogurt and granola. It was a tasty combination!


Since my sleep cycle was off, I was so tired and achy on Saturday. I tried to read part of The Tiger’s Wife but ended up napping after a while.


To get rid of some produce, I blended up a smoothie consisting of spinach, a banana, blueberries and almond milk. This, along with the chobani yogurt, was pretty much my lunch on Saturday.


I felt like making something simple this morning and these Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookie Dough Bites had been on my mind all week.



They turned out pretty good. I probably could have added a bit more of the wet ingredients to help them stick together better.


And sadly, we didn’t win the big Powerball jackpot, so it’s back to work tomorrow instead of living out our/my dreams of quitting my job, moving to Hawaii, and retiring for the rest of our lives. 😦


This afternoon, I’m off to Iron Cupcake Milwaukee with my friend Kim and Whole Foods afterward! Be back later with a recap!

Google Voice

Just a typical Saturday around here…

I read The Paris Wife in silence this morning and got very into the story. It’s getting good. Ernest was sure the player! And Paris during that time sounds crazy with affairs, absinthe and drinking.

morning routine--coffee, kindle, bagel

Oh and my iPhone 4S finally has a tracking number and should arrive this week! Best news ever! 🙂 Now I need to make a decision on a case and order one. It hasn’t been that bad without a phone–I just hate driving around without one in case I need to call someone in an emergency situation.

Yesterday, I learned how to use Google voice and called Craig and my parents with it using my laptop. If you don’t have a Google voice number, get one, it’s totally free! You can text people for free using it and receive texts for free (just be sure people have that number instead of your main one). Calling is also completely free, except for international numbers.


Lunch was another turkey and cheese panini and some brussels sprouts with nutritional yeast, Forward Penzey’s spice, sea salt and pepper. The Forward spice was hot! I needed to cool off with some gum after!

Eaten with a side of blogs via my iPod touch and the Feeddler app.

iPod touch and brussels sprouts

Sorry (I’m not sorry) for all of the cat pictures as of late, but these guys are too cute. Especially Karma and the way he cuddles with Craig in bed.

Craig and Karma relaxing

He always plops himself in this spot, but this time he wrapped his legs around Craig’s hand.


I need to get to the grocery store for double coupon day before heading over to my friend Danielle’s house to see her new baby and have dinner together! I just spoke to her and her 2 year old daughter is running around the house today saying, “Lisa is coming over!” Danielle is a bit confused because I don’t see her daughter that often, but last time I saw her, she was saying “bye bye Lisa” after I got out of Danielle’s car. So cute!

Have a lovely Saturday!

Unplugging (sort of)


Since we are staying at a place that has no wi-fi, but offers beautiful scenery, a lake to look at every day, birds to watch, etc. I am officially unplugging this weekend. The only electronic devices I am bringing along are my kindle, cell, and iPod touch. I hope to do lots of reading of The Hunger Games, books on my kindle and catch up on some magazine reading too (Whole Living, Fitness, Health)! I can’t promise that before or after a run to the farmer’s market in town, I won’t step into the town library to use their wi-fi with my iPod touch, but I will unplug from blogging this weekend. I’ll be back on Sunday or Monday with a recap of the weekend!

Oh and here are my usual before and after shots of my haircut/color. I went darker and shorter. Trying to get away from visiting the stylist so much for highlights and get back to my darker blonde roots!


before hair


after hair

My new haircut is sort of a “lob” (long bob) which is hot right now. While waiting for my color to process, I did look through some hair magazines and tended to gravitate towards the lob. I didn’t ask for that cut directly, but did ask for it to be a bit shorter and a little more layered.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

Grilled tofu love

Happy Saturday!

Instead of going to the gym bright and early, I chose sleep and the comfort of my bed on a Saturday morning.

After having stovetop oats with banana, various spices, chia seeds and peanut butter, I showered and got ready to head out of the house.

stovetop oats, banana, pb, chia seeds, coffee

I went to Starbucks to meet my friends, but found no one there. After waiting a couple of minutes and not having reached anyone by phone, I left and went to Ulta to shop. Out walked my friend Kim and she was surprised to see me. Apparently she texted everyone about our meet up, but you see, I don’t receive texts. They are literally blocked from my phone and my mom’s (we share a plan) and I like it that way because we used to receive too many junk texts and paid for them.

I picked up two Aveeno products for a mere $6 something with tax (I saved $6 by combining a $5 off Ulta coupon and a $1 off manufacturer’s coupon). I bought exfoliating body wash (for sunless tanning purposes) and their moisturizing and volumizing shampoo, which Kim highly recommended and which I wanted to buy anyway because I loved the samples of that shampoo I used last summer.

