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Weekend up north

We headed up to Shawano, WI over the weekend, where my husband’s family has a cottage on the lake. I didn’t grow up going to a lake cottage or cabin, but it’s a tradition in Craig’s family.

I drove and was feeling sleepy halfway through our trip, so a trip to Starbucks was much needed. I tried a White Chocolate frappucino for the first time.

Needed a pick me up while driving up north

We stopped in Oshkosh, where the EAA flyin was going on and we saw the Good Year blimp and some fighter jets.

Good year blimp

Here are some pictures from the lake.





We ran into town on Friday night and I picked up a salad and some Chobani at the store.

Healthy dinner

Craig supported the girl scouts and got a hot dog.

Craig eating his hot dog

On Friday night, I watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, but admittedly spent a lot of time on my cell phone because I was a little bored. They weren’t horrible (especially if you knew that Boyle was creating the first live movie) in my opinion, I just get bored during those in general. I like the parade of nations part best.

I enjoyed this cider finally.

Fox Barrel cider and the olympics

We ventured out to Wausau to hike Rib Mountain on Saturday.

The views from the top were beautiful.


me at Rib Mountain

us at Rib Mountain

We went on the yellow trail and it wasn’t that tough or long of a hike.

the yellow trail at Rib Mountain

The top of the observation tower offered the best views of the area.


It was nice to get a change of scenery over the weekend. I didn’t get to do any reading of magazines or books, which was a bummer. I did watch a lot of Olympics and Craig learned just how excited I am about the summer games. I was so happy Lochte won a gold!


My one complaint about the weekend? Getting a cappucino in town at a local coffee shop. Let’s just say that the girl admitted that she didn’t know how to make one and when she started to make it, kept asking if I wanted it flavored with vanilla. Then another lady took over making it, asked me if I wanted vanilla flavoring and it was finally done about 15 minutes after I ordered it. I think there was something wrong with the machine or the barista. I should have complained or walked out as the capuccino was not very good in the end. I don’t think Shawano will be getting a Starbucks anytime soon, so I know to just be happy with my instant coffee when I am up north.


I am definitely a city girl!

We’re back from our trip up north! It was nice to relax, unplug a bit, nap, sleep in, and read without distractions. I did miss home and our cats especially, so it feels good to be back!


lake view

While I enjoy getting away from the city, I am definitely not a country girl. I guess I take after my mom! I told Craig that we’ll probably never go camping together. I feel bad, but in all seriousness, if I can’t handle spiders in the cottage bathroom, how could I ever camp?

Here’s a recap:

Some of the food I/we ate:

Trader Joe’s maple oatmeal with Justin’s maple almond butter (so good).

coffee, oatmeal, Justin's maple almond butter

A big salad from the Pick N’ Save salad bar. By yesterday afternoon, I was just craving tons of veggies.


We went out to eat on Friday night and had fry bread and cheese for our appetizer.

fry bread, cheese

For fear of strange looks, I didn’t take a picture of my main meal. I got a delicious veggie burger with swiss cheese and mushrooms on it.

I was sent an Erin Baker sample pack of products before we left, so I tried Erin Baker’s Organic Brownie Bite. It was unexpectedly a bit minty and tasted so good!

Erin Baker brownie bite

Erin Baker's Organic Brownie Bites

We brought two bags of the Food Should Taste Good chips up north and tried those. Let’s just say my husband loved the White Cheddar and that bag is already gone. Glad I got to try more than a couple of handfuls of that flavor!

White Cheddar Food Should Taste Good chips

I munched on some jalapeno chips during our car ride home. Not that we needed any more “heat” added to our drive. You’ll hear more about that in a bit.

Food Should Taste Good jalapeno chips


We went out to eat and walked around town on Friday night. We enjoy one particular restaurant in town, so we always return back there.

Craig and I July 16th, 2011

Restaurant interior

restaurant interior


Typical main street in any Wisconsin small town.



We played Uno a couple of times. Craig was declared the winner far more often than I was :(.

Cider, uno

I finished reading The Hunger Games! It was so addictive to read. Craig also was reading it on his kindle and he claimed I was being competitive, trying to finish before him. The truth is, it was just so good that I had to get to the ending! I can’t wait to read the other two books!

The Hunger Games

Only “up north” would you see this:

Scooby on toilet


I actually did not workout a lot and I missed it. I did a walk/run with Craig one morning before the humidity set in.

And I did yoga this morning using the Hot Body Yoga app from Women’s Health. It was my first time using the app and I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to try it more often.

Women's Health Hot Body Yoga app ipod

yoga with Hot Body Yoga app

It felt amazing to do some yoga! My body needed it.

Today’s car ride felt like our own version of 127 Hours. We weren’t stuck in the desert and we didn’t have to cut our arms off, but we were in extreme heat the whole way home and Craig’s air conditioning was not working.

Did I mention that I hate bugs of any kind, especially spiders? There was a black spider crawling around our pillows and food in the back seat. When I got the opportunity to, I killed the bugger. I know, it’s not very nice, but hunching forward in my car seat to avoid him wasn’t so pleasant either.

Besides the bugs and extreme temps, we faced a nice highway backup. Why oh why Dept. of Transportation of WI, would you have a popular two lane highway going from north to south cut down to one lane on a weekend when no one was doing any construction work? I am sure they have their reasons, but we and the other 100 something cars in the backup were not happy!

I actually feel sick when I am in that kind of heat with the sun blaring down on me. I was so happy to get home to our air conditioning blasting and the happy faces of our kitties.

Time to go change the laundry, unpack some more, and find something to eat.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the Food Should Taste Good chips giveaway!