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Kopps, I love you.

Friday recap…


it was my first time trying the vanilla Chobani flavor and I liked it–the vanilla wasn’t that prominent, but it also wasn’t overwhelming, as can be the case sometimes with vanilla flavored yogurts.

chobani vanilla, blueberries, coffee

My morning snack at work was just some Newman’s Own pretzels and a hot cocoa.

Lunch was a salad with feta, tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers and an olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing I threw together. I had an applesauce, a bunch of carrot sticks and two pieces of yummy chocolate (kit kat and my fav moser roth). The kit kat wasn’t in the pic below because I got it from a co-worker. I figured, “it’s Friday, why not indulge in two pieces of chocolate!”


I came home to find lots of goodies–my package from Tina at Trading Up Downtown…

Sarabeth's tea, teapot

…and a new Glamour magazine in my mailbox.


I paged through it and found this article to read.

Why is everyone going vegan?

I think I would like to try going vegan for a week or more and see how my body feels as a result. But, this article just left me craving red meat, which is a rare craving for me.

We didn’t eat dinner until 7 something…very unusual for us and I was starving. The red meat craving led me to craving the place where I could get the biggest cheeseburger that was thin and delicious in our area. No McD’s for this girl, so we headed to Kopps Frozen Custard. Not that it is any healthier, but it sure tasted delicious!

Kopps menu


Mmm…pure food bliss.

Lisa with cheeseburger at Kopps

Craig and double cheeseburger

We also indulged in vanilla custard. Sharing a dish was perfect! I really wanted Turtle Sundae flavored custard, but we compromised on vanilla.

Kopps vanilla custard

“Date night” continued in the way that two geeks who are now married date. We headed to Best Buy nearby and walked around. I hadn’t been in there in ages. My husband loves technology and so do I, so I drooled over the Kindle, new phones, danced with the Kinect system, looked at cameras and majorly drooled over the Mac laptops.


I really need a new one soon to replace my 2004 iBookG4. She has lasted me a while, but is quite slow now. Yes she is a “she” because her name since day one has been Granny Smith.

When we left Best Buy, we saw this typical Wisconsin van. 🙂

GB packer van

I was a bum and didn’t work out last night. We watched the movie Going the Distance when we got home. Kind of cute. Craig thinks I look like Drew Barrymore in the movie, but mostly I just think we have the same hairstyle and I kind of speak like her sometimes.

Onto the Saturday recap.