Kim and I went back to Starbucks and I got an iced coffee, which I am now addicted to since it’s getting warmer out. We parted ways and I was off to the Brownberry outlet to get various breads.

After running a few other errands, I went to my parents’ house out in the country. In the first couple of minutes I was there, I managed to freeze my mom’s kindle and had to restart the thing with my husband’s help. I finally helped my mom with a few things on the kindle and then cleaned up their computer by removing some programs.

I also ate lunch there–a ham and cheese sandwich on a roll, a pineapple chobani and a sprite.

ham and cheese, pineapple chobani, sprite

I stopped at a Wal-mart on the way back home and while I usually don’t like to patronize them for my groceries, I really didn’t feel like going back out to a grocery store once I got home. I found strawberries for $1 and Stonyfield yogurt cheap. Surprisingly, I also walked away with some Danskin shorts, a tank top and a t-shirt, all from the Danskin Active line. I recommend it if you are looking for reasonably priced workout wear that also fits nicely.

After a 20 minute walk with Craig, I decided that was all the exercise I would get for the day because I needed to make dinner, meditate and do other things around the house.

I pressed some tofu and ate Chobani vanilla yogurt with cocoa granola, strawberries and blueberries while I waited.

Chobani vanilla yogurt, berries, granola

I dug out our George Foreman grill and grilled tofu and asparagus on it for the first time.

dinner-grilled tofu, asparagus and Fat Tire beer

I really liked how firm the tofu got by grilling it and now I’ll probably always want to make it this way!

I topped it with Frank’s Red Hot and paired my dinner with a Fat Tire New Belgium beer.

Dessert was a few bites of pumpkin pie. My mom made some today and gave me a few pieces to bring home. Aaah, I missed the taste of pumpkin! Why do we only seem to eat it in the fall?

pumpkin pie

Well, this post got a bit long and I want to go read some blogs.

It’s move night in our house, but unfortunately, I don’t like the selection: District 9. Craig is watching it while I blog and watch it off and on. Not a science fiction kind of girl. Well, I am picky about my science fiction I guess.

Sunny day, at last

I was so happy to see the sun shining this morning! It really improved my mood. Well, and it helped that it was Friday.

I had a great day at work and it flew by. I started my day with Chobani, preserves, chia seeds, coffee…same old thing that I never get tired of.

yogurt, coffee

Due to the sunny skies and warmer temps, I was able to eat lunch outside today and it felt great. I took my kindle out there and read the newest book that I borrowed from a stranger through booklending.com. I was able to get Water for Elephants! Very excited to read the book and then eventually see the movie. I plowed through a good portion of the book at lunch and it is a great read so far.

lunch 5-20-11

I was able to leave work around 3 because I have to work 10 hour days on Monday and Tuesday of next week. I love being able to leave early on a Friday so I can run home and get the house cleaned before the weekend officially starts. Instead of going to the gym, I burned calories while washing dishes, doing multiple loads of laundry, and picking up around the house in general. I forced myself to go outside to read some more of Water for Elephants. I sat out in our lawn chair while birds were buzzing around my head and I loved every minute of it.

The cats enjoyed sitting together and watching the birds too.

cats at window

cats at window

If the world doesn’t end tomorrow, I will be trying to make it to the gym in the morning for some cardio and yoga, meeting friends at Starbucks for coffee mid-morning, shopping around Brookfield and then heading to my parents’ house after that.

Have a wonderful start to your weekend readers!

Bottomless pit

Yay, only two more days of the work week! So glad I don’t have to work this weekend!

Just a typical Wednesday for me. Worked, had yoga class at work, and rested tonight. My body, especially my abs, really hurt after yesterday’s HABIT class. I am glad they did because that means I did something right! It just hurt to do any ab exercises in yoga today.

Breakfast was the usual.


I actually bought my lunch today because I didn’t feel like preparing anything before work. I also was craving a big salad and eggs, so I knew I would just grab a chef salad at work.

chef salad, newman's own salad dressing

After yoga, I was still hungry! Rather than eating treats, I went for a fruit cup at my work cafe. It hit the spot and tasted so good!

fruit cup

When I got home from work, I found a package with one of the things I ordered with my blog profits! I decided to treat myself to a knitted apple holder from etsy. I know you probably think this is ridiculous, but the germ phobia I have makes me currently bring apples wrapped up in a paper towel when I go to work. That’s not eco friendly and I try to be as green as possible. So, I saw one of these on another blog a while ago and finally treated myself to one.

This is from early girl on etsy, obviously. Cute packaging, huh!? I am a sucker for that kind of stuff!

early girl knitted apple holder

I am also a sucker for anything with bird prints on it. 🙂


Here’s the holder in my favorite color, teal! No apples to model it with, but when I buy some, I’ll show you what it looks like or you can click over to early girl’s etsy site to check it out for yourself!

apple knitted holder from etsy--early girl

I had a bottomless pit today and felt like nothing satisfied me! I lost some weight and I think my body is trying to gain it back. I snacked when I got home from work–had some pita chips, some dark chocolate covered almonds, and some pomegranate green tea.

Dinner was a vegetable masala burger from TJ’s. I called it a chana masala burger earlier this week and I saw the package just calls it a vegetable masala burger. Oops. Must have had chana masala on my brain!

vegetable masala burger Trader Joe's

I finished my first book on the kindle last night. I loved The Secret Holocaust Diaries and encourage others to read it. I have a confession though. I balled when I read a part of the book and just couldn’t control my tears. Her story was so sad and the thought of all of the awful things that happened during the Holocaust rushed into my head, causing me to cry for all of those who lost their loved ones during that horrible time in history.

Off to read some blogs!

Trying new fitness classes

One of my new goals is to try various fitness classes at my YMCA more often. I usually just attend yoga and I really enjoy doing my own thing on the cardio and weight machines. I like Zumba and Body Pump, so I should get back into those. Tonight, I tried H.A.B.I.T which stands for “Hips, Abs, Butt, Intense Thighs.” It was a 45 minute class and the time just flew by. I really enjoyed the exercises and the teacher was good. I felt like I got a good workout for all of those areas of my body, which in my opinion, are my weakest and most fatty areas. We used the ball a lot and now I even have some new exercises to try out on my own. Too bad that the class may be going away for the summer months, but I will probably try to make it on Tuesday nights through June.

After class, my legs were killing me from the wall sit with the ball we had just done, but I biked for 20 minutes and logged 7.19 miles (which made me smile because this is my husband’s birthday).

To top it off, when I got home, I still had an incredible amount of energy, especially after eating, and Craig and I then took a 20 minute walk in our neighborhood because the weather is so nice. Guess I couldn’t get enough exercise today because I did something physical for two hours straight!

I had a really good day. I took breaks to manage my stress and listened to my iPod while working in the afternoon, which kept me happy and also made me less sleepy during my afternoon slump. I also got a bit carried away with listening to the German language lessons in between music because at one point, I yelled “scheisse” really loud and my co-worker laughed. I had just made a maddening mistake and the German swear word came out naturally.

Ok enough about fitness and enough text! Onto my eats and some photos!

Breakfast was Crunchy Nut cereal with skim milk and coffee. I am finding this cereal to be too sweet for me, but sometimes all I want is cereal in the morning, so I am eating it up and dealing with the sweet taste.

coffee and crunchy nut cereal

Lunch was a pb and j sandwich on Trader Joe’s wheat bread, pita chips, a strawberry Chobani and a few dark chocolate covered almonds. I didn’t end up eating the apple, so I’ll save it for tomorrow.

pita chips, strawberry chobani, pb & j, apple

Dinner was much needed after all of that working out! I knew what I wanted and was craving it at the gym. A green monster smoothie! I added almond milk, skim milk, chia seeds, frozen banana and of course, spinach to it. This was my first time adding chia seeds to it and I loved their addition! It was my husband’s first time trying chia seeds. He always laughs at them because he thinks of the chia pet.

While reading Amazon Daily on the kindle during my lunch break, I found an article about chia seeds and they showed pictures of chia pets, which made me laugh and think of my husband’s comments. I can’t link to the article, but the content was all stuff you probably know–how filling chia seeds are because of the protein and fiber, etc.

green monster smoothie

The unpictured aspects of my dinner were a small bowl of Chobani plain with preserves and two pieces of jack cheese.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution–for the last couple of weeks, I have been excitedly turning on the TV at 7 p.m. on Tuesday nights and expecting Food Revolution to be on. I thought something weird was going on, that or Dancing with the Stars was concluding and those finales were taking more precedence over the food crisis we are having in our nation. Well, I finally googled it today and found out it will return to Friday nights starting on June 3rd. Phew! Anyone else miss watching it? I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I really looked forward to that show each week. Can’t wait until it’s back!

Well, it’s early for once and I am off to get some reading done, per usual. Night!

Monday Monday

Oh Mondays, how I loathe you. Glad you’re almost over though.

I started off my day with chobani plain greek yogurt, chia seeds, wild blueberry preserves and Kashi summer berry granola. This seems to be my go to breakfast lately.

greek yogurt, chia seeds, granola, preserves, coffee

My sister-in-law Lisa has become my “Chobani dealer.” She works close to Woodman’s now and asks me if I need anything and each time she asks I say “two tubs of plain chobani please.” My mother-in-law tried some Chobani just plain yesterday and said it tastes like sour cream. I threw in some of my beloved Bonne Maman wild blueberry preserves and she loved that combo! May have hooked another person on Chobani!

Lunch was leftovers–pizza and quinoa. I didn’t eat all of that quinoa though. I saved the rest for more leftovers. I also had about 6 carrot sticks and gobs of dark chocolate covered almonds from TJ’s to comfort my Monday blues.

pizza, quinoa

During my 15 minute and lunch breaks, I managed to read my Kindle and I have to say that I love the option to read so many different things. Sometimes I am just not in the mood to read a certain book, so I could preview a new one or read the Amazon Daily post. I downloaded lots of samples yesterday including The New Weightlifting Rules for Women and started reading the sample before bed last night. It sounds like a book I should buy a paper copy of. Love what I have read so far. Anyone out there read that book yet or started it?

I had an afternoon slump, so I ate half of a cherry pie larabar to see if that helped. Nope. Oh well, I tried.

Dinner was a Trader Joe’s chana masala veggie burger with jack cheese and I put it all on a TJ’s sandwich thin, which was awesome! Definitely getting those more than Arnold’s and if you remember from my post last week, their nutritional stats were better too. Had some strawberries on the side and munched on more fruit before dinner in the form of dried mango.

strawberries, TJ's thins, chana masala veggie burger

After dinner settled, I made my way to the gym. I walked on the treadmill for 34 minutes and logged 2.14 miles. I watched a new episode of Property Virgins on HGTV and ran very slowly (13:00 minute pace) during commercials. My ankle wasn’t irritated, but my body just felt off. I need to get back into running slowly so I can keep training for the 10k. Then I lifted some weights and left.

And now I am just chilling with an adorable cat by the name of Tanzi next to me and ready to go read my kindle some more. Almost halfway through The Secret Holocaust Diaries!

Relaxing day at home

Feliz cinco de mayo! (I speak Spanish pretty well and even minored in it in college for a while, until it became too difficult). No fun cinco de mayo food on the blog today, but Craig and I might try a new Mexican restaurant this weekend. Did you know that cinco de mayo isn’t even widely celebrated in Mexico? Learned some fun facts about it while lounging around and watching the Today show this morning!

I ended up calling in sick today so I could rest properly. It felt so good to be home and relaxing all day, with my foot up for most of it, of course. I finished about four magazines that had already been started, lots of newspapers from my huge stack, and I read on the Kindle.

The good news is that my ankle is feeling better. The pain in my foot was not too prevalent today, except for now, in the evening. It seems that my ankle and leg itself always hurt the most at night and overnight, while I am sleeping. In fact, I woke up many times last night with pain and that was also one of the reasons I stayed home today. I needed to sleep in until 9 a.m. to make up for my lack of sleep!



I painted my toenails a cheery summer color of Essie Boat House and read The Secret Holocaust Diaries (a free book that is really good so far) on the Kindle.

reading The Secret Holocaust Diaries on Kindle; painting toenails

Lunch–just Stonyfield plain yogurt with almonds and honey. I was not hungry all day, so this is the only thing I ate for lunch.

Stonyfield plain yogurt, sliced almonds, honey

More reading, this time it was Nutrition Action. This article on sandwich and bagel thins opened my eyes to the fact that I may want to consider switching to a different brand of sandwich thins because Arnold’s doesn’t rate so well (due to sodium levels).



I think I’ll pick up some of the top rated Trader Joe’s thins while shopping there this weekend.


Dinner–whole wheat gnocchi with four cheese fettuccine alfredo sauce and some grape tomatoes on the side. I think I’ll stick to regular flour gnocchi from now on. The wheat flavor was too strong for both Craig and I.

whole wheat gnocchi; fettucine alfredo sauce; grape tomatoes

Even though I read all day, I want to get some more in tonight. I also need to ice and elevate my foot again because the pain is starting to surge. No exercise today, just lots of rest.