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Challenging Week and Hunger Games

I’ve been MIA all week. So what was I up to? Getting my eye numbed (had eye pain for about 5 days and finally got it checked out), tough talks about the future of my career, updating my resume, taking lots of walks outside, going to the dentist and working until midnight last night. It was a challenging week for other reasons too, mostly involving work, which led to a very sleepless night and tired Thursday.

I didn’t make it to the gym a lot. I did get there yesterday and had part of a Larabar before my workout. Ironically, while running on the treadmill, I watched a Joy Bauer segment on the Today Show about not needing to eat before working out. She said it was actually counterproductive, but recommends something small like a banana. Joy also recommended having caffeine about a half hour before your workout.


Lunch was a scrambled egg, asparagus and a roma tomato.


I also tried some new protein powder as a recovery drink. My sweet co-worker brought it in for me to try out since she knows I am always trying to make sure I get enough protein in my diet. It was tasty!


This morning, we went to the bank to update one of Craig’s accounts. While waiting for the banker, I got to use a Keurig for the first time! I loved it. I think one would be so nice for an office. The coffee was delicious!


After the bank, we went to Oak Creek and got a free lunch. I’ll write a review tomorrow as we felt so lucky to get a nice big meal for nothing!

And then it was Hunger Games time! I haven’t been this excited for a movie in a while. 🙂


I gave it two thumbs up! I loved the book though and think the adaptation was a good one. Craig liked it too and he had only read half of the book…mind you, the first half which is more boring than the second.


I loved the actors in the movie and the sets.


We stopped at Target after the movie and I found this finally. Hooray!


I purchased the Raspberry Fudge Chunk and tried it when we got home. It was pretty tasty. 🙂


We haven’t been home all day, so I am glad I can relax a little tonight and look into some things. Once I know more about my future, I’ll clue you in with my decision. I am excited, but a little nervous too.

Hope you had a fabulous Saturday!

Larabar {giveaway}

Do you watch the Biggest Loser? If you caught last night’s episode, you’ll be excited to enter the giveaway I have for you tonight!

Trainer Dolvett Quince suggested Peanut Butter Cookie and Cherry Pie LÄRABARs as great go-to snacks before the contestants embarked on a hike. I know I personally love to keep LÄRABARs in my purse, gym bag and in my snack drawer at work.

The kind folks at LÄRABAR have offered a chance for one of my wonderful readers to win 2 Cherry Pie and 2 Peanut Butter Cookie bars!

To enter (U.S. residents only, sorry Canadian friends)–leave a comment for each of the things you do:

-Leave a comment with your favorite flavor of LÄRABAR or if you have never tried them, say that and share your favorite bar, whether it’s homemade or store bought.

-Follow me on twitter. If you already follow me, comment saying that you do.

-Tweet about the giveaway and link to your tweet.

You can enter until Sunday, March 11 at 5 p.m. Central time. I’ll pick the winner then and share it in my Sunday post. Good luck!

Friday Favorites

I’ve seen other bloggers do the Friday Favorites thing, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon.

1. My new Speck candyshell iPhone 4S case. Since I love teal, I picked out the Pirate’s Cove Teal color. I did like the white too since I have a white phone, but that one was temporarily out of stock. I will do a review on the product once I have used it a little while longer.

I found a coupon for 15% off the product (I always search the company name and coupon on google and come up with something most of the time). And, I ordered the case on Tuesday and it arrived this morning. Great customer service–another favorite!

speck iPhone 4S candyshell case


2. QR codes/tags in magazines for entering contests. I like entering contests and sometimes I even win them from magazines (I have had the most luck with Lucky magazine).


I’ve been wanting to try them out for a while and now that I have a smart phone, I can. I used the Women’s Day magazine tag codes and the microsoft tag app that was recommended.

3. The stair stepper and rowing machines at the gym. Love how fun rowing feels and how I get a total body workout. Like that the stair stepper works my butt and leg muscles hard and I burn a lot of calories in a short period of time.



4. Taking the bus. I’ve only been doing it for a couple of weeks, but I like how relaxing my commute is now and how I’ve been able to read a lot on my Kindle and magazines during my ride.


Spring 2011 magazine pictured because someone gave me a bunch to read and I am that far behind on them but the bus is helping me get rid of them!


5. This Coconut Creme Pie Larabar. I hadn’t tried this flavor before and I loved it. I am a big coconut fan and I know a lot of people either love it or hate it.


6. A free trial of lollihop. I’ll do a review of the products and the company in a later post. Just got the package this morning and love the concept and the products they include!



7. The movie “The Artist.” Haven’t seen it yet, but I like the concept of releasing a silent movie in 2011. I think we all could use some silence for two hours and let the facial expressions and actions do all the talking.

8. Cottage cheese. Craig suggested we buy some to eat as protein after the gym and I picked up a container today. Rediscovering that I like it is a good thing. I prefer the flavor of the higher milkfat one like this simply Kraft one. I won’t eat it if I buy the lower milkfat. I got accustomed to the higher milkfat flavor while living in Switzerland.


Have a wonderful Friday! I’m off to work in a bit and have to be there until midnight. Definitely not a favorite. I’d much rather be home or going out to eat with Craig on a Friday evening.

The Food Revolution has begun!

Wow, Twitter was crazy tonight during and after Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I am glad he is getting people to support his cause. Too bad he can’t get the LAUSD to do that so far. Go Jamie! We have you’re back!

It was so sad to see all of that food the kids brought in from their schools. We can do better than nasty food in plastic packaging and sugar loaded flavored milk. Come on America, wake up! What a sad society we are becoming with our food choices and laziness. Maybe we’ll really become the future human society featured in Wall-e someday.



I tweeted that his beef info made me want to become vegetarian. He tweeted in general to everyone that his point wasn’t to do that, but to have people become more educated on the meat they are buying. I agree, but since I was a kid, I really never liked meat and thinking about where it came from. I still am considering becoming a vegetarian since my diet is about 90% vegetarian anyway.

My food choices for the day were:

Breakfast–Post Great Grains Cranberry Almond Crunch with skim milk and coffee with So Delicious coconut milk creamer.

great grains cereal, coffee

It was a busy morning at work, so I woke myself up with a nice walk outside to Starbucks. My tall coffee was free because I handed in a Starbucks coffee bean bag.

I also munched on a whole peanut butter cookie larabar. I always tell myself I will only have half, but then once I start eating, I can’t stop!

starbucks and peanut butter cookie larabar

I wore my pedometer at work today and by lunch time, I had about 6,000 steps in!

Then it was time to sit, have lunch of leftover tofu & asparagus. I coated the plain tofu in the lemony garlic olive oil mixture from the asparagus and it was divine.

chobani strawberry, tofu, asparagus, clementine

I ate the chobani and clementine as a snack at about 3 p.m.

Lunch was actually spent away from my desk instead of reading blogs and a book. I got to attend a lecture at my work and I geeked out with the famous person who was speaking. If I would reveal who it was, my workplace would also be revealed. Let’s just say it was one of the best lectures I have ever attended at my work.

I had to stay somewhat later at work, so after I got home from work, I meditated and then Craig was home. We went for a walk/run right away around the neighborhood.


Today was a training day for me to run for 20-25 minutes. I just ran for part of our walk, but we definitely walked for 20 plus minutes.


running in the park

Dinner was a plain bagel with an egg white, cheddar cheese and Frank’s Red Hot sauce. I also had skim milk and some red grapes on the side.

bagel with egg whites, grapes, skim milk

It’s late and I want to read before bed, so I am off to read some blogs and a book.

Did you watch Food Revolution tonight? If so, what did you think? Did you watch the West Virginia episodes last season?

Fridays make me happy

Recap of my Friday…

Breakfast was Cheerios and coffee. I dreamt about having bags underneath my eyes and boy did I have them today.

cheerios, coffee

So, I headed over to Starbucks for a little Friday treat of a non-fat grande latte. I had half of a cherry pie larabar as a snack.

Starbucks non-fat latte, cherry pie larabar

Lunch was another wrap-this time with ham instead of turkey so I won’t have heavy eyelids after lunch. I also enjoyed lots of red and green grapes plus it was my first time trying Stonyfield’s cherry flavored Greek yogurt.

ham and cheese wrap, Stonyfield Greek style cherry yogurt, grapes

The verdict? Pretty darn good!

I came home from work early, did some loads of laundry, cleaned a bit, meditated and then headed to the gym. I ate the other half of that larabar before going there so I wouldn’t get too hungry, because I went around dinner time.

I did 20 minutes on the Cybex Arc Trainer, biked 10 minutes and lifted a full circuit of weights. Everytime I do the Cybex, I totally think I could keep going for a full hour. Maybe I’ll try that sometime because the machine always says I would burn about 760 calories in an hour. Sweet!

Dinner was at Cici’s pizza. It was a buffet. Not healthy, but something different (and a mere $4.99 per person) and we didn’t feel like cooking. I am not a big buffet person because I overeat and I did do that. I had some salads to get my greens in and tried various types of pizza and a few breadsticks. Dessert was a brownie and a really yummy dessert pizza thing.

Cici's pizza-salad, pizza, breadsticks

Then we just went to Home Depot, walked around and came home to relax.

Rest day recap

Aaah, this rest day was exactly what we needed.

I had a yummy bowl of Apple Cinammon Oatmeal with peanut butter for breakfast. I also had a peach yoplait and coffee on the side.

apple cinnamon oatmeal with pb, yoplait, coffee

After sitting at breakfast a lot longer than we normally have during this vacation, I went back to the Lululemon Athletica outlet. Since last Friday, I had thought about purchasing the Speed Up tank. Sometimes walking away and thinking about purchases is a good thing. I had tried on my normal size and it seemed a little tight in areas. I asked the girl in the fitting room if their sizes ran a bit small and she said they normally are the same size you always wear. She said the top I chose did feature a tighter fitting material, so I went with the next size up.

lululemon speed up tank from outlet in Orlando

I like the mesh features in the back and the little zipper pocket.

lululemon speed up tank

I thought this tank would be perfect for yoga, especially because of the longer length. But when I mentioned the yoga factor at the checkout, the cashier was really nice and reminded me that the zipper may get in the way. I’ll just try it out and be careful when I do poses on my back.

I tried on pants and sports bras at Lululemon too and just wasn’t feeling the way either items fit. The girl at the fitting room was really helpful. Did you know that if you buy Lululemon pants at the outlet (which are about 40% off retail), you can get them hemmed for free at your local Lululemon? All of the pants I tried on today were super long, but I still wasn’t loving how they fit in other areas. I actually think I prefer Gap Body’s pants for yoga and cardio.

When I got back from the outlets, I read a bit of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and then Craig and I got ready to head out of the hotel.

We went to Giordano’s deep dish pizza for lunch. Yum! Seeing that we only have had the opportunity to eat deep dish when we have gone to Chicago, we took advantage of the fact that Florida also has deep dish pizza.



Two pieces of this sausage and cheese pizza was so filling for the both of us! Leftovers for tomorrow’s dinner!

Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza

After filling up on yummy pizza, Craig wanted to drive by the hotel he stayed at with his family when he was a kid and we knew it was just down the road. It was still there, but too bad it’s probably going to be torn down soon because it’s no longer a working hotel and there are no tresspassing signs all over the property.

When we got back, we sat by the pool and went in the hot tub. We think the hot tub has been broken this whole time, because it really wasn’t that hot. It looks like someone was working on it tonight, so hopefully we’ll get a chance at a real hotub tomorrow night.

I enjoyed reading Fitness magazine poolside.




My dinner ended up being a peanut butter cookie Larabar and a small apple.

larabar, apple

Oh and my husband scored me a white chocolate chip cookie from the front desk. I savored it’s goodness while watching Watson on Jeopardy. I am a total Jeopardy geek, so I was excited to see Watson in action.


Tomorrow, we are off to Kennedy Space Center! We chose the best tour to get close to the launch pad. Too bad we are missing the actual launch by a mere 6 days. Boo!

Time to get organized for our little road trip.

Have any of the readers out there been to Kennedy Space Center? Any last minute tips for us? We have read that it’s hard to cram everything in during a day trip, but we’re going to try to do it.

Good night!

So happy

I leapt out of bed this morning (after hitting the snooze button a couple of times) and was so happy to start my day. Note: I haven’t felt like this in ages. The vacation in two days is giving me an extra reason to be joyous! I love to travel and especially to someplace warm with my husband in the middle of this icky Midwestern winter. I don’t know why, but I kept singing “on the good ship, lollipop” to my husband and cats this morning. Yes, I am weird and admit it. I don’t talk about my weirdness on my blog much, but my husband and I can be quite quirky together and that’s what makes life fun. Anyway…must have had a dream about the good ship lollipop or something.

Breakfast this morning was the absolute last of Jessica’s gluten free granola in my favorite flavor. I saved the best for last and had the Vanilla Maple. 😦 I’ll have to make my own granola and look for Jessica’s at Whole Foods.

Jessica's vanilla maple gluten free granola

Snack at work was a candy cane hot chocolate and the rest of the Newman’s Own cheddar soy crisps.

Newman's Own Organics soy crisps cheddar

Lunch today was the pizza we had for dinner last night, a pink lady apple and two pitas with greek olive Sabra hummus. The hummus definitely was the key to filling me up at lunch.

pizza, pink lady apple

After work, I changed and went straight to the gym. I did kind of what I did last night–biked for 18 minutes, walked/ran on the treadmill for 10, rowed for 5 minutes and lifted weights.

Dinner was a Boca Bruschetta burger on an Arnold’s Thin & a cup of skim milk.

milk, Boca bruschetta veggie burger

Plus this larabar. I plan on bringing a bunch of these on our trip, so I wanted to make sure I liked this flavor.

Larabar Chocolate Chip Brownie

Dessert was Newman’s Own Organics Super Dark chocolate with Reese’s pb chips.

dark chocolate; reese's pb chips

I also had an airborne because I feel like I am getting sick and that cannot happen right now.


My food has been kind of random lately and it’s because we have been cleaning out our cabinets, fridge and freezer before this trip. For some reason, I just feel better doing that before a big trip and then we can start fresh with a big trip to the grocery store when we return.

I am off tomorrow so I can get a mini mani/pedi in the morning, head to the mall for a bit, pack for the trip, do laundry and clean up the house. Then it’s off to Florida bright and early on Friday morning!

Monday off

I had this Monday off because I work on Saturday. I am also hoping for this Wednesday off because of the snow!

Originally, I wanted to treat myself to a matinee movie of The King’s Speech. Those plans all changed as I ate the breakfast below (Stonyfield plain yogurt with Jessica’s almond cherry granola, fresh blueberries, chia seeds and a bit of almond milk; coffee; and a jalapeno cornbread muffin I had to save for a mid-morning snack because I was too full from my main meal).

yogurt with granola, chia seeds, blueberries; jalapeno cornbread muffin; coffee

You see, the last in the trilogy of the Stieg Larsson books was due back to the library today. I still had about 150 pages to read. Well, I stayed on the couch, snuggled with Karma and read the rest of the book. It moved fast at the end, but I think I read for about an hour and a half straight!

By the time I finished reading, I really felt like moving and going to the gym instead of showering and heading to a movie theater to sit for two hours. I sat enough (and napped) all weekend! The gym was calling me and I headed there for a good two hours.

Before the gym, I needed something to hold me over until the end of my workout. I snacked on half of a peanut butter cookie Larabar.

peanut butter cookie larabar

Walking into the gym, a cute little toddler girl was walking out way ahead of her mom and into the round driveway where cars pull up quite often. I looked at her mom’s face and immediately turned around to stop the little girl. It was a scary moment for her mom, who was tied up with a little boy in her arm. She was very grateful for what I did and then the guy who checked me into the Y said to me, “you saved that little girl.” It was my good deed for the day.

I worked out on the elliptical for 45 minutes. Blame HGTV and an American looking for a house in the French countryside. Aaah, they get me every time with International House Hunters. I also did a full circuit of weights and then called it quits, because it was a little after 1 p.m. at this point.

The snow was coming down pretty badly when I was driving back and I was glad to get off the slushy roads. Sadly, this is just the beginning of the snow for us this week!

For lunch, I made a buffalo tofu wrap for lunch with a whole wheat tortilla, spinach and swiss cheese.

buffalo tofu with spinach, swiss cheese, whole wheat tortilla

This meal filled me up! I probably will bring the same thing for lunch tomorrow too. Tofu is the perfect food for me because I normally don’t eat a lot of protein and subsequently, don’t feel full and want to snack a couple of hours after a meal. With tofu, I always feel full until my next meal.

After lunch, I got to work on dumping photographs from iPhoto onto my Lacie hard drive. I really need to make photo books out of each season or year. Otherwise, digital photos just sit on my hard drive. Blogging has also caused rows and rows of food pictures to sit in my iPhoto. I need to clear those off my computer, because really, what am I going to do with all of them?

I headed out in the snow again to return my book and dvd to the library. Then it was time to shovel some of the driveway until my hands were so freezing cold that I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Off to get ready to head out again with Craig! We’re going to look at one more eyeglass place and then hopefully order some new glasses for him tonight.

Hope you had a good Monday!

Vacation on my mind

I had a typical Sunday around here. Read the paper, watched my show (CBS Sunday morning) and then went to Body Pump at the Y. The new release was pretty good. I liked some of the songs, but didn’t love all of them. It was so packed that I had to go in a spot without a mirror, which made it tough to keep my form in check.

Before pump, I had Kashi Autumn Wheat and coffee for breakfast.

kashi autumn wheat coffee

And about 1/4 of the PB & J Larabar.

Larabar PB and J

When I got home from the gym, I had string cheese with a cup of greek yogurt, chia seeds, honey and almonds.

string cheese, yogurt with almonds, chia seeds, honey

Lunch was a salad topped with tofu and a side of Food Should Taste Good sweet potato tortilla chips.

veggies and tofu, sweet potato chips

Then it was time to plan our February vacation to Florida! In 2010, we just stayed around Wisconsin and went to Chicago for our wedding anniversary. I am definitely looking forward to getting out of the cold Wisconsin weather and having a break from work in February. We found a good flight deal on Southwest (no baggage fees and nonstop, phew). We just have to find a hotel or condo to stay at in the Orlando area. We are on the fence about which type of place to stay at. There are pros and cons to both.

Now that we’ve booked our flight, it all feels so real and I cannot wait. I definitely have a week of vacation on my mind! 🙂

Dinner was penne pasta with mushrooms, artichokes, olives, & garlic.


I wish I had one more day off of work (like my lucky husband), but it’s back to the 40 hour work week tomorrow. 😦


Fall back

It felt good to “fall back” today. Not only was it bright and sunny when I stepped outside to get the Sunday paper, but by the time I was halfway through my errands and looked at the clock, I couldn’t believe it was only 1:15. The only bummer is that when I left the gym tonight, it was dark and will be from now on.

Breakfast today–I had a quick meal of Kashi Island Vanilla and coffee. I am trying to use up some of our cold cereal.


I drank my coffee out of my “Class of ’98” mug. Boy, I am getting old! I have been out of high school for 12 years.


I lounged around a bit, looking through the newspaper and the ads, then decided to get ready for the day. I had a bunch of errands to run, so I wanted to get them over with.

I braced my ankle (I used ASO’s ankle brace–it was recommended by my physical therapist and works well)…

Aso ankle brace

…and hit the stores. Walgreens for a prescription plus lots of great deals on various things, but mostly baking supplies like 99 cent Libby’s Pumpkin in a can. Then Target to return a gym bag I no longer needed, meds, vitamins, looking around at their lovely clothes, searching for a secret santa gift for my co-worker, etc. Everyone was buying Christmas stuff already! I know I want to get my shopping done ASAP too.

While I ran errands, Craig winterized the house. He cut the grass for the last time, brought our bikes downstairs 😦 and removed other items from outside.

I had an Apple Pie Larabar before heading into Target–it was lunchtime and I needed a little fuel to avoid getting cranky at the store.

Larabar Apple Pie

Larabar Apple Pie

I couldn’t resist the Autumn Mix that was 75% off. They had so many bags. Am I the only person who likes this stuff?

Candy corn

The final store I headed to was Sam’s Club. Turning into the parking lot gave me an icky feeling in my tummy. All I could think of was my crazy trip there on Friday. Luckily, this time I was not filling my car up with food nor spending $660. I bought things for Craig and I instead of for work: two containers of Chobani flavored yogurts, tortilla chips, pita chips, more Gummy Vitamins because they were a bit cheaper than Target’s, strawberries and a big bag of Gala apples. Oh and I sampled a tiny piece of Pumpkin Pie. Yum, I couldn’t resist! Can’t wait to have more at Thanksgiving.

Upon returning home, I eyed up the strawberries and made a little late lunch. I just warmed up some Muenster cheese on an Arnold’s Thin, added hot sauce and a tomato, plus had some strawberries for dessert.

Lunch on 11-7-10

The rest of the afternoon, I rested my foot a bit while reading a book and a magazine. I also headed to the YMCA and lifted a circuit of weights and biked 6.57 miles in 32 minutes. I wore my ankle brace there too and my foot felt fine the whole time.

Dinner was South Indian Pumpkin Soup topped with greek yogurt and sunflower seeds (wish I had pumpkin seeds like the recipe suggests as a topping, but I don’t) and two freshly baked cornbread muffins. I love cornbread! Sadly, I did not make this from scratch, but used an instant mix.

Cornbread muffin and pumpkin soup topped with sunflower seeds and greek yogurt

Amazing Race is supposed to be starting now, but football delayed it. 😦

Time to look up some items I want for Christmas, like prescription goggles for swimming at the gym. I think I need to do some more swimming when my ankles act up like they have been. I am blind without my contacts, so it’s time for some prescription goggles. Anyone have any they would recommend